When To Restrain

Yesterday I talked about how it is important to Live a Little.
I must focus on when this is okay and when it is not.
Having a little bit of wine and way too much cheese at a friend’s bridal shower (pictures below) is perfectly acceptable in my book.  I believe enjoying a meal out with friends or family every once in a while should be fun, not full of calorie counting.  In my world special occasions are meant to be celebrated and birthdays should always come with (gluten free) cake.  Personally, I believe these indulgences help make life more exciting.
However, I really need to focus in on when it is okay to live it up, and when I should restrain.
I have been struggling a lot with portion control lately and occasionally falling back into my old binge eating ways.  It is not okay to eat an entire jar of peanut butter, with a huge spoon, on a Thursday night (last week) after you have already had a full dinner.
I must remember that special treats need to be saved for special occasions and rein myself back in when I am eating at home on a normal week night.  I have to escape those huge binges where once I start, I cannot stop until the entire container is gone.  I need to refocus, restrain, and make smarter decisions.  I know my health will appreciate it.
But don’t get me wrong – when the time calls for it I will still live a little lot!
How do you rein yourself in when you just can’t stop eating?
Once I start, how do I put the spoon down before I hit the bottom of the PB jar?


  1. Amy says

    I’m slowly learning what not to buy at the grocery store, to avoid situations where I eat an entire box of Cheez-Its or a whole bag of gummy worms. Instead, I’m learning recipes for snacks that are satisfying with only one available portion, like apples and greek yogurt dip, or broiled grapefruit. My husband can eat 10x what I can, without gaining an ounce, and it’s a constant struggle to not match his portions at meals. Always a work in progress!

    • says

      Noys make it all really unfair don’t they, darn that man metabolism. It is so hard not to eat like them, but it would hit us so much quicker. I am very envious of them:)

  2. says

    I don’t really have a problem stepping away from food or drink, but I do want to make this comment. You are such a fun loving happy girl, and you clearly enjoy life! Anyone would want to spend time with you and I certainly hope to meet you at some race in the future! Your photos are hilarious!

  3. says

    How about if I hold onto to your peanut butter jar while you hold on to my box of cereal? For me, it’s about taking a breathe — just one — and deciding to just stop, and not fretting over how much “damage” was done, because then I’d just keep going.

  4. says

    I think you need to live a little and let loose. You just have to know when to call it quits!!! That’s the hard part.

    • says

      Yes, quitting before I make myself feel sick is something I must work on. When to enjoy and when to stop are my big struggles.

  5. says

    I love living! I try not to take anything too seriously. And even if it is a serious moment, I know it won’t last long, so I always have a smile on my face. In terms of food, my willpower is impeccable, so I never eat anything unhealthfully. My biggest thing is portion sizes. But I just keep reminding myself that my stomach is going to “slap me in the face” if I continue to eat, which definitely helps. Then I shove a piece of gum in my mouth and I am good to go! LOL!

    • says

      Portion control is a big struggle for me. By the time I stop my belly hurts. I need to shove my gum in faster!

  6. says

    I know that feeling! There are times (especially lately) that I finish dinner and immediately start thinking about popcorn or chips or cereal – I try to wait awhile and see if I’m really hungry or just have it in my head that I want whatever snack it is. Sometimes the only way to stop thinking about it is to eat it!! Gotta live a little!!!

    • says

      Oh, I agree sometimes we must have it:) However, lately I have been eating huge amounts on random nights. I need to calm it down. A handful or two of crackers and not a whole box. Such a tricky task.

  7. says

    Hugs! I just started using MyFitnessPal again and yes, it is calorie counting, it’s helped to restrain me on the days when I need to be restrained. I’m allowing myself 1 day/week (long run day) to ditch the food logging. I hope it will help me to get down to race weight while ensuring I eat enough protein too.

  8. jenna says

    The pb jar is my arch nemesis as well. Thats why I dont let it out of the pantry unless to put it on the knife and shut the lid!!! Hahaha. Portion control squeeze packs may be a good investment for u even tho they are pricey!

  9. says

    I used to tell my clients for me it is all about the WHY.
    what Im filling (starving versus fill but emotionally empty).

    • says

      I think I need to take time to actually think about the why instead of just shoving away and then feeling bad latter on.

    • says

      Yes, fun stuff like that means I get to live a little, eating junk while I am sitting home alone. Bad Abby, some smack me.

