Here Comes the Taper

During my first two marathons the taper was an awesome time.  I felt ready for the race and enjoyed having shorter workouts and a bit more rest time.

Then last marathon – BOOM!
I got hit by a case of the Taper Crazies.taperI was STARVING, which I could not understand at all since I was running and working out less.  If it wasn’t tied down or locked up I would find it and eat it.  ALL THE FOOD!
If I wasn’t busy stuffing my face I was trying to stay awake – I was exhausted.  All I wanted to do was sleep all day, and then nap more once I finally woke up.  (Hard when you have a full time job.)
On top of that I was loopy.  I thought my friends and I were the funniest thing on the Earth and could not stop laugh at even the silliest little things we did.

So we shall see –
Will this taper be a nice relaxing break like the first two marathon tapers?
Or will I be a crazy, starving, exhausted goof-ball like last time?

Do you taper before half and full marathons?
If so do you notice any strange side effects?

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    I tapered before the half marathon that I PRed, I didn’t notice anything weird, I felt like it worked because I felt rested on race day and raced very well. Now, my marathon taper ended up being 3 weeks long instead of 2 due to sickness. It was rough :(. I think the sickness stayed in my system too, which sucked.

    I don’t remember being any more hungry than usual or feeling weird or nervous really. After my marathon was when the weird stuff started happening with appetite, my heart feeling crazy, etc.

    BTW, with hunger… usually my hunger after a really long run is the next day, not the day of the really long run. I’m usually not that hungry right after a run and have to force myself to drink my smoothie/protein shake to get the nutrition in bc I don’t want solid food right away (true for all distances I’ve ever run or raced).

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      Glad to hear it isn’t just me who is not hungry that day, but the next. I felt like I should be starving after 20 miles, but I had to force food down because I knew I needed it. Then the day after – BOOM- Starving!

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    Oh, man. That sounds insane!

    I have tapered for both half marathons, and it’s not my favorite time. This time is worse because I’m not feeling quite right and I’d much rather have my rest period be by choice instead of by force. Boo.

    I hope this marathon is awesome for you!

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    I’m thinking about doing a 50K the end of February (my sister-in-law is doing the marathon at the same race) and if I do, I won’t taper through it since now everything will be geared to the 50 mile in May.

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    I am a huge fan of the taper. I normally get most of my big cleaning projects completed before a marathon. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I have ever tapered for a half. I always just fit them in on weeks that have close long run distances. Oh, and I also eat all the food and gain about 5 pounds :-/

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    I’m kinda like Ashley (comment above). My house is a disaster leading up to a taper, so I really like the extra time and energy to finally clean up. I don’t generally taper for a half because they’re part of marathon training, but if I were to train specifically for one, I would.

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    Oooohhh the taper munchies. Those are the worst! I am excited for this taper, though…and I hope the munchies stay away (for both of us)! Haha!

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    I love it. I don’t really think I had any taper issues before St. Jude. I think I was just so ready for it to be over (cue let down). And this time, I’m just too freaking excited!!!!

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    I HATE the taper! I’m. A groove runner in almost every sense of the word, and when my groove gets broken, I’m a lot for me to handle! I just remind myself that it all falls out of the closet during taper, that I am doing the best thing for my body to get ready to race and that once the gun goes off all of my melodrama, will be forgotten. 😉 I typically taper for two weeks prior to a marathon but don’t for a half.

    Good luck to you! You will have a great race – no worries! By the time I see you in April you’ll have great marathon tales to tell me!

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    I like having extra time during taper to get caught up on non-running stuff, but I usually start feeling a little nervous about race day when it gets close. Fortunately, I’m usually too busy planning for out-of-town races, though, to spend much time worrying about the race itself!

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    I had an extra long taper for my first half because of the ankle. I hated it and started 2nd guessing myself. I was so worried that I wasn’t ready. Technically I wasn’t because if my ankle but I didn’t need to 2nd guess my training. Now I understand why people have a hard time with taper.