Weight Watchers – Weeks 3 and 4 of Meetings

I am still so happy with my decision to switch from doing Weight Watchers online only to going to the meetings in person.  After 12 weeks of online only I had bounced up and down like a yo-yo, but was right back to where I started and very frustrated.  I knew it was time for a change, but I was so nervous before my first official Weight Watchers meeting.  Luckily there was nothing for me to worry about and the meetings really have made a huge difference for me.  The accountability of weighing in and talking to a group about my weekly ups and downs is just what I needed.  For example, I always go buck wild on vacation and use it as an excuse for a food free for all, but I knew I had to come back and weigh in and I didn’t want to let my leader, the other people, or myself down so I was very happy when I broke even at my Weight Watchers post vacation check-in.

Since my post vacation check-in, where I broke even, I have had two more meetings.  (I plan on updating the blog with how I am doing, every once in a while, to keep you all in the loop and to hold myself accountable.)  When I went into my meeting at the end of week three I was expecting a loss because I had worked so hard to get back on track after vacation.  I wasn’t sure how much of a loss to expect though, and was thrilled when I was down 2.4 pounds for an overall total of 7.8 pounds lost since I started the meetings.  WW

My weigh in after week 4 was a bit scarier.  It was the first time I really didn’t want to step on that scale, but I forced myself to go to the meeting because I know I need to stay accountable.  I had worked out 6 days and eaten well at home, but I went out to eat with friends 3 times and didn’t watch what I ate much when I was out.  I was hoping to break even, so I was shocked when I lost 0.8 pounds which bought me to my 5% weight loss target for losing 8.6 pounds total.  I am so happy with the progress I have made in 4 weeks.  My pants don’t feel as tight and I am getting more used to the Weight Watchers plan and making healthier food choices.   WW2

I must admit that having lost a bit of weight definitely made back-to-school shopping a lot more fun.  While I desperately need some new teacher pants I held out on buying any because I am hoping to drop a few more pounds and I want to wait and buy them then to make sure they fit. 
However, I was the sale queen and got a few great deals.  Losing a bit of weight, and feeling as thought I am on the right track, is making me feel more confident in my clothes. 

I got this great sheer, flowy, nautically inspired shirt and the white tank to go underneath it both for 7 dollars and jumped on the deal because it was very flattering.WW4

I found this fun necklace on super sale, plus I had a $10 off coupon on top of the sale. I thought it would be a great way to dress up some of my teaching outfits.   WW5

While I was buying a pair of comfy flats to teach in I found these bad boys for only $20.  I rarely wear heels, and only own one plain black pair.  These are not my normal style, but they just called to me and I LOVE them.  Maybe I am becoming a bit more stylish and/or adventurous.  Now to figure out what to wear them with.  ww3

Finally, I was telling my buddy about my new shoes and about how I am having trouble figuring out what to wear them with.  I mentioned it was hard to tell how they looked since I could not see my pants/feet.  She was really surprised that the only mirrors I have are the ones over the bathroom sink and convinced me to buy a full-length mirror.  I picked one up at Target for $15, that came with built in over the door hangers, and I was able to hang it in about a minute with no tools.  Don’t know why I didn’t do that sooner. (Excuse the pjs.  I hung it Friday night and I was in bed by 8 to get ready for my long run.  Though it turns out I am a failure at that with some long runs and late nights.)  WW6

What fun purchases have you made lately?
Where do you find the best sales/bargains?


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    Yay!! Congrats on the consistent weight loss girl!! So happy for you! I love a great bargain, & you’re right – that top looks great on you! Some great finds. :)
    I really need to get a full length mirror… I don’t own one either & always have to ask my husband if my shoes go with my outfit. 😉 I think I need to visit Target to snag one of those over the door mirrors!

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      Last week they were an extra 10% off with the Target Cartwheel app. You should check and see if they still are?

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    Congrats on your awesome weight loss progress! It must be satisfying to see your hard work pay off. And looks like you found some fantastic deals when you were shopping. I really love a good deal. I’ve found that I’m really good at finding deals during the holiday shopping season and am really good at finding great prices on kitchen stuff and other housewares.

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    I NEVER shop for clothing but the other day I actually TRIED CLOTHING ON and bought 3 NICE (non-athletic) tops! I am shocked, shocked I tell you! But guess what? I have yet to wear ANY OF THEM – AH ha ha ha ah! I wonder if I will… Where is the receipt just in case 😉

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      I find that I am always in workout clothing. However, now that it is back to school time I do need some teacher clothes.

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    You’re doing so well! Glad the meetings made such a difference for you. I’m really bad about non-running clothes and can’t even remember the last piece of “civilian” clothing I got. That said, I scored an awesome pair of Lulu capris on sale. Because one can never have too many, right?

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    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you Abby!!! I think the being in person, especially with weight loss needs & having that face to face support is so important! LOVE your new finds too – beautiful!!!!!

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    Great job on the weight loss!!!
    Love the new purchases!!!
    BTW – how tall are you?! I think that you look great!

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    LOVING those shoes! Girl! Those heels! I never wear heels!! I’m holding out on back to school shopping too…. but I have some crazy shopping to do and stuff coming up! AHHHH! *shhh.. its still a secret*

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      I don’t usually wear heels either, because I teach in flats, but I’m trying to be a bit more stylish on weekends.
      And yes, you have lots of fun shopping coming up:)