  10. says

    I have to scoop the PB into a separate bowl and put the jar away before I eat it. If it’s not in front of me, I can’t take another scoop without going and getting it again (which I’m unlikely to do). That’s what works for me anyway…

  11. says

    Love the photos! There is a lot of boob grabbing there in the front! haha! I’m right with you in the over eating. I’m blaming the cold but I know it starts with me eating mindfully rather than trying to multi-task and over indulge. Also LOVE the Chevron top!

    • says

      I think mine is a stress thing and I need to focus in, really think, and be more mindful of it too. I just start eating while working, stress, and boom!
      And thanks, I’ll be so sad if chevron ever goes out of style.

  12. says

    I have a couple of rules and tricks.

    1. I do not EAT standing up! That eliminates the food samples at Costco and grazing around at parties and get togethers.

    2. I put occasion foods/drinks in BOXES and only have them when that BOX comes around – for instance, I only have sushi on special occasions with my husband.

    3. There are some things that do not come into my house… if I want them, I have them out so there are no leftovers.

    You have to find what works for you. Sometimes once the door (or jar in this case) is opened, there is no closing it again. The trick? Buy smaller jars.


    • says

      Buying smaller jars might be a trick I need.
      I think I need to be more strict about my rules. I love how you have yours all laid out.

  13. says

    Awww, your friends look like they are such a fun group of girls!! I usually don’t buy things too often that I know I will devour (best strategy for me), but when I get something I just can’t stop eating, I usually try and stop and drink a big glass of water. After that, I am usually too full to continue.

  14. says

    I buy pre-portioned stuff when I know it’s hard for me to stop! Justin’s Almond Butter HAS to come in little packets (even though it’s a bit more expensive). Otherwise I would finish the whole jar!

  15. says

    What a fun weekend you had! Your friends look like a lot of fun!! :0) I agree with you, indulging is ok every once in a while, but it’s definitely hard to keep it in check.

    • says

      Yes, it even though I know when I am allowed to and when it is not okay I still struggle with controlling it.

  16. says

    That looks like such a fun Bridal shower, lol!! I definitely agree with you about “living it up” a little sometimes. I really enjoy having my favorite chocolate chip cookies or a good burger and fries sometimes. BUT, I also try to keep the balance and eat healthy, whole, real foods as often as I can.

    • says

      I think you have a fabulous balance, my goal is to do something similar. However, I currently indulge way too much.

  17. says

    I totally get this. For me it was about indentifying trigger foods. If I start eating sweets/chocolate, I tend not to have an off switch. So now, more often than not, I won’t even start with those foods.

  18. says

    I don’t keep large portions of things around if I can’t control myself. It might cost more to buy the smaller box, but my health thanks me for it. I try to have a huge glass of water or brush my teeth if I feel like I can’t stop eating something. Usually the water fills me up or the mint makes everything taste weird.

    Not to be a grammar/spelling snob, but the word you’re looking for is “rein” not “reign”, just fyi :)

    • says

      I need to try brushing my teeth, that’d probably help.
      And whoops- not ruling and reigning over anything, must fix that.

  19. says

    Ever since we got rid of cable, I stopped snacking as much. I guess the mindless TV watching went hand in hand with the mindless eating. We also just don’t keep a lot of “snacky” foods in the house. We rarely have potato chips, but when we do they are gone in less than an hour. It’s a problem… ha

    • says

      i don’t watch TV much, but it does happen a lot when I blog, maybe I need to move away from the computer.

  20. says

    It’s just that the PB is CALLING to you. I love how you have never stopped just being honest about it all. And super balanced! I think it’s an ebb and low thing – I definitely go through patches where I eat everything in sight (all the PB, the dark chocolate, may as well move onto the milk chocolate….) and then others where it feels easy and natural to reign it in. Good luck! AND I hope you’re ok?

    • says

      Thanks Kate. I am okay, just struggling with the food and restraint a lot more than I would like right now. Working on it though.

  21. says

    I wish there was an on/off switch to our brains sometimes. There’s definitely a physiological/chemical component when it comes to the tendency to overindulge. I think we just need to convince ourselves that we are stronger than that though. These 40 days will help prove our strength!

    • says

      Yes, I am really struggling. For me once I get off track it is hard to get back on and stress/sadness really throws me off. Food is my coping mechanism and such a bad one.