Training Updates and a Giveaway

So far training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon has been a study in highs and lows.  This past week alone started off with a strong 7 mile run on Monday, on Thursday I was worried because my coach had my first progression run on the schedule and I was so nervous I wouldn’t come anywhere close to the time goals she set (warm up mile, 9:30, 9:15, 9:00) and I surprised myself by nailing them which was a huge confidence boost (Woohoo!); however, on Saturday I had to cut my 8 mile run short because my hamstring was suddenly driving me nuts.   I took it easy Sunday with a walk instead of run and went to a spin class today, tomorrow I will go see my sports med chiro and hopefully he will get me back on track.  photo 4 (3)

I am also getting really excited about the race because I cannot wait to spend Labor Day weekend on the beach visiting a new town.  To top that off I just found out that the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon does post race concerts a bit differently than the other races in the series. 

Check this out (from their website):
“Get set to sink your toes into the sand and raise a celebratory toast to your finish at the beachfront Post Race Headliner Concert under the stars featuring Train! As part of the 21st Verizon Wireless American Music Festival presented by Chevrolet, this Sunday night concert has been a race weekend highlight since the beginning of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon and is the perfect finale to cap off the holiday weekend. All Half Marathon participants and Relay participants get free entry into all American Music Festival concerts over the weekend with their race bib and 5K participants receive free entry into the Sunday night Headliner Concert with their race bib.”trainA free Train concert on the beach sounds like an awesome way to celebrate post race and to enjoy my Labor Day weekend vacation.  I am getting pumped. 

And I wanted you all to get pumped too, so I have some awesome giveaways to get you excited. 
Not one, not two, but three winners will get this awesome Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon training shirt.  I love the detailing on it, and that the bib number is the race date!   
RnRVABut, that is not all!  Since I will be running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon & 1/2 Marathon later this year why not throw one of those shirts in as well.  That means each winner will get two awesome new shirts!RnRSAV

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If you could run any Rock ‘n’ Roll race which one would you choose?



  1. says

    I would probably run the Virginia Beach one! Either that one or Raleigh, even though I have heard Raleigh is full of hills, both of those are really close. Plus i have family in Raleigh I could stay with for free, hehe. Good excuse to visit.

    Looks like you did a great job with your progression run, hopefully all will go well Thursday night at Race the Landing, great seeing you in spin too!

  2. says

    I’m running RnR NOLA in 2015!!! It’s my first one and I’m super excited! I really want to run Philly because my half marathon PR happened in Philly and I would love to try again!

  3. Cassie Hoy says

    Love following your blog! I wish I could get to one of these races this year, still going to try for RnR Las Vegas half in November if all goes well with my husband’s posting! Good luck with your training you’re gonna rock it!!!

  4. Cecilia @ MommiesRun says

    I’d run Savannah with you!! A part of me also really wants to go back to NOLA for redemption. But that might just be a little too crazy!

  5. says

    It’s so weird to already be thinking about Labor Day!!! This year seems to just be flying by! But I guess when it comes to racing, you’re constantly thinking about the next race, which could be many months away!!

  6. says

    I wish I could convince my hubby to let me drive down to run this!!! But I think i’ve had my fair share of weekends away for racing, so not sure I even dare bring it up….UNLESS, I could find a sitter and bring him with?! Great training run! Keep up the great work!

  7. says

    Oh I hope your hamstrings/legs start feeling 100% better! I HATE injuries, so I can just feel your frustration with this. Any beach race sounds like a good one to me! 😉 Next year, I’m all about doing races OUTSIDE of Ohio!