My First Official Weight Watchers Meeting

Over the past year, my doctor and I have discussed how losing some of my spare tire would be really healthy for me, and how dropping 15-20 pounds would help my running and hopefully decrease the number of running injuries I get.  I have mentioned before that I have no desire to turn into a stick, in fact I like my curves, but I do want to be healthy and would like to aim for the 150 goal the doctor has given me. 

The problem is that for over a year I have been stuck fluctuating back up and down the same few pounds, but never making any actual progress.  I decided it was time to do something different about this so 12 weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers online.  However, my weight bounced up and down even worse than usual.  See, I have a Binge Eating Disorder and while I am usually able to keep things under control with lapses/binges only once a month or so, it has come back with a vengeance recently.  And boy do I mean vengeance… These once every month or two incidents are now weekly occurrences.  And my binges, they don’t play around –  I mean finish the jar of peanut butter, eat all the sliced cheese meant for my school lunches, dig through the cabinets and whip up a double batch of pancakes, and then drive across the street to CVS and finish it all off with a jumbo bag of Reese’s Pieces, a full thing of Starburst jelly beans (10 servings my butt, not during a binge), and a pint of ice cream just for good measureYikes!

I am a work in progress and I am trying hard to overcome this. I know what I need to do: think about the consequences of my behavior, remember how the binges make me feel, call a friend, journal, get up and active, but the road to recovery is a hard one.  It is like I am possessed when a binge starts, all the smart things I know to do fly away, it is as if I am not even in my own body any more.  Then suddenly a few minutes or hours post binge I snap to and the guilt, frustration, and anger sets in. 

I was hopeful that Weight Watchers would be another tool to help me deal with this – and the truth is I really like Weight Watchers and the fact that it is built around healthy eating you can maintain and not around dieting.  It actually works great for me 99% of the time, but that 1% that I am binging, seems to ruin all my hard work.  After 9 weeks of Weight Watchers online I had bounced up and down, but was once again right back to where I started.  I talked to some friends about it, Dani of Weight Off My Shoulders and Sarah of Mom Running on Empty, and they really convinced me that I needed to do more than just Weight Watchers online.  They explained that in addition to all the eTools and the phone app (which I use for tracking/journaling my food) I really needed to attend once a week meetings.
They convinced me meetings would provide:
– accountability
– tips/hints
– friendly faces
– time to speak with others who struggle with similar issues
– kind of like group therapy minus the crazy insurance issues and co-pay

However, it still took me 3 more weeks to make it to my first meeting and during that time I came up with every excuse in the book:
– I don’t have time.
– The hours are not convenient.
– It costs more money.
– What if it is awkward?
– What is nobody likes me?
– What if I fail?
– What if I am too fat/not fat enough?
WW meeting
But after 12 weeks of online tracking only, I must be brave and make a change, I have to do something to get this binge eating under control and I pray the accountability of weekly meetings and the discussion time with others helps.  So, last night I went to my first meeting and had my first official weigh in. 

And guess what?
While my weight is almost 19 pounds higher than my goal from the doctor I wasn’t miserable. 
I actually had a good time because I felt like I was being brave and doing something to make a change.  I liked going to the meeting.  It was great to know there were other people there who had the same struggles as me and to get to talk and share with them. 
I just pray that the next time I am about to dive down that dark binge eating path I think about having to weigh in weekly at my Weight Watchers meeting and all the people there who are going through their own struggles, plus all my friends and family who are willing to support me, and all my fabulous blogging buddies and somehow control those desires.  518a845c6ab8eb88819c30b1c8c5631a

Oh, and to kick start a healthier me I came home to the most awesome mail day EVER recently!  The people at Misfit Wearables were kind enough to send me their new activity Tracker – Shine, a box came from my fabulous friends at Mizuno, and Nuun for HOT summer half marathon training arrived.   10371469_736691983036053_5745728583579995904_n

The Shine has me really intrigued.  First of all, let me be shallow and say that I LOVE how it is styled.  It is so much more attractive that most other trackers (mine is the topaz color).  However, the reason I wanted it so badly is because of all of it’s fabulous features.  I like how it instantly syncs to my phone using an app.  I hate how other trackers have to be plugged into the computer.  This lets me see the data on my phone right away.  Plus, the disk can pop into the arm band for running and pop into a clip I can wear on my shoe for spin.  I hated that other trackers didn’t show spin numbers.  Oh, and for all you swimmers it is waterproof.  I’ll have a review of this up after I try it out a while.  10391461_737160289655889_330647868144997302_n

