Rest Now, Run Later

After my amazing 18 miler (felt good, ran at a much better pace than the 16 the week before, even cut negative splits at the end) I was sure that I would be able to hang with the 4:45 pace group in New Orleans. However, first I found out there is a 4:40 pace group instead of 4:45 which may not sound like a huge difference, but means a pace 12 seconds a mile faster then I was expecting. Then, I headed out for my 20 miler and with all the grace I possess (none, clumsiest person ever) I manage to roll my right ankle.

I took it super easy at the beginning of last week, with two extra days off and spin instead of running, and by the end of the week it felt a bit better. However, then I headed out for the Charleston Half Marathon, freezing windstorm that it was, and before I even hit the halfway point the ankle I had rolled was acting back up.

So here I am, post half marathon, and I have already taken four extra days off this week in addition to the two extra last week.
The truth is I feel super guilty about missing so many days.
The taper crazies get to me and I begin to think about how unprepared I will be, how out of shape I will get, how my body will be shocked when it suddenly must run 26.2 miles after so many days off, I basically become a bit of a mess stressing myself out during taper.

However, I tried to think logically –  Work out like crazy for these next 2 weeks, never miss a scheduled run, try to keep my body and my mind convinced I am ready and then boom…. If the super sore, rolled ankle is not recovered, rested, and ready I still have to take the turn at mile 12 and run the half.

On the opposite side –  Take days off, don’t try to run and spin when it hurts just to walk, focus on healing, go into the race missing the last two weeks of taper runs, but if that means the ankle is healthy, holds up better and I can keep going, run past the split, find some of the glory I experienced in my 18 miler, and finish my 4th full marathon, well then won’t that be so much more worth it?
Better safe than sorry.
Rest now, run later.
… and all that jazz.
Anytime Fitness Photo A Day 1This is the thought process running through my head right now as I spend the night with my ankle on ice as I watch TV.

Nashville is on tonight and it is my favorite show – fabulously trashy, drama filled fun.
What is your current favorite TV show?



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    I usually end up taking more days off than I’d like when I’m injured before a race to ensure that I can at least finish, and it’s worked so far. I’m currently working my way through last season of NCIS and the 2nd season of NCIS: LA.

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    Definitely take it easy now – you aren’t going to lose all of your conditioning and better to let your ankle heal some!!!
    I don’t know if I have a favorite show but Duck Dynasty always makes me laugh!!!

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    I haven’t personally tried this, but do you have access to a pool for aqua jogging? That would be a great way to keep your conditioning with less impact to your respiratory system. or just swimming? Careful with swimming, as there is still pressure on your ankle on the bike. You can get through this – I’ve done worse going into a marathon and survived! :)

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    You are going to do just fine! I know training tends to throw you some major curveballsbut without fail you get out there and knock each marathon out like no big deal. #taperdiva!!!

    Btw aqua jogging is hard stuff. Do it!

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    There is never just one right answer, do what your body is asking and what your heart thinks is best. Enjoy your trashy tv!

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    Orange is the new black. End of story, amazing. I’m also a Glee fan and American Horror Story. Homeland is my other show but it’s not on right now. I’ve been watching Breakinh Bad on Netflix and I like it but I’m not in love.

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    My two favorite tv shows (it’s a toss up) are Modern Family and Big Bang Theory; they’re both hilarious! Hopefully with the right amount of rest you can run the full in New Orleans…I can’t wait to read the recap!

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    My current favorite is Sherlock which just came back for it’s third season!! Sadly each season is only 3 episodes which means I’m already 1/3 of the way through the season. LOL

    Sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope you’re good to go by race day!

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    It is SO hard for us runners to back off when we’re hurting. I only had 3 miles scheduled yesterday and after the 1st, my shin was bothering me. I pushed through 2.25 and realized I was being stupid. I felt guilty but I’ve had shin issues in the past and don’t want to go down that path again. Hopefully your rest will pay off on race day! … my favorite show these days is Parenthood, it’s my “girly time” because my hubby hates the show.

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    Great post AND picture of you! It will all be worth it. You are heroic for just taking this approach and executing it in the first place. And 5 mins is a huge diff. – we all know that anything small is big in the marathon. I think you’re going to have a great race next weekend. I’ll be rooting for you!

  11. Amber says

    It is ALWAYS best to listen to your body and “be safe now” rather than injured and sorry later! It’s tough when you love that endorphin high, but that endorphin high isn’t worth longterm complications of working out an injured body part! Kudos to you :)