ZICO Premium Coconut Water Review

I was really excited recently to get the opportunity to try out ZICO Premium Coconut Water
I have been meaning to try coconut water, but I had not yet done so.
This was my perfect opportunity to try it!  
The first thing I noticed was their tag line “ZICO. Crack Life Open”.  I instantly LOVED it! 
I am all about living life to the fullest, finding pleasure in the little things, and trying to live a healthy life, and ZICO Premium Coconut Water encourages just that.  patio relazingI sipped on some ZICO Premium Coconut Water this Fourth of July while I relaxed on the back porch with my dog, Grits.  Since this was my first time trying ZICO Premium Coconut Water I wanted to check out the facts, and found that:
– it is made from natural coconut water
– the natural flavor has zero added sugar, zero fat, and zero cholesterol
– it is available in natural, chocolate, pineapple, mango, and passion fruit flavors
– all flavors are gluten free (which is essential for me) and dairy free
– it contains 5 natural electrolytes
– each serving has as much potassium as a banana

It sounded great! 
I loved all the health and nutrition information. 
Plus, I really liked the taste.  The natural was smooth and refreshing while the chocolate flavor…
come on, coconut + chocolate = heaven!   
I am a huge coconut fan, usually in ice cream and candy bar form, so having a healthy alternative sounded wonderful. 
Over the course of the week, I really tried the ZICO Premium Coconut Water out. 
With the electrolytes and potassium, I knew this would be a great drink pre- or post-workout. 
gym bag

I packed it in my gym bag and found it very refreshing after a tough spin class. 
I also sipped on it post-run and it really helped me to rehydrate in the HOT South Carolina summer heat and humidity. 
post gym 2

For me, life is all about balance, and ZICO Premium Coconut Water helps with that by providing a little natural loving for my body through a healthy, yet delicious drink. 
So, after a tough workout, I enjoyed some relaxation time as I sipped some of the chocolate flavor and read a new book by the pool. 
pool 1

ZICO Premium Coconut Water wasn’t just great for workouts or relaxing by the pool though, I also enjoyed it as a treat during my meals.  Instead of sipping on a cocktail or soda with my Fourth of July meal, I reached for the ZICO Premium Coconut Water.  It was a small, easy change to make, and it was a healthy change I felt good about.  dinner b

I also loved using ZICO Premium Coconut Water in my smoothies. 
I created this Coconut Berry Breakfast Blast smoothie using the natural flavored ZICO Premium Coconut Water.  berry smoothie pin

Coconut Berry Breakfast Blast Ingredients:
– 6 oz. ZICO Premium Coconut Water – Natural flavor
– 1 cup frozen berry blend
– 1 container of Greek yogurt
*Blend well.  Double recipe for a large smoothie.  berry smoothie 5

Then I decided, why stop there? 
Next up, I invented an awesome dessert smoothie. 
You cannot go wrong with healthy treats every now and then! 
Check out this PB & Chocolate Covered Coconutty Banana smoothie for a delicious treat.  choc smoothie pin

PB & Chocolate Covered Coconutty Banana Ingredients:
– 6 oz. ZICO Premium Coconut Water – Chocolate flavor
– 2 tablespoons Peanut Butter (I used White Chocolate Wonderful)
– 1 frozen banana, sliced
*Blend well.  Double recipe for a large smoothie.  choc smoothie 4

Now it is time to grab some of your own.
Visit ZICO.com to find ZICO Premium Coconut Water in a store near you, or to order online. 
Be sure to follow all their social media pages so you can see the fabulous #CrackLifeOpen campaign they have with brand ambassador Jessica Alba.  Hashtag away your own ZICO Premium Coconut Water every day adventures.
What ZICO Premium Coconut Water flavor would you most like to try?
Where would you take your ZICO to #CrackLifeOpen?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ZICO through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about ZICO, all opinions are my own.


  1. says

    I was so bummed about this stuff. I’ve had the opportunity to try it post-race at several events and just have not liked it one bit. It’s a shame because I LOVE coconut anything, but just couldn’t get past the taste of this stuff. I’m glad you like it though!

  2. says

    I can not get into coconut water! I’ve tried so many times, I just don’t like the taste of coconut. BUT I just saw some maple water and now I’m dying to try that out. Your smoothie looks delicious!

  3. says

    i have never tried coconut water, I am not sure where I would find it here in South Africa, it may actually be at a health shop or something. But I am keen to try it out! X