Mizuno as always came through in a big way.  I was lucky enough to receive the new Wave Kazan recently, which I am loving for trail runs, and also the Wave Sayonara 2, which is my speed work shoe (expect a review on the updates to the Wave Sayonara 2 next week); however, my current Wave Rider 17 were getting a bit sad and worn out as I use them on most of my normal runs.  I feel so blessed that I was surprised with these beautiful Wave Rider 17 in the mail – check out that color!10509772_736861599685758_1568613434287725772_n

How are you brave when going into new situations?
If you are trying to lose weight – What is working for you?
What exciting mail have you gotten recently?


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    I think the WW group will be really good. As much as tracking online is great and all, and losing weight does have a lot to do with tracking… I think it’s good you will have the human support, especially when dealing with binge eating. Online is great but sometimes you just need a human being to be there for you, especially when you need a hug, shoulder to cry on, etc. And surely someone else there has been through it, so you can support each other and be accountable.

    While I don’t like the orange on the new Mizuno shoes, I do like those shoes and how they feel, I will probably get a pair eventually, just got the Hitogami this weekend and love those so far. You did have an awesome mail day.

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      I do think that the benefit of being in an actual group will be really helpful. I hope that having people there will keep me on track and accountable.

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    Oh, I love those shoes! I just got new Wave Sayonaras so I am trying to resist buying the Wave Sayanora 2s. I hope the WW helps. I’ve been struggling with mindless munching lately — not full out binges but the same senseless face-stuffing followed by regret. I know I’m tired and stressed but I need to address those issues directly instead of trying to mask them with cookies and chips. 😛

    • says

      I too think that my eating is stress related, or emotional.
      It is tricky when you know it is not the right way to solve the problem, but sometimes the food just seems to call to you.
      Good luck with the munchies. I know I love snacking too much also.

  3. says

    Yay! I’m glad you had a good time! I think the camaraderie of WW will really help you. When I lost all the baby weight 3 years ago I did it by joining an online weight loss support group – it was really helpful to have online friends I could reach out to, and I imagine IRL ones are even better, good luck!

  4. says

    YES! I am thrilled you went to the meeting and since you liked it, I know you’ll go back!!! YES!!! And hello amazing gift ever! :) Those sneakers are kick booty!! Rooting for you, seriously. I am so excited to follow along with you because before you know it, you’re going to be at your 150 goal and feel amazing!

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    I think you are doing a great job at taking additional steps as you see fit. My roommate has been doing WW for a couple years and has lost I think 30 pounds. She goes to meetings once a week, though I don’t know what her opinion of them is (but she goes every Monday, so I guess its good!). I think the bond of being with people IRL that have the same struggles is way more powerful. Keep it up :)

    So jealous of your amazing package! The only package I got recently was something I ordered: a long haired red wig and a purple sequin tank top…you probably see where I’m going with this… its for an ocean outreach tabling event, not for running. I’ll have lots of fun though and will be posting lots of pics to instagram and FB this weekend:)

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      It could be for a running event in the future though. Ariel is my favorite princess. Probably because The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie.

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    Congrats on taking that first step, it can be really hard to get out of your comfort zone! And having people around that are going through the same thing is always a good thing. I love those Mizunos, and I can’t wait to hear more about the Shine. I actually just ordered my second pair of Mizunos yesterday, and they will be waiting for me when I get home. I think I may be a Mizuno convert!

  7. jenna says

    So proud of you for getting to a meeting! Im sure it was scary and totally out of your comfort zone, but you took the first step, did it, and now you know you can!!! Keep it up. Youre gonna do great and each mtg will be even better and more beneficial!!

  8. says

    I have tried WW online so very many times, and I’m interested to see how you feel about the meetings – your reasons for not wanting to do it mirror mine. So keep us updated!

  9. says

    I love how open and honest you are with your struggles, and I wish you the very best with WW, I have heard a lot of people with wonderful success stories!!

