Fabletics Review and Giveaway

*Disclosure – While Fabletics did provide me with outfits to try out and review all opinions on them are my own. 
If you have been following me for the past few months on my Instagram account I am sure you have noticed that I have been photographing and shouting out my Fabletics clothing pieces pretty regularly, because I have been really impressed with Fabletics
Fab Pinterest

What is Fabletics?
Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s new line of active wear.  The brand is built around great style, quality, and affordable pieces to really spice up your workout look.  

I have received an outfit every month, for the past 6 months, and wanted to wait until I tested them out for awhile to give you my honest feedback. 
First of all, the quality of the pieces is amazing.  Everything I have gotten has been well made and held up very well.  For example, I wear my royal blue capris that I got 6 months ago all the time (the people in my spin class class probably think they are the only pants I own) because I love them so much and they still show no signs of wear. 
On top of that, the style of the pieces has been outstanding.  Every month Fabletics comes out with a new collection that switches up the pieces, colors, and patterns.  There is something for everyone from plain black tights and simple tanks/shirts to bright, colorful prints and cut out designs.
Finally, the fit of all the pieces I have received has been fabulous.  Everything has been very true to size and has held its size and shape wonderfully.  I hate when you buy workout clothes and they stretch out or shrink and the Fabletics pieces have not done either – they still fit like they did the day I received them. 
I will admit that I was not sure what to think about Fabletics before I got my first outfit, I had never bought workout clothes online as I always liked to go to the store and try them on first – I have been so wonderfully surprised.  These pieces are high quality!  They hold up well, are super stylish, and fit perfectly.  I plan on continuing to get Fabletics outfits for a long time.   

Here are some examples of outfits from the Fabletics August Collection: Zen Energy so you can see the different types of options the have available. 
Fab August Collection

How can you get you own Fabletics pieces?
Fabletics offers an amazing VIP Membership deal
For only $49.95 a month you get an entire Fabletics outfit shipped to your door. 
For an entire, high quality, stylish workout outfit that is a steal!  (I used to spend that much just on a good pair of running/spin tights.)
Plus, it is so much fun.  I really look forward to my email every month telling me the new collection has launched and then getting to go online to check all the new pieces, prints, and colors out before I pick the one that I want. 
Then when that box shows up…… WOOHOO!  I mean who doesn’t love getting mail, packages in particular, and getting to see your awesome new clothes every month is so exciting. 
However, say one month you are not in the mood for an outfit – no need to stress.  Just skip the month and wait until the next one. 
Fabletics really is an amazing deal, and if you love workout clothes like me it can be a great way to get fabulous outfits and have a ton of fun picking them out. 
I highly suggest you sign up and become a Fabletics VIP today. 
When you sign up as a Fabletics VIP you get a super special deal- your first outfit for only $25!
If you do sign up please do so using my link: http://www.fabletics.com/invite/BackatSquareZero/
*Disclosure – If you sign up with my link I do receive a $10 credit to the Fabletics store.  However, that has in no way swayed my opinion on Fabletics as I think their stuff is amazing and getting a monthly box is so fun.  I actually plan on using any credits I receive not for myself, but to surprise someone with a gift.VIP

Now it is your chance – win your very own Fabletics delivery!

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Remember when you sign up as a Fabletics VIP to please use my link: http://www.fabletics.com/invite/BackatSquareZero/

If you have any questions at all about Fabletics please let me know.


  1. says

    Well I live in Capri length tights – both during my day job as a nanny and for running so I’d definitely get a pair of them! Maybe one of the bright pink ones!

  2. says

    The workout shorts look awesome. I pretty much always wear shorts and I typically buy them from the Nike outlet (shirts are kinda taken care of, thanks TrySports!). I love nice running shorts but they can get pricey.

  3. beka says

    I have been interested in trying their line! Definitely want to lnow if the sweat wicking/dry fabric is as good as most run brands we wear?

    • says

      I am OBSESSED with their Oula tank. It is really stretch and the most light-weight fabric ever. I now have 3 of them, just can’t stop ordering them. Because it is so light-weight it wicks moisture really well and is amazing in the SC heat and humidity (which I know you have in FL too).

  4. Michelle says

    Abby, I have been to that website SERIOUSLY about 15 times and have always walked away scared. It’s always hard to tell sizing/quality when you don’t get to judge it in person. It’s great to know that you really like them!! I may have to stop back over there. God, i need to start working out again…maybe cute clothes will help!!! LOL :)

    • says

      I will admit that getting the box every month does motivate me to work out because I want to try out my new cute workout clothes right away!

  5. says

    They definitely have some super cute clothes!!! I love the Border blue open back shirt, so cute! You’ve gotten some super cute clothes so far and I love those bright blue leggings too!

  6. Cecilia @ MommiesRun says

    It’s all so cute! I really love those multi-colored shorts that you got, and I love that you stepped out of your comfort zone to wear them!

  7. says

    I have tried Fabletics before and I really do like the quality of their clothes! I have been thinking about signing up and would love a new sports bra and could always use a new tank- so many cute options though it’s hard to pick just one!

  8. Tessa says

    I like the land collection with the purple ombré tank and the capris. But everything was cute and hard to pick just one favorite!!

  9. says

    Girl, I love the shorts in your top picture, I was almost ordering them one day and then I got interrupted at work and it all timed out! They are so cute!! I was curious about the quality, I am glad you did your review!!

  10. says

    I love love LOVE the shirts with the cut-outs in the back- I’ve just never had any workout shirts like that so I am looking forward to trying them out via Fabletics! Thanks so much for your review- I honestly have been eyeing their clothing for a while but was hesitant about not being there in person to check out the feel and fit!

    • says

      I was really hesitant at first two wondering about the fit and quality. That is why I waited 6 months to do the review. I have been so wonderfully surprised. Their stuff is fabulous.

  11. says

    I’m a sucker for cute leggings and I really love the look of the Salar legging in the blue lava print. So flippin’ cute. I’ve thought about trying Fabletics but haven’t gotten around to it yet–I may have to for those leggings. 😉

  12. says

    i love these outfits so much! My two faves would have to “palm” and “earth” – love the mixture of print and colour!

  13. Emily S. says

    I think their tops are so cute! And I’ve heard so many good things about their leggings.

  14. Lindsay says

    I love the idea Fabletics, but have never tried it out! I might have to finally give it a shot!

  15. says

    I’ve been interested in trying Fabletics for a long time. I agree there workout gear is so cute. My fear was also not being able to try stuff on. I am sometimes a different size in different types of bottoms and tops. The cute factor should probably win! :)

  16. says

    I don’t find one piece cute necessarily rather it is the combinations of shirt and bottom that I love. It’s like having a workout stylist. Who wouldn’t love that!

  17. Megan @ outlawontherun says

    I’ve been wanting to try Fabletics for a while. The top with the back cut out so you can see the cute bra!

  18. Brooke Orner says

    bought a shirt from Fabletics and LOVE it! I’ve been dying to try their pants/capris though!

  19. says

    I LOVE bright and colorful workout gear. I live in Capri pants. I keep thinking about doing this. Your review is making me a believer.

  20. says

    Love the capris and the open back tanks!! For summer – some of the long sleeves look like they’d be great for fall!!

  21. says

    I love that open back top, I have some like it and I feel like different shapes on the back can really help emphasize form/figure and make you feel more confident. Not to mention in this heat, open backs help keep you cooler, summer winner!

  22. Kristen M says

    I like the “Branch” collection piece which is the Adventura tank, Camacan capris, and Vassa sports bra.