Easing In

Since this blog is supposed to be about my journey from BackatSquareZero to healthy living I guess it is time I give you an update on my fitness/workouts, since those make up part of any healthy lifestyle.  I haven’t really talked much about working out in the three weeks following the New Orleans marathon because I have been easing back in very slowly.  With my number one goal this year being – Get Healthy: Run Injury Free – I am listening to my coach’s advice and taking it really easy.

The first week after New Orleans my knee was still in a lot of pain so I did nothing, but rest, rest, and rest some more.

By week 2, I was feeling a bit better and was able to do both elliptical and spinning workouts.  Nothing with impact yet, and also only about 30 minutes a day.
ellipticalLast week, week 3, I was able to continue with the elliptical and spinning, plus add in some strength training and walking.  For strength I did my first Body Pump class and it was ROUGH!  Ladies twice my age were killing it while I was struggling through, and I had way less weight on the bar.  On top of it all, I was sore for 3 days after.  I guess that is proof everyone is right – I need to work on my strength training for sure.  I also enjoyed the fact that it was 70 outside a few days last week, so a walk outdoors seemed way more appealing than the elliptical.
walkThis week, week 4 post marathon, I am going to continue with spinning, strength training, and walking, but am hoping to slowly phase the elliptical out and running back in.  I am still working my way back very slowly, really easing in, and will only be running about 6-10 miles a week for a bit.  Also, this week I am only working out 30-45 minutes at a time (instead of before when I usually worked out at least a hour if not more) to let my body recover and heal.

How do you ease in after time off?
How do you stay in shape when injury forces you to slow down?

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    Yeah… I pretty much always work out for an hour and not really any more than that, unless it’s a long run (which takes maybe 1.5 hours or so). I’ve never been able to hack multi-hour workouts I see some people doing. Oh well, I think an hour is really enough for anyone.

    BodyPump rocks! You get strength training AND a cardio component. I go once a week. I’d go more but East Shore just doesn’t offer it at the times that are good for me and well, I have to get in the miles first :). The lunges are a BIG help for running, especially hills, and the music is great too. I wouldn’t want to lift weights in the weight area alone and neither would a lot of women, but we will do BodyPump- that’s why I love the concept. CXWORX is another good class. I’ll do the bike and I’ve tried spinning a few times, but I’d rather do the bike in the cardio area and not a class. Glad you’re getting into the gym though!

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      I didn’t go too crazy before, but since I am a bit slower an 8-10 miler is way more than an hour:)

      I will be doing Body Pump just once a week too because of time and trying to ease in.

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    I absolutely love me some Body Pump. I would like to say that it gets better, but if you increase your weights appropriately, its doesn’t :) That’s why I love it so much… I always leave knowing I made a difference.

    I am really bad about not easing in and going balls to the wall when I come back after being out of the game for whatever reason, so I am probably the WORST person to give advice on that. But I will give you some encouragement and say that you are totally awesome!!

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    I started really cross-training and strength training last month, and am. LOVING it. I feel so much stronger already, and definitely felt it in my first post-marathon long run this weekend.

    Have you talked about doing heart rate training with your coach? MAF training might be perfect for getting you back to running slowly, and without injury.

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    Sounds like you are doing a great job of easing yourself back in – hopefully this will be the first step to an injury free training cycle!!!

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    Great job on listening to your body & easing back in! Most of my workouts are only 30-45 as that’s all I have time for in my day. When I’m injured (usually from running) I go back to spinning & the elliptical. Enjoy your recovery time both mentally & physically!

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    Oh friend, so sorry about your injury. Such a good idea to take things easy and let your body heal. It will definitely pay off in the long run. Sending healing vibes and happy thoughts your way!

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    Great job easing back in! I was into strength before I became a runner so it’s always something I’m pretty good about. Crosstraining and always shaking up the workouts is key to injury free!

  8. Sarah says

    Great plan, I’ve been plagued with hamstring issues and find elliptical and spinning to be safe ways to ease back into things! Best of luck on your recovery!

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    You’re doing the right thing by easing back in! With all my stomach issues, I have cut down to 2 TRX classes a week {they are hardcore} and walking for at least 30 minutes the other days with some sort of exercise after. Last night I did 40 minute walk {because it was so sunny out} then 20 burpees FAST, then a 2 minute plank.

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    I’ve had to ease back in too, at least I have biking and swimming that I can keep at the same rate I had before I got injured. I’ve just slowly built up in mileage, though the half marathon jump was probably a bit too much but I banked on my fitness level to get me through.

    I’m glad you are being smart, Abby! You’ll be healthy in no time!

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    Oooo, it’s so tough to be injured! I usually resort to the elliptical and strength training when I have a running injury. I’m also just getting back into a regular exercise routine again after being so sick with this pregnancy. I definitely feel sluggish and out of shape, but I’m just taking it slow and hoping to bounce back soon. Good luck!

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    That’s the hardest part for me – getting back after a long break. Same here, I take it easy during first few weeks then I gradually increase mileage and intensity. I will definitely work on this after my pregnancy.

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    You are doing great easing back into things. After time off I like to do more days/workouts but less time. I think the consistency factor helps me. Doing a little each day helps build up without overdoing it.