Last week was probably my best week on Weight Watchers yet.  I worked out hard, ate well, and was so sure I would lose weight… only to gain a pound.  I told myself that this was because everyone’s body fluctuates and not to get upset because I really had done everything right that week.  I thought I was okay with it, but I can’t help wondering if getting that gain when I did not expect it affected me this week. 

For the first time since joining Weight Watchers I am having a bad week.
A REALLY bad week. 
A can’t stop, won’t stop, binge eating week. 
Monday I fixed a huge dinner for a friend and me. Since I only see this person once or twice a year I decided to really do it up with a special homemade dessert.  The problem was I burned almost every weekly point in that dinner on the very first day of my Weight Watchers week. 

Well then top that off with the fact that I have been craving sweets like crazy and BOOM…
Tuesday night I made one more batch of homemade Reese’s cups (because I still had the ingredients left over) and ate them all myself, in bed, while watching Orange is the New Black. 

Then today I got super stressed because of some work stuff so this happened at my desk…
10419035_756676171037634_6810721052267955334_nAnd then when I came home I ate a all the leftover peanut butter and a entire bag of chips (which I never keep in the house, but were here from Monday).  I know we all have slip-ups, you know, progress not perfection, and that whole bit.  However, I do hope to one day get to the point where I can enjoy one bag of M&M’s as a nice treat without following it with a jar of peanut butter and a huge bag of tortilla chips. 

So there it is – putting it out there because I know I am not the only one who has issues like this and I want to be honest with you all about my journey to healthy living.  I am slowly trying to get away from the binge eating, but it is a struggle.  How is it that marathon running came easier than eating right?
Hopefully by admitting my struggles this week to you all, and by taking ownership of them, I will get my butt back on the right track. 

Favorite kind of M&M’s? I’m a peanut girl, but was desperate today.
Show you would want to watch in bed while munching? Currently I am OITNB obsessed.


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    I am also a peanut MnM girl. Always. Sometimes the pretzel ones. But only sometimes.
    Slip ups happen! As long as you are committed to getting back on the bus tomorrow, and accept today.

    I’ve decided I’m getting rid of my scale and going solely by measurements.

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    I definitely feel ya on this. Once I start with sweets, I can’t stop. Just crave more and more. “They” say everything in moderation, but I think I do much better when I stop completely.

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    I’m sorry you’re having a bad week! I know you have the willpower to turn things around. I’ve always liked peanut butter M&Ms, but I’d say my favorite “kind” of M&M is any holiday variety…I just love being festive.

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    Same here! having a bad week full of slip ups too! back on the healthy band wagon TODAY! hang in there! I havent watched Orange is the new black, everyone keeps talking about it, need to check it out. X

  5. jenna says

    Your honesty and accountability in this situation is what will help you to have fewer and fewer binges. Im really proud of you! You just have to remember we all have imperfections and struggles. Im a peanut butter m&m girl all the way. My grandpas favorite are the peanut ones though. He never doesnt have a 1lb bag in his desk. Lol!!

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    Sorry it was a rough week but don’t beat yourself up too much!!!
    Chips are my weakness – if I’m not careful I can eat an entire bag of potato chips (the family size) in an evening.

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      I never buy chips, but I had tortilla chips here from a meal I cooked.
      Turns out I too can eat an entire family sized bag in one sitting…whoops.

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    I don’t know how often I would follow a bad weigh in with a couple of days of bad eating! Especially after a week where I had eaten right and exercised. Weight loss is so frustrating and you can’t predict your body!

    I understand that inability to stop yourself once you get started, it takes superhuman powers to do that! Just KEEP TRYING and try not to beat yourself up over that slip up. Happens to us all.

    I’m a Peanut M&M girl too! Of course if I’m going for plain I’d rather have Smarties (the Canadian equivalent but the chocolate is sooo much creamier and better than what’s put in M&M’s). Of course its hard to resist Peanut Butter M&M’s too.

    I don’t watch TV in bed, I don’t have one in the bedroom either.

