Live a Little

I am on a constant journey – a journey towards a healthier lifestyle.  I am trying to eat healthier foods, use better portion control, and binge eat less.  I am trying to stick to my workouts and not skip days.  However, I am a big believer that it is important to live a little too.
Yesterday was my best friend’s wedding shower, and I was in charge.
Terrifying right?
I am not cutesy and girlie at all, and I am pretty awkward.
So I did what I knew… food.
I bought 7.5 pounds of cheese for 15 of us.
Considering I originally had 10 pounds in the cart, I think this is excellent restraint.
Not everyone ate their designated half pound of cheese, crazy people, but I happily enjoyed mine as my lunch/dinner.
SatekI also discovered a new favorite wine.  I don’t even like sweet wines, but this tastes just like crushed, fresh blackberries.  I may bathe in it.  It is amazing.

I know I am still working on improving, and making healthier decisions.  However, even when I have it all under control, and have this whole healthy eating thing figured out – I will still let myself live a little.  Some days a girl just needs to eat too much cheese, try some new wine, and remember how beautiful life is when you are surrounded by good food, great friends, and wonderful family.

Progress, not perfection.
Live a little!

Could you have eaten a half pound of cheese?
What is your favorite kind of cheese?
My favorite fancier cheese is Cambozola, but I also love a spicy Pepperjack or real smoky Gouda.


  1. says

    I’m pretty sure I could eat at least half a pound of cheese – I like lots of kinds – Gouda, swiss, cheddar….
    And, sweet wines are by war my favorite!

  2. Christine says

    Yes, yes I could easily consume a half pound of cheese (and probably have). I can’t even pick a favorite. They’re all so amazing. I love a good brie and crumbly parmesan. Smoked gouda is wonderful. Mascarpone is delicious on bagels and toast with fruit. And sometimes, I just love a plain old swiss. I’ll stop now because there is cheese in my fridge right now and if I keep going, I’m going to talk myself into eating all of it right now.

  3. says

    You are hilarious with your cheese! My kids joke about how I always go through the cheese dept at the grocery store for samples. Love me some sharp cheddar, gouda, gorgonzola…

  4. says

    Half a pound. Easily. Cheese is my nemesis. I’ve been working hard on cutting out dairy along with the gluten.But I did have some pizza on Friday…extra cheese. Mmmmm

    I don’t drink wine but I’ll trust your opinion.

    I agree, progress, not perfection.

  5. says

    mmmm cheese! There is a special place in San Jose area that makes the most delicious 3 cream cheese (not “cream cheese”, but a blend of 3 creams). More like a sooped up version of Brie. AMAZING! What’s wrong with 7.5lbs of cheese?

  6. says

    There’s a local place called Cypress Grove that makes really awesome goat’s milk cheese that I love. Otherwise I really love Havarti.

  7. says

    I could easily eat 1/2 a pound of cheese, I LOVE cheese. I don’t discriminate, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a cheese I don’t like. I agree with you, life is too short to not enjoy the finer things in life, as long as you aren’t doing it everyday you are fine! Glad you enjoyed it and found a great new wine!!

  8. says

    I love food and cheese and after a hard tempo run, I can eat just about anything (somehow, tough tempo runs make me hungrier than long runs). Cheese rocks anyway.

    Life is about way more than diet and workouts- and I’m not a wine fan, but I definitely enjoy my share of frozen yogurt!

  9. says

    An old boss of mine used to call me Mouse, due to my love of cheese! I have definitely had 1/2 lb of cheese on my own, no question. I love a triple cream brie and a good glass of red wine, but a strong parmesan is good too. In fact…I love it all! I agree that we all need to live a little. Life is too short to have salad every day and miss out on the delicious foods that are available to us. It’s all about balance. Why go through life miserable because you won’t allow yourself an indulgence every now and then?

  10. Cari says

    I had so much fun, thank you thank you thank you for being the best MOH ever. I am also very excited you like the Indiana wine:)))


  11. says

    Cheese is one of my biggest weaknesses. I could eat it all (except blue cheese). I actually used to work at Wegmans in the specialty cheese section for years, and I loved it and only made my cheese habit worse.

  12. says

    There’s this magical store in Carmel, CA called The Cheese Shop and I am not kidding when I say that we spent over an hour in there last summer. We only get to Carmel every-other year, so I indulge like crazy when I’m there. I LOVE a good aged gouda.

    • says

      I am hoping to make it to Monterey this summer and would love to visit Carmel from there. If I can get out there I will have to ask you for tips.

  13. jenna says

    I love feta or goatcheese w fruit! I def cant eat much cheese though bc my tummy doesnt allow! Lol