Training Update – Long Runs and Late Nights

Thank heavens I just finished the Book of Life.  It has been so interesting, and I so badly wanted to see what would happen next, that I could not put it down.  This caused quite a problem this past week as I was supposed to be waking up very early every day to get my runs in before the South Carolina heat and humidity hit with full force.  training1

The worst was probably Friday night before my long run.  I had my pajamas on by 7:00 and was in bed by 8:00.  (Yes, in bed at 8pm on a Friday night, we runners are exciting.)  I told myself I would read for 2 hours and turn my lights out at 10:00.  Well then 10:00 turned into 11:00, which turned into 12:00, and suddenly it was 1:00 in the morning when I made myself turn my lights out. 

I woke up only 4 hours later, at 5:00 am, to meet a new run buddy for our weekly long run.  I must admit I was super terrified because I have never done a long run with her and after only 4 hours of sleep I was worried I would be dragging.  However, this run actually felt way better than the 10 miles I ran last week and I was pretty happy with the pace. 
Maybe I should so all my long runs on 4 hours of sleep?
Or maybe not.  training 2

Turns out the only thing that I really needed to be worried about was what the 96% humidity would do to my hair.  It took me about 10 minutes to wiggle, pull, and yank it out of my ponytail (at one point I contemplated scissors) and when I finally freed it I looked quite a lot like what you would picture if Cousin It joined an 80s rock band. 

What was one book you couldn’t put down?
What is you go to running hairstyle?

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    I’ve raced after ridiculously busy days on my feet with poor nutrition and minimal sleep and like you, it didn’t seem to have as horrible effect as one would expect.
    I am all about the ponytail too.

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      Yes, I was very surprised it did not have a worse effect on me. I guess some runs are just better and worse than others.

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    Awesome long run!! My hair gets crazy and tangled in the summer, too. I normally pull it into a ponytail with one hair tie and then make a bun with the pony with another which helps me not get tons of knots in my hair. Hope you had a great Monday!

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    Great job on the 10 mile run!
    I’m horrible about reading at night – most nights I fall asleep just a few pages in but then I wake up after an hour or two and read for hours before I can sleep again.

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      Yikes. Stinks that it takes you so long to fall back asleep sometimes.
      It takes me forever to fall asleep initially, but once I am out, I am out.

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    I have been slack with my reading but I have to laugh, I also get into bed early on Friday. Its my fave thing to do actually! early to bed early to rise – i need 8hrs min sleep!

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      I probably don’t get more than 6 maybe 7 hours of sleep during the week, but boy I make up for it on weekends.

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    I’d be super nervous about a long run with a new partner too – actually I am always nervous to run with someone else period. And the humidity? Totally over it. Why can’t we have summer sans humidity? Is that too much to ask for?? Reading makes me super sleepy so I can only read for 30 mins to an hour before it’s lights out!

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      I am always nervous before I run with new people, but my old running buddy is in med school and so I meed a new one.

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    I have no shame in the fact that I have had to cut hairties out of my hair before. I go through so much conditioner and detangler in the summer it’s not even funny. The humidity is killer and makes me want to chop my hair off. tight braided buns with a hat really help, but I don’t always have time to do it so I’ll throw it in a ponytail.

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    Your hair looks beautiful compared to mine when it hits humidity!! :) You are so cute!!!

    A lot of good books but for me, The Little Prince right after my dad died…

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    I’ve read so many books this summer! I read really fast so I just blow right through them. I’ve been reading a lot of the dystopian trilogies that are out there. I’ll have to look into this series!

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    Great job on your run! My typical running hair style now that I have cut my hair (super short) is either a half pony or two tiny pig tails. 😉