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      Yes, I was so sure I was going to lose weight after such a great week, and then when I didn’t…
      it really set me off.

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    I think as a former binge eater, I have to say over-coming binge eating is harder than exercise. I was an all or nothing binger for years, especially in my teens and twenties. I wouldn’t touch “bad” foods and only eat veggies and fruits. Then one day I would just binge without warning. My style was very much like yours, whatever I could get my hands on. Over the years I came up with coping strategies, call my friend, go for a walk, pray, meditate. Now I hardly ever binge, maybe just indulging from time to time.
    Your candor is really honest, and I’m sure it will help others.
    Fave treat is peanut covered m and m’s while watching The OC housewives.

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    What would happen if you had a bag of the peanut butter M&Ms at home? :)

    Seriously, it was your first slip up in a very long time, wasn’t it? That is one bad week of how many? Don’t be that hard on yourself.

    What helped me was planning treats and setting aside the specific quantity I allowed myself.

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    Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all have weeks like that. I’m the same way, once I get my hand on the chocolate, I cant stop won’t stop. It’s totally all mental too, bad day with the boys? Forget it, i’m bingeing on anything sweet I can get! I wish I could figure out a way to regulate that!

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    Don’t worry…it happens to all of us. I can completely relate. It doesn’t stop with M&M’s (I’m a peanut gal) for me either. I’ll then have chips, a soda, and something else. What’s up with that? Even though I sit on the couch hating myself while I indulge, I just won’t stop. Every day is a new beginning and life is about balance. Don’t beat yourself up for being human. Hang in there, you’ll be back on track soon!

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    I like the plain M&M’s, the wife is a peanut girl. But really I never met an M&M that I didn’t like. Plenty of W’s were total bastards, though.

    Have you ever thought of doing something with tighter boundaries than just WW? I can’t really tell if the binging is reactionary or opportunistic, but something like a whole foods vegan approach might establish better parameters than just WW’s “a little bit of everything” mentality. I really do enjoy it.

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      I worry that being gluten free and vegan would be pretty limiting.
      I hope that as I continue on I will get better and better.
      This was my first binge in over a month since joining weight watchers so I hope they continue to get further apart.

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        It’s actually not that hard. I’m also mostly gluten free as well. I find that consistency is the key. Oatmeal or a smoothie for breakfast, leftovers, veggies, or fruit for lunch, and a nice large vegan dinner just without any pasta or bread. We love indian food and do a lot of stir fry’s, and make socca pancakes a lot. Does rice have any gluten in it? socca is made with garbanzo flour, it’s all protein and amazingly good.

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          Rice is naturally gluten free it is my go to when training.
          I have never heard of Socca before, I’ll have to check it out.

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    Ah, hugs Abby!!! I am so glad you have WW but I wish you could get professional counseling thru insurance – I know you said yours does not cover – but I think that would so help & add to how WW is helping you – HUGS!!!!!! We are all human!

  14. Cecilia @ MommiesRun says

    Hugs to you my sweet friend. Slip Ups happen. I think what’s more important is how you recover from them. Dust yourself off and move on! I happen to love peanut M and M’s! And I’m on a Breaking Bad binge on Netflix. I can’t get over how good the acting is in that show!

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      I have heard that is amazing.
      I almost want a treadmill, even though I hate them, because it is so HOT outside and then I could run and binge once all at once.

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    I can say for the first time in years I haven’t had a craving in 3 weeks! I can’t eat dairy, so m&ms are out for me, but I’ve always had a thing for sweets. I started Shakeology 3 weeks ago, and within the first week I had fewer cravings, and over the last 3 weeks, I’ve had no binges, no slip ups. Nothing. I’ve enjoyed wine, in moderation, and one night of more than my share of hard ciders at a baseball game (and out afterward) and am down both pounds and inches. I could not be happier.

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      That is awesome. I am so happy for you.
      I am doing a 3 day metabolism reset and hoping that no sugar for three days helps me out.