Snake Wrangler

So, I had planned on updating you on my half marathon training, but then something happened that changed last night’s running plans…

Something caught my eye and I looked up from my work at the computer to see a snake slithering across my living room floor.  Now, I grew up in a household full of animals so I consider myself brave (except for around Palmetto bugs, which is Southern for huge, demon, flying cockroach) so instead of flipping out I called my father.  He very sweetly offered to come over right away, but I calmly explained I did not need him to come over – I just needed to know how to catch it and get it out of my house.  I told him I felt comfortable doing this because I thought it was just a green grass snake and could tell it was not poisonous.  (If it was poisonous Harlee, the cat, and I would have been locked outside in my car waiting for animal control to come save us.)  He came up with the great idea of throwing a beach towel over the snake, scooping the entire beach towel up, and dumping it outside snake and all. 

I ran upstairs to grab a beach towel and came downstairs to find something much scarier than a snake – NO SNAKE!!!  I knew I had to find it as there would be no way I’d be able to sleep at night knowing their was a snake in the house.  So instead of getting my cardio from a run last night, I tore apart my house looking for a snake.  Seriously what type of person hunts for snakes? 
Luckily I found him hiding behind a bookshelf and like any good blogger/crazy woman the first thing I did was get as close as I could so I could take a picture.  (Ignore the dirty floor, apparently that mess was also behind my bookshelf.)10616023_753146344723950_5764304994086922604_nI managed to scoop the snake (who I later found out was a Garter snake) up in the beach towel and release him outside.  I will admit that I was a bit freaked out about it all afterwards, maybe because I didn’t have time to worry about it during.  I keep wondering how he got in, but I am reminding myself that in 10 years of living here this was the only time anything like this has happened?  So, thankfully I have calmed back down. 

What would you do if a snake crawled across your living room floor?
If I take care of the snakes will you kill all the Palmetto bugs for me?

And just because I was told I can’t write an entire post about snakes without creeping people out…
here is to wishing you happy puppy thoughts.puupies


  1. says

    I would do what I did the other day when I stepped on a scorpion in the kitchen — screeched and yelled for my husband to come take care of it…. (thankfully that never happened when I was single).

  2. says

    Ohhhhhh no ma’am. I would probably get the heck outta there and phone a friend to help. I don’t do snakes. You are totally brave to get that guy out by yourself.

  3. says

    Whoa that is badass! I could never have gotten that thing out of my apartment without fainting, and I wouldn’t even say I’m afraid of snakes! I’m just afraid I’ll get bit and have to spend all night at the ER or something! Last year a bat got into our apartment and it was the most terrifying week of my life. We tried getting it out all night the first night until it disappeared, causing me to feel unsafe in my own apartment for a week..until we found it dead in my kitchen. It sadly injured itself under my stove (which I hadn’t used in a week thank god!) but I was glad I finally found it! Hopefully you won’t have to deal with that ever again and you’re feeling better now that it’s gone!

    • says

      When I came back down with the towel and couldn’t find him I was terrified I would never see him again and always worry he was still there somewhere.

  4. Cari Jo says

    Kudos for being brave! I would have FREAKED out and grabbed a neighbor. My co-worker has a fear of snakes and if she finds one…she will chase it with a butcher knife and kill it…Not sure if I am that brave to get that close. Hopefully the little dude doesn’t find his way back in again, glad he was a non-venomous one!!!

  5. says

    Ohhh that brings back memories of when I had something similar happen to me!! Except for me, it was 3 am and I was sleeping soundly. I heard a crash in my bedroom and woke up to see a HUGE snake slithering across my dresser. I didn’t know what to do, so I ran out, stuffed a towel under the door so he couldn’t escape, thinking I would have some brave man come get it for me in the morning. I slept on the couch and when I woke up that morning it was A FEW FEET away from me! I had to leave for work, and when some guys came to catch it, it had disappeared. I moved out shortly after that!

  6. says

    I DON’T do snakes. I would have threw towel then container that was big enough to place over it with something heavy on top and wait for someone to get it out. Right after we moved in to our brand new house I was sleeping one night and my husband yelled for me to come in there and get him a pair of tongs from the kitchen. I was like what why.. Well he was on the couch with flashlight looking between it and the wall… And there was a small garden snake right next to wall behind couch… He used the tongs to hold it down and grab it then took it outside. I made him kill it but refused to look at how “big” it was until morning.

  7. says

    You are SO amazing! I would have screamed and found someone else to do the dirty work. :)

    The toughest I have felt the past few weeks with killing/disposing of critters that come in our house lately… is the rogue WASP that somehow finds its way inside. Even then I scream. I jump. I shake. LOL

  8. says

    Garter snakes are pretty harmless, but I wouldn’t want to share my house with them either. I love that you ended the post with puppies, huskies no less. Makes me feel a ton better, hehe 😉

  9. says

    Creepy crawlies are all the same, creepy! Like spiders, I definitely wouldn’t want to find a snake in my house (that wasn’t one I bought at a pet store and just got out of its cage)! Jeepers! Way to catch it though and solve your own snake problem!

  10. says

    Love that you followed the snake with a puppy photo – totally calming! I’m not super freaked out by bugs or snakes, but those other flying cockroach-esque things you were talking about sound terrifying… so I won’t take care of them for you. But I will help you catch the snakes?