My Biggest Supporters

I know that sometimes I whine and complain a bit too much about this constant string of injuries or how things are not going the way that I had planned.  So, instead of complaining about how I feel or what body part hurts today, I wanted to take a chance to reflect on how absolutely blessed I am.

I have developed wonderful online friendships with people who constantly support and encourage me and I feel so lucky to have discovered the world of health and fitness bloggers.
However, my very biggest supporters are right here at home.  100_3327I am very lucky to have amazing friends and family.  They don’t all run crazy distances, or eat the way I eat, and yet they support my decisions 100%.

I have family dinners with my parents once a week and I have been so touched by the effort they are putting into making gluten free dinners for me to enjoy with them.  I went over two weeks ago to watch the Colts playoff game with them and they had a HUGE Super Bowl party style spread.  You would have thought a dozen people were watching, not just the three of us, with the amount of food they had, and all of it was gluten free so I could enjoy and not feel deprived at all.  I just cannot get over how sweet and supportive they have been about this whole gluten free diet.  (Update: I’ve been gluten free for over 11 weeks now and no headaches/migraines.)turkey 1Then yesterday I was surprised at the finish line of my half marathon (recap of that later) by a friend who came to cheer me on and then even dropped me back off at my car so I didn’t have to wait for the shuttle in the freezing cold.  So sweet to know that even though she might not have been running the race herself, she took the time out of her day, and fought the crazy traffic and road closures, to be there and support me.

Then last night another friend and I decided to stay in, cook dinner, watch a movie, and just hangout/talk.  I had brought all the food for dinner last time so she insisted on getting everything this time.  I offered to help because I know that sometimes picking out gluten free dinners can be kind of a pain, but she did it all herself.  She came over with stuff to make a fabulous guacamole, with delicious gluten free corn chips, and stuff to make a GF taco pizza.  She had tried so hard to make sure everything was gluten free for me – even asking people at the grocery store and Googling things from her cell phone.  I felt so special; she had done all that for me.

Basically even when things go wrong, even when things don’t work out the way that I had hoped, I must still remember how lucky I am to have friends and family who support and care for me.

What is one kind thing someone has done for you lately?


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    Reading this post today made me smile!! I’m so glad that you have such a great relationship with your parents and that you have such great friends!!!

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    I love this post! You’re an awesome person, and that’s why you have so many people that love you and will help you achieve all your goals. :)

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    I tent to surround myself with the most awesome support and couldn’t be more proud of them when they do good too! It’s all about balancing awesome people around you and giving back to them too I’ve learned for sure! The kindness that people show me every day surprises me consstantly

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      I get the impression that you are one who is constantly giving back and helping others. I think that is why you are such an amazing trainer.

  4. Jenna says

    You definitely deserve all those wonderful ppl in your life, Abby! You are also a wonderful friend and encourager!! I am so happy you have such a great support at home!!! Your taco pizza looked so yummy also. I need to try that!!!

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    I completely understand how difficult it can be to follow a diet plan when you have family members/friends who aren’t supportive of it. I was a vegetarian for years, and while (for the most part) people were supportive of me, I definitely had some friends and family members who were always trying to pressure me into eating meat, or refused to cook an alternative food to accommodate me. I never expected people to, and always made sure I’d bring something myself when going to someone’s house for dinner that wasn’t supportive of it. It definitely made me feel guilty, but I wouldn’t budge on changing my diet because of what other people thought. You are truly lucky to have family and friends who support you! I have a cousin who is allergic to gluten and a number of other types of foods, so I always try to make something to accommodate her dietary restrictions when we have family functions.
    The nicest thing someone’s done for me recently? My husband is always supportive of my running, and will hang out with me and help me push through my boredom while running on the treadmill. We’ll usually watch a movie together or something. I probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have without his support.

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      I hate treadmill running, and think it is so sweet that your husband hangs out with you while you run on the treadmill. I bet that makes it 100 times better. How wonderful!

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      They moved here about 5 years ago Mindy and we have a standing dinner date one night a week. It is great to get to see them.

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    So amazing to have so much support in your life like that, but I can’t help but think it’s because of how supportive YOU are for those around you. Keep counting those blessings!

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    Great reminder to not take friends and family for granted! I’m looking forward to going on a bike ride soon with an old and a new friend. I’m thankful for them!

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    Great post. It is so true that we aren’t much without a good support system! Both my family and the folks on-line are key in making me who I am and motivating me to do what I do.

  9. Brit says

    What a great post! My wife was a huge support to me when I ran my first half in Sept. I got hurt around mile 3 (turned out it was a bone chip and peroneal tendinitis) as I approached her at mile 4 I told her I needed a kiss and she gave it to me right there! No better way for me to keep going! She also supports my craziness – like buying Super Bowl tickets to go see my team!

    I love that your post talked about both your Family and your friends. In our house there are many friends we just count as part of our extended family!

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    That’s amazing! My best friend moved away and I have to say, I miss having my biggest (non-family) cheerleader close by. And it’s really hard to make friends as an adult! But I do cherish the few really great, supportive friends I have in my life :)