Summer 2014 Bucket List – Update

On July 3rd I completed my last day of teaching before my summer vacation began.  In honor of that summer vacation, I made my very own Summer 2014 Bucket List as a reminder to myself to take some time to really enjoy my vacation.  Now that my students and I are all officially back to school it is time to check in and see how I did. 

My Summer 2014 Bucket List Update: (in no particular order)
– watch fireworks – Twice!  Once the week before July 4th with a friend and her family at the huge Fort Benning fireworks show, and once the week after with my family and my sweet nephew Jackson.  – walk/run the Cooper River Bridge – Only once, I had hoped to do it more, but I did enjoy it that one time.  photo 3 (2)– stroll Downtown Charleston – I ran downtown with my brother and sister-in-law and then we walked around a bit (and did some shopping on King St.).
– try a new restaurant – I did really well on this one: Scratch Taco Boutique, White Duck Taco, Mex 1, Chez fish, and Swig & Swine.  5 new places.  Really liked both the taco places!   

– get ice cream or fro-yo – With my sweet family and nephew on a gorgeous night at the marina.  photo 2 (5)– go hiking –
In Big Sur on vacation.  Most beautiful hike I’ve ever taken. photo 3 (2)– take the time to read a book – I finished two: The Book of Life, which I LOVED, and The One and Only, which was supposed to be romantic, but was a bit creepy. 
– shop and stroll at the farmers’ market – Wanted to go more, but I did make it there once for a quick trip with my brother and sister-in-law. 
– go to a baseball game –
Went to a local Riverdogs game with my mom and dad.
– visit the beach – I went twice with my family while they were in town visiting. 
photo 1 (12)– swim in the ocean – I had the most fun swimming with Jackson who is a huge water bug at just 3 years old and so very brave even in the waves. 
– try out a new recipe – Fail.  I am so horrible about always cooking the same things. 
– spend 1 night a week reading by the pool –
I only made it once or twice, not once each week.  Turns out most nights I just prefer curling up in bed to read. 
– ride my bike to brunch –
I did get my bike fixed, but I did not ride it to brunch with friends like I had been hoping. 

What did you accomplish from your summer bucket list?
What do you still hope to squeeze in?


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    Sounds like you had a great, fulfilling summer! Visiting farmer’s markets is one of my favorite summer activities. One major thing I want to squeeze in before the end of the summer: making s’mores! I bought a bunch of stuff to make them at the beginning of the summer but we only got our fire pit up and going once. Luckily there’s still time and s’mores are still good in the fall, too. :)

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      Oh, I have not made s’mores yet either, but you are right that can be an awesome fall activity for a chilly night.

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    I didn’t make a bucket list, but I did most of these things. I’d like to try White Duck taco, too! I see where you went there- we like Mex 1 but I didn’t try Scratch because it seemed expensive and you had to pay for chips and salsa (I hate when they do that). I think you had a really fun summer even though you had to teach for a lot of it and you were really successful with the bucket list!

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      I’ll warn you White Duck does make you pay for chips and salsa, but they give you 3 different salsa which is fun and the tacos aren’t too expensive. I split the chips/salsa with my friend and then got two tacos and was happily full. Plus they had so cool sounding vegetarian options.

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    Can I just say that I’m glad I’m not the only one who found The One and Only creepy!?!?! It was so weird. NOT a huge fan!

    Your summer looked like it was well managed and fulfilled and you got to do everything you wanted! Now, bookmark this page so once school is getting to you you can remember all the fun you had! I definitely have to do that for myself!

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      Yes, the whole dating your best friend’s dad. I kept picturing all my best friends father’s and getting so creeped out.

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    Looks like you had an awesome summer! While I was in CHS my friend took me over the Cooper River bridge, what a gorgeous bridge and I saw lots of people walking and running it!

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    Wow – you did awesome on your summer bucket list – almost everything!!!
    Hope the start of school has been good!!

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    I like how diverse your list is, that’s definitely an action-packed month! I’ve still got a summer marathon and a backpacking trip on my summertime agenda. Thankfully there are a couple more weeks left to accomplish that.