One Week from Today

One week from today:
– I will run more than 10 miles for the first time since February. 
– I will attempt not to melt during an August half marathon (in the South).
– My toes will be dunked in the Atlantic Ocean post race.
– All three of the medals will be hanging around my neck. 
– I will be so sick of pre and post-race car trips and not looking forward to the drive home.
– I will dream of being rich the entire drive back so I could fly to races all over.
– I will head back to work and once again become Abby the teacher instead of Abby the runner.
– There will be one more awesome race weekend for me to look back on.  image36

What fun plans do you have coming up next weekend?
Any racing or running?


  1. says

    I hope you have fun :). I’m planning to run probably 10-12 miles on Saturday then 8 on Sunday if all goes well. This looks like a really neat race and it’s cool you get 3 medals for it.

  2. says

    Sounds like an incredible weekend!!! One day I want to do one of the weekends with more than one race.
    Good luck and mostly have a great time!!!

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    ahh… excited to finally meet you Abby. We are excited about the race weekend, but I will only be earning two medals… for the race and the World Rocker! The expo for this race is amazing and hopefully we will see you there.