Shine Activity Tracker Review

Shine pinable*While Misfit Wearable provided me with the Shine to review all opinions are my own.*

For the last three weeks I have been wearing, and loving, the Shine from Misfit
It is the most amazing activity tracker with tons of great features. 
I wanted to show you exactly why the Shine is so wonderful, and what it can do for you, so be sure to watch my video vlog for my honest Shine Activity Tracker Review and a look at my favorite features.  Plus the video lets you see it in ACTION!


To recap my Shine Activity Tracker Review my favorite features are:
– stylish and available in lots of color option
– can be worn all the time (I haven’t taken mine off for 3 weeks.)
– waterproof for swimming or the shower
– comfortable to sleep in & tracks your sleep 
– automatically syncs to your phone to instantly show you your data
– you can easily tap it and see your progress with a series of lights
– can be worn on a band or clip (both provided) which makes tracking all activity easier

Check out all the data the Shine Activity Tracker provides you! 
All of this data syncs to your phone so you can always see how you are doing, and even have a little friendly competition with your buddies.  (Look who was in first yesterday.)Shine Collage 1Shine Collage 2

Do you wear an activity tracker?
Would you consider getting the Shine?  What do you think is its best feature?


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    I love that it is waterproof. I might have to look into this more – I have a Fitbit Force but it is stating to wear on the band and I’ve sort of gotten addicts to wearing it!!

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    Looks like the Shine is working really well for you! I have a Fitbit one that I use on and off. I think it’s really interesting to see how many steps I take at work because I’m on my feet almost all shift. Even when you lead a generally active lifestyle, it’s still nice to know how active you are when you’re not working out.

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    Great review! It sounds like a really cool device. I’m so hesitant to try out any others after my experience though. The Jawbone Up (wearable on your wrist) I only had for a month when it died, then my replacement died after 1 week so I told them to just give me my money back. My Fitbit Zip lasted longer (I think 1.5 years) but just recently died, too. That didn’t have nearly as much data though (like sleep or elevation) so I probably wouldn’t get another one of those. It was basically just a fancy pedometer.

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    I have to admit, this is one that I haven’t heard of until I read your post. I’ve read reviews for the Fitbit and the Jawbone and I’ve been undecided on both. Right now, all I wear is my Garmin when I workout. I’d be curious to track my sleep though, as it never feels like I’m getting enough!

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    I love your review! I think that your video was awesome. I liked the shine, but I had issues with wearing mine not on my wrist and it fell into a canyon. I wish I had another one, but I would wear it solely on my wrist.

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    I’m a Fitbit Fan … been wearing mine for four years and I don’t plan on changing, but if one of these other companies offered me one to try, I sure would. I’m always interested in what else is out there and “second opinions” so to speak *Ü* It does look very similar to the Fitbit. I do love being able to have a website (not just an app) and I love how the Fitbit syncs with so many programs (MFP, Pact, Achievemint, Fitstudio). With these reward programs, my Fitbit has more than paid for itself! I love having all my data from all the past days at my fingertips too! Graphs and charts, I like all that stuff!

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    I have a Fitbit. I like that I can use it with MyFitnessPal. Also, I use a heart rate monitor and it sends info to Digifit which sends the calorie burn to Fitbit. So, works for me.

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    I love that it’s waterproof! I loose a lot of steps when I go to the pool because I don’t think my FitBit is waterproof.

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    Awesome. I think the best feature must be the battery life. :)

    I love my polar loop… but it needs to be charged atleast once a week. :)