Mizuno Wave Kazan Review

Yesterday, I told you a bit about how I love Running the West Ashley Greenway trail near my house.  In fact, along with my neighborhood it is the running route I use the most frequently. 
Since I do run the trail a lot, I was thrilled when Mizuno gave me the chance to review one of their newly released trail shoes, the Wave Kazan.


First off, I checked out the information Mizuno sent me on the Wave Kazan to see exactly what I was getting myself into with these new trail shoes.  I do most of my runs in road shoes (the Mizuno Wave Creation, Wave Rider, or Wave Sayonara depending on the run length and type) and only wear the Wave Ascend, my current trail shoe, when conditions are a bit rougher on the trails. 
The info they sent me looked fabulous and got me really excited to get the shoes in the mail:
– Winning design principles from the Ascend 8 can be found in the Wave Kazan.
– Extremely versatile trail shoe that works well on any type of terrain.
– X-studded outsole pattern provides excellent grip. 
– A lightweight shoe, at just 8.0 oz., that still provides protection and stability.
– Wave technology tailored to adapt to uneven terrain while allowing both flexibility and stability.

photo 1 (2)

What did I notice about these shoes compared to my current Wave Ascend?:
– Fabulous update!  I like the Mizuno Wave Kazan much more than my current Wave Ascend and see myself using this on the trail more frequently. 
– The upper on this shoe feels more like the Mizuno Running shoes I am used to, which I like.  The fabric and fit of the upper seems somewhat like the Wave Sayonara to me which is a plus.  I personally enjoy that this feels a bit more like the road running shoes I am used to.
– I like the sole of this shoe much more.  Not only does it provide great grip, but it works well between surfaces.  I mentioned when I reviewed the Wave Ascend that walking to the dirt trail on the paved road felt awkward because of the tread on the shoe, and because of that I wore them strictly for trail runs.  That was not the case in the Wave Kazan.  I felt very comfortable walking and running on the paved road to and from the trail.  Now don’t get me wrong, I would still use these as trail shoes, but I love knowing that I won’t feel uncomfortable if my trail crosses a paved road or if a small section of a trail race I run is paved.  This shoe transitions well and can handle it all.  Big plus.   

Do you enjoy running trails?
Do you own any trail specific shoes?


running 1*I received the chance to review the Wave Kazan through my blogger ambassadorship with Mizuno, but all opinions presented are my own.



  1. Cecilia @ MommiesRun says

    Those are some good looking shoes! I love running trails but right now I’ve been staying away from them due to the snakes. Yuck.

    • says

      I am fine with snakes, just not the poisonous ones around here, they need to carry big signs telling me if they are poisonous or not. Wonder how I convince them to do that?

  2. says

    I’ve run in the Ascend shoe so your comparison was especially interesting to me. I like shoes that can run on trails and the road, too. I’ll keep these in mind.

    • says

      They are great. I think they are a fabulous update to their previous trail running shoe because the tread seems much better.

  3. says

    I wish there was a good trail near my house! I would love to give these shoes a spin. I solely use Mizuno (get it, solely.. ahaha) and wish I had the money to try all their shoes!

  4. says

    I’ve never run on a trail but at this point I can’t say no I’d never do something. I’ve learned that I’ll take on more things now that I’m older than I did when I was younger.

    • says

      Thanks. I read about a free app called ShakeCamera that makes your phone into a self timer. You can set it on a delay and then have it burst a whole bunch of photos to catch yourself running.

  5. says

    Fantastic! I didn’t even know Mizuno made a trail shoe. I do run trails in different shoes than my roadies, a pair of La Sportiva’s that I’ve had for a while. But I really should pick up a pair of these Kazans. Looks great!