A little over a week ago FitFluential announced a new concept:
DarkerI really enjoy being a FitFluential Ambassador because I am able to interact with so many great people who not only motivate me, but keep me accountable.  That is the idea behind #FFCheckIn every night post an Instagram picture that is in some way a recap of your day and then tag it with #FFCheckIn.  Whether your post is fitness, food, family, happiness, struggles, or questions the FitFluential community will be there checking the hashtag and trying to support you along whatever road you are on.  So join FitFluential (@FitFluential) and myself (@BackatSquare0) on Instagram and lets all help each other along this crazy journey.

Are you on Instagram?
What are your favorite types of pictures?

I’ll be honest: babies, dogs, and dessert are mine, and in that order.


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    I am not on Instagram. Apparently I’m not tech savvy enough to use it. My 68-year-old uncle can figure it out just fine, but I have issues with it. I’m lucky that I could figure out how to manage a blog!

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    Instagram is my favorite form of social media. I check it wayyyyy too often. I love dog pics. I have also been known to screen shot people’s selfies and text them to my husband so we can laugh at them (and I realize I am being totally hypocritical because in true blogger form, I have been known to post a selfie).

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    Babies, Dogs, and Desserts – SO TRUE!
    I love using #ffcheckin — and I think that my instagram pics have gotten more likes and community engagement because of it!

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    Well you know I’m on IG and I’m totally obsessed with it. First thing I check in the morning! My favorite pictures are of running shoes (shoe nerd), kids/babies, dogs, and food! Check that…I just love all pics.

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    To say I’m addiced to Instagram would be an understatement. Someone needs to keep me off of it, not encourage me to be on it every day. Which I am. :)