Pack it Up – Take Your Lunch to Work

You may remember a few weeks ago when I shared some information on MorningStar Farms along with my Southwestern Veggie Mac for Meatless Monday; I am back with more ideas on how you can use MorningStar Farms to doctor up your meals. This time I am focusing on brown bagging it. I know that I save a ton of money, and eat way healthier, by taking my lunch to work. So, I wanted to provided you all with some quick, easy lunches you can whip up easily.

Taking lunch to work doesn’t have to take a ton of time (I know most of us are lacking in that department), with just a little prep you can have great meals to go in no time. It is also really easy to start off with a simple base and modify and adjust it to meet dietary needs. For example: I am gluten free and my best buddy prefers to eat vegetarian. Sounds like it’d be trick for us to pack lunches right? Not at all.

First, a quick idea for a delicious wrap that could be served cold or heated up if you have a microwave at work. This is a fast, lunch time take on the traditional gyro. I start off by prepping two containers with gluten free wraps, lettuce, tomato, and taziki sauce (yummy).
Morning Star - Brown bag 008It is really simple to differentiate the two meals.
On my gyro wrap I put the traditional lamb gyro meat; however, on my best bud’s wrap I use MorningStar Farms products.
For this wrap I choose the Mediterranean Chickpea and sliced it into pieces. Morning Star - Brown bag 003
It is super simple to toss the whole container in your lunch bag and wrap it up when it is time for lunch. Add a side of fresh fruit with this, and you have a killer meal.
gyro wrap

Another super simple idea for an easy lunch on-the-go is to cook up a ton of pasta for dinner the night before (mine is gluten free of course). Pasta reheats really well and it is so easy to make extra servings. After dinner is over scoop the leftover pasta into your to-go dishes, so they’ll be ready when you leave for work the next morning.
Morning Star - Brown bag 021From there it is so easy to differentiate for diet preferences, it really takes no time! I pop some gluten free turkey meatballs on top of my pasta and manage to keep things vegetarian for my friend by using the MorningStar Farms Veggie Meatballs on her dish.
Morning Star - Brown bag 027 Morning Star - Brown bag 007
Finally, sprinkle with a bit of parmesan cheese, seal it up, stick it in the fridge, and it is ready to grab and go the next morning. A super delicious, healthy lunch that is easily ready for you to take to school or work.
Morning Star - Brown bag 036

Brown bagging it doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming, or expensive – with these simple ideas and some fabulous MorningStar Farms products, you can prep and pack your lunch in no time.
I hope you enjoy these meals and the fact that it is easy to differentiate them for different dietary needs, as I always eat gluten free, but enjoy cooking for my meat free best friend too.


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How often do you brown bag it?
What’s your favorite thing to pack for lunch?


  1. says

    Great ideas there! I have never tried Morning Star, but have always wanted to. I love how genuine and honest the company is, and I know their products would give me the nutrition I need to fuel my intense training segment.

    I always take my lunch to work (unless there is a meal out planned for an occasion). It saves so much time and effort, and as an elite I have to make sure I eat regularly to keep my strength up!

    • says

      I cannot imagine how hard it would be to fuel for an elite. I am a super slow marathoner and only run about 30-40 miles a week and I feel like I am starving during my peak training. I cannot even imagine how hungry you must be and how often you must eat to stay fueled.

  2. says

    Ooh, that veggie gyro looks amazing! I love me some tsaziki sauce! I’m a huge fan of Morningstar Farms’ products, so it’s fun to see them used in such creative ways! I’m really bad about packing lunch, but I need to start being better about it.

  3. says

    Those are some great ideas! I used to brown bag it, but this job I have now has a cafeteria downstairs that includes a full salad bar, so I will generally get something down there. It ends up probably costing me about the same as what I was bringing before, and this way I can always change my mind on what I want to eat if I feel like it.

    • says

      That’s a really good idea. I am sure if I had that option I would eat down there a few times a week. However, my only option is the school cafeteria food the kids get. You have no choice – just the one tray option and it is expensive, doesn’t taste good, and isn’t gluten free. I need a work like yours.

  4. says

    Sadly the days that I spend all day working at our venue, I tend to just skip lunch. Most days I’m home at some point around lunch and eat left-overs. My husband takes his lunch to work every day – leftovers unless he is flying then he takes a sandwich of some sort.

  5. jenna says

    I love morning star! The meatballs are awesome and I love the chicken patties too! Love the ideas that u did w them!!!

  6. says

    I love MorningStar and am eating their Chickpea burger now, actually. We’ve had parties at my house where we made meatball subs, meat for the meat eaters and MorningStar meatballs for the vegetarians. For lunch I usually do a veggie burger/sandwich with the chickpea burger of the buffalo chicken patty. Also, I like the patties by themselves as a quick snack, they have a decent amount of protein for the calories.

    Aside from MorningStar, Trader Joe’s veggie masala burgers are great as well. I believe they are both vegan and gluten free.

    • says

      I will have to check out the Trader Joe’s veggie ones then. I used to eat the Morning Star chickepea and spicy black bean pretty frequently.

  7. says

    Since I work in a grocery store I normally grab something there, usually a salad. But if I bring my lunch it’s normally leftovers. I love soups as leftovers or pasta. Those Mediterranean chickpea burgers are outstanding. I’m a huge fan.

  8. says

    I “brown bag” it pretty much all the time! I’m pretty lucky to live about 10 minutes away from work so most of the time I go home at lunch, take my dogs out, eat, and then go back to work. It’s nice to get that break where I can relax for a little bit.

  9. says

    I do not brown bag enough. I did buy things to make my own salads this week instead of ordering from the restaurants. I hope that I start saving up that money. :)