Huge News!
Dani and I will be hosting the #RnRTweetUp at the New Orleans Marathon.
Swing by Saturday morning to meet up, you don’t have to be running the race to come participate in the TweetUp at the Expo.
There will be a 30 minute Q&A with Dani and myself first, on how social media affects us as runners, and then a 30 minute meet and greet where we will all talk, hang out, and meet new running friends.tweet up 2

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Will you be running a race next weekend?
Have you ever attended a social media meet up?  Would you?


  1. says

    I’ve never attended a meet-up (but I’ve also joined the blogging/tweeting community very recently). I think I’d go if it was convenient for me (read: I was available and it was easy to get to). I’m not sure I’d really know what to do though. I like the online community because it’s so easy to just join in. Approaching a person in real life isn’t quite as easy/comfortable.
    I’d love to hear a follow-up post on how it goes and maybe some tips like “what to do when you go to a meet-up”… Hope you have a great event!