Mizuno Wave Hitogami

Currently I do all my long runs in my Wave Creation, my mid-distance runs in the Wave Rider, and my Wave Sayonara are my speed work shoes for short distances and treadmill work. (I am sure you realize by now I am a huge Mizuno fan.)  I thought I had it all figured out – until I met the Wave Hitogami.
The Wave Hitogami is Mizuno’s newest release, a racing flat constructed for a fast run!  Compared to the Wave Sayonara it has less of a heel to toe drop, and it weighs in at almost a full ounce lighter than the Wave Sayonara, making it by far the lightest shoe I have ever owned.
Wave Hitogami pin
However, I must admit that I initially thought – Why in the world do I need a racing flat?
I am not a super speedy runner, I am never contending for age group prizes, heck most people would not even consider me a racer, more like a jogger.  So how exactly do shoes like The Wave Hitogami fit into the rotation for an average runner like me?

The first time I put the Wave Hitogami on I was shocked by how well they fit; it felt like I was wearing a pair of slippers.  I started to think maybe there is something to these shoes after all.  With the lower heel to toe drop they worked great as a cross training shoe, and I happily powered my way through Body Pump in them.  Now I know why all the lifters prefer lighter shoes, I felt way more connected and grounded when squatting than I normally do in my big old Wave Creations (my long run true love).

Okay, so these bad boys were great for weight/strength training, but what about running?  For years I only ran in shoes with maximum cushioning like my Wave Creation.  I have been so injury prone that I was reluctant to run in anything else.  However, over the past year I have been able to work in the Wave Rider and Wave Sayonara which provide different levels of standard/mid cushioning.  This has worked out really well for me, but I have been very careful to listen to my body and what types of shoes it can handle on each type of run.  I must admit I was really worried about introducing the Wave Hitogami into my running mix.  I knew I loved the look, the feel was amazing, and these have become my perfect strength/lifting shoe, but when I stepped on that treadmill – I was scared!  I figured I owed it to you all, and to Mizuno, to try it out, but I was worried, this is a racing flat with minimum cushioning.  What if running in them hurt?
Wave Hitogami 010
I jumped on the treadmill slowly, even for me, at first and jogged my way through a mile.  The shoes felt great, light as a feather and comfortable.  I continued on and slowly cranked the speed up a bit.  In the end I was shocked – I only ran a few miles since I am still in recovery mode, but they were the fastest miles I have run in a while.  I was so happy with the shoes (and myself a little bit).  I was really impressed, with the lower level of cushioning I thought the run would hurt my feet and legs a lot more, but I felt just as good as ever.

So what does this mean for me:
The Wave Hitogami will be in my rotation for sure.  I will use them for all me strength/lifting workouts, but I am happy to report that I will run in them too.  I never thought I would be the one to own a light-weight, low drop, racing flat, but I am happy I do.  I am planning on using these along with the Wave Sayonara for speed work.  The Sayonara will probably do more tempo runs, while the Wave Hitogami and I will be together for lots of my shorter, faster, treadmill speed work.  I also think these would be great shoes to run my 5K series in. With my own injury drama, I might bump up a bit and run 10Ks in the Wave Sayonara.  For someone who is less injury prone, I think the Wave Hitogami could do even more work, and longer distances.
Mizuno Lineup
Have you owned a racing flat before?
Would you be interested in one?
How would it fit into your rotation?

These shoes were provided to me through my blogger/ambassador partnership with Mizuno Running; however, all opinions on the blog are always 100% truthful and completely my own.


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    Very cool!

    I have never owned a racing flat (in fact, I don’t have different shoes for different things. Yet), but I would love to try one! Mizuno has such great products!

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      My first few years I only owned Wave Creations, then I tried another style and opened the flood gates. Now I am a shoe addict.

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    I currently own the Wave Ronin flats. They’re okay, honestly they are a little small. I’d love to try these. I like racing in my Ronins. I think having special shoes for racing and track helps, it just makes that workout “special” and maybe that gets me into a nice little mindset of racing? I usually race in my Elixirs lately.

    I’ve heard flats are good on the treadmill because you have the actual cushioning of the belt. I’d love to try these out on a track or a road 5K. I tried them on at Dick’s but I really don’t need more shoes right now.

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    I haven’t had racing flats since my college days and they have definitely improved a lot since then!!

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    Mizuno really can do no wrong. I have worn racing flats for speed work before, but I have a hard time loving anything more than my Wave Riders for any type of running. I do wear some other brands for weight training, but other than that I am loyal!

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    OMG just the other day I was looking at a pair of my racing flats from high school (yes I still have them, I get kind of sentimental about those things), and was thinking about how ancient they look. But I will never get rid of those shoes, one of my proudest running moments happened while wearing them.

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      I don’t think I will wear this as often as my other shoes, so I figured it’d be fun to have a special pair. Plus, let me be honest – I have a running shoe addiction:)

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    How does the upper material compare to the Sayonaras? From the pictures I’ve seen it looks the same. While I LOVE my Sayonaras, the material is stiff and somewhat brittle and I quickly (like within 20 miles) start getting holes in the material. I’ve heard from others that it is softer, but I’m interested in hearing your take because I think they would be perfect for my Mizuno collection!

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      I have never had that problem with my Wave Sayonara, I wonder if you got a bad pair. Have you talked to Mizuno about it?
      And yes this material is softer and more light weight.

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    I usually run in one pair of shoes at a time, and my current pair is the Sayonaras. Before that was the Evo Cursoris. I like a lightweight, zero drop shoe, so the Sayonaras are a bit different. But so far, so good!

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      Glad you are liking the Sayonara. If you like lightweight and low drop you may want to try the Wave Hitogami on too.

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    I can’t wait to figure out a way and a reason to work these into my Mizuno lineup! (YouknowIwill) I’m glad you felt good in them. Here’s to super speedy (and healthy) 5k’s!

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    I love Mizunos. I have a pair of Wave Precisions and was so upset when they didn’t make a new version. I’m thinking I’ll probably try the Wave Riders. I don’t run fast so I’m not into racing flats but I love how you explained which shoe you use for different types of runs.

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      I would try both the Wave Rider and Wave Sayonara and see which you like best. I heard lots of people who switched from Precision to Sayonara too.

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    I have never tried flats but feel about my Brooks Ravennas the way you do about your Mizunos….favorite part of my running gear!

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    Like you, I have to be careful with the style of shoe I wear. I tried Wave Sayonara for short runs, but have retuned to my Wave Riders. I’m not sure if the Hitogami would be a fit for me, but I like they way they look 😉 Great review!