Can I Afford a Running Coach?

Last week I told you all why I decided to get a running coach.
This week I wanted to fill you in a bit more on what went into that decision – the big question –
Can I afford a running coach?
Be on the lookout for even more information in a post next week, on what exactly my running coach does for me.

I am single, on a teacher salary, which means pretty low pay and no spouse or significant other to split expenses with.  (Hello cute, nice, employed, single men – Call me!)  I am always struggling, penny pinching, and trying to save money to get by.  Most of my weekend girls nights out are actually girls nights in to save money, and because cooking at home and watching movies on the couch rocks.  I try to make smart financial decisions whenever possible.
I was 100% sure I could not afford a running coach, that it was a frivolous expense I could not take on.  (Seriously, this is what I emptied out of my purse – all change!)
Can I afford a coach 001I kept having more and more running issues and continuously getting injured.  I started to realize that having a coach might help me work my way through some of these problems, but I was still positive it would be way too expensive.
I emailed Laura of Mommy Run Fast about her coaching services and was fully prepared to go into sticker shock and instantly say NO!  I was shocked alright, but shocked by how crazily reasonable her prices were.  I jumped at the opportunity and said yes right away.  A coach that fits into my budget was a total score. 
mommy run fast
So how reasonable is having a running coach like Laura of Mommy Run Fast?
– Less than 2 Starbucks drinks a week.
– About as much as lunch at Panera. (I love their hidden menu items.)
About the same as getting a manicure or pedicure every month.
– Less per month than a decent dinner out.
– About the same, for the entire 20-week program, as a great pair of running shoes (and just as important).

Once I discovered, that I could actually afford a coach, all I could think was,
“Why didn’t I get a running coach to help keep me healthy, on track, and improving sooner?”

What else would you like to know about having a run coach?


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    I’m like you, always thought it would just be too expensive. It seems so luxurious for a recreational runner like me but I’ve always loved the idea. Maybe it’s something I should actually look into! Thanks for sharing!

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    That’s great that you’re working with Laura! I felt the same way about hiring a running coach but I wanted one for similar reasons. I wanted help to build my mileage safely and to train well for my spring half. I didn’t want to get injured again! And it’s more reasonable than I expected and it’s made a bit difference for me.

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    I do think that running coaches can be affordable. And if you do wind up with less or no injuries think of all the money you saved there.

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    good for you. I always think its about whats a priority for you. We all have our little “thing” that we make sure we have money for and if yours is gonna help your health as well then even better!

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    I’m curious as to how it works. Because I think that, for me, it would be hard to perform without someone watching me or running with me, seeing where/how I struggle and moving me past that.

    I’m interested to

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    I’m curious to see how this program will work and your progress. I’ve thought about getting a running coach in the past also but haven’t. I have also thought about getting certified as well. I haven’t acted on that yet. We’re both in the same boat when it comes to expenses. But you’ve made a smart decision and those that live from paycheck to paycheck like us always make the important things work by adjusted our priorities.