Recover Right– the ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage with ACE Brand Clip

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by and written on behalf of ACE Brand; however, all opinions included in this piece are entirely my own.   

We all remember the ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandages of our childhood, and if you were as injury prone as me you probably spent a bit of time wrapped up in one – I was the Queen of sprained/strained ankles.
Those old school bandages had some flaws though:  
– the natural color inevitably looked dirty by the end of the day
– the silver clips didn’t stay put
– your clip was constantly getting snagged on something
– you had to readjust and/or re-clip a billion times a day

Well have no fear, the ACE Brand Elastic Bandage has a new and improved ACE Brand
So why is this new ACE Brand Clip such an upgrade?:
– it is really easy to put on and adjust (hello Velcro)
– the clip snaps in place so you know it is secure and will stay put
– CLICK sound confirms it is attached correctly
– it prevents those pesky clothing snags

I was really easy for me to put the bandage on and use the clip.  I wrapped it around my ankle to the level of compression I wanted.  Then, I pushed the clip on the end, I was sure it was secured because I could hear it CLICK into place.  Finally, I attached the Velcro piece and I was all set.  The clip stayed put throughout my workout and did not need to be adjusted. 
2014-07-15 21.42.46

Other than just the new ACE Brand Clip, there were other features I really liked about this ACE Brand Elastic Bandage:
– the black color means it won’t look dirty
– you can easily take the clip off and wash the bandage
– you can tighten or loosen it to provide the level of compression you want
– it can be used as preventative compression or to treat sprains and strains
– it holds it elasticity after multiple uses (and washings)2014-07-15 21.44.06

I personally use this on my ankle as a preventative measure.  Sometimes when I am out running the trail near my house I roll my left ankle just a bit before I catch myself.  (This happens more than I care to admit.)  While this is not an injury that sidelines me from running, it does make that ankle a bit more tender for a few days following my slip up.  By wearing this before my trail runs I can use it as a preventative measure to give that left ankle a bit more compression and stability.  Also, if I notice my ankle bothering me after I have rolled it a bit then I can use this ACE Brand Elastic Bandage to compress it and help it to heal and recover.2014-07-15 21.50.49

2014-07-15 21.52.51 
Be sure to check out the full line of ACE Brand products including: elastic compression bandages, hot & cold therapy products, braces, wraps, and supports.

You can see more about the ACE Brand Elastic Bandage with ACE Brand Clip in this series of funny videos featuring “Arthur, ACE Brand Motivational Sportsgent” talking about how they “Fixed the Clip”!

Video #1: We Fixed the Clip with Motivational Sportsgent, Arthur: “Unleash The Lions” (video above)

Video #2: We Fixed the Clip with Motivational Sportsgent, Arthur: "To the Sport"
Video #3: We Fixed the Clip with Motivational Sportsgent, Arthur: "Did he Mean Lost"

Have you ever worn ACE Brand Elastic Bandages before?
Are you excited for the new ACE Brand Clip? 
(Woohoo, no more silly silver clips!)


  1. says

    I had no idea that Ace had changed so much! This is much better than what I remember the last time I used one. I think this would be good for my left knee. Sometimes it acts up on a run. I never thought about stabilizing it before I run though, just after.

    • says

      Yes, they have made big improvements. If it is bothering you during runs I hope you can find something to help it.