Last New Orleans Marathon Long Run

I woke up Saturday morning to predictions of heavy rain and thunderstorms all day.  It was supposed to be a 60-80% chance for rain all morning, but a 100% chance of rain all afternoon.  I knew if I was going to get my long run in I needed to get out the door fast.  I tied my rain coat around my waist figuring I would need it, but hoping that the