    I love your new shoes…that reminded me I really need a new pair of shoes too..maybe I will get out this week and get a pair. The best mail I have gotten lately was on Monday, I got my monthly Birchbox, another purchase from Birchbox, some protein shakes I was waiting on and a TENS machine. It was like Christmas!

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      I have heard that Birchbox is so fun. I LOVE monthly boxes. I currently get a Fabletics one because I have a workout clothes obsession.

    • says

      Thanks Courtney.
      I know there are others out there who go through these ups and downs and struggles and I hope I can help them to see they are not alone by being honest about it.

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    Stepping into that first WW meeting is REALLY hard…. I mean its putting things out there and saying yeah I have a problem instead of burying your heard in the sand! Hopefully the meetings will help you out, it all really comes down to if you’re ready or not to make the journey, not the program you do decide use!

    You got some great active swag there!

    • says

      It was really hard to go, like admitting I could not do it on my own.
      I hope this is teh push I need to get myself in gear.

  11. says

    Very interested in the Shine Tracker!

    I think that 19 pounds from goal isn’t too bad. I’m sorry your struggling with your binge eating disorder right now.

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      Thanks Carla.
      I am guess everything can’t be perfect all the time and right now is just a bit rougher for me.
      However, I am hopeful that I am making steps in the right direction.

  12. says

    I am so proud of you! For me, the meetings make all the difference in the world. I could never just do it myself online. I need the support and accountability of going. I love my meeting, my leader, and the members. It is so refreshing to go there every week for that hours time and share tips, ideas, and more. Keep it up! :)

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      I am really hoping it helps. I enjoyed the first meeting, it was nice to feel that I was not alone in this.

  13. says

    One thing WW will push is portion control, no doubt. But they may also give you a list of zero point foods that you can binge on without guilt, so that won’t help with the mental aspect.

    One thing to keep in mind. A pound of bodyfat slows you down by 3 seconds per mile. That doesn’t sound like much, but if you get these 20 lbs off then that multiplies out to a full minute per mile. If you could be 1 m/m faster with the exact same effort level just by sticking to WW, that can pay off all the way from the 5k to the marathon. Stick with it!

    • says

      Yes, I know that this will really help me as a runner. My doctor thinks the fact that I am carrying a bit of extra weight is also why I am so frequently injured. If I could drop the weight and be injured less I am sure I could also train better. Also exciting to know that just losing a bit of weight could make me faster.

  14. says

    It sounds like you have taken some awesome steps for yourself!!! You have great goals and having the accountability and a supportive group will be so great!

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      I heard the same thing, everyone saying the meetings were the way to go, I guess it just to me a while to be brave enough to walk through the door.

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    Good luck attending the meetings. I know several people that have been on weight watchers and it does really work as long as you stick to it. I have never heard of the Shine. That’s neat that you don’t have to plug it in to see instant results.

  16. says

    I’m so glad to hear that you had a positive first experience with your group. There is so much research out there surrounding the positive benefits of working towards any goals in a group environment. I look forward to following your journey!

  17. says

    I think you are super brave for going to an in person meeting and I know we have talked about this but its an awesome inspiration and first step! Maybe I will make my way down to a meeting. We can do this! You can do this :)

  18. says

    I’m glad you’re going to meeting’s now. I think that will make a huge difference.
    I see your beginning weight there, and I’m so jealous! I know we’re about the same height, and my GOAL weight is 165, I have almost 30 lbs. to go! It’s funny how one persons goal weight is another persons beginning. You can do it Abby, we both can!!

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      I would never have guessed that. I would have thought we weighed about the same.
      And you are right we can do this!

  19. says

    We are all a work in progress in some aspect of our lives for sure!!! :)

    I am proud you took the step! Since you can’t get eating disorder help thru insurance, I really hope this helps you – give it AND YOU a chance! :)

  20. says

    Hooray for going to a Weight Watchers meeting!! I’ve always heard really great things about those meetings.
    And, I really like the looks of those new Mizunos – the color is awesome!

  21. says

    Stepping into a new situation and into your first WW meeting – that’s huge Abby. It does take a lot of courage to do that and you should feel proud of yourself for that and for doing something to help you reach your goal. I really do hope that it helps. PS I love the look and sound of that fitness tracker!!

    • says

      Thanks. I am excited for my next meeting tomorrow and loving the tracker so far. I’ll put a review of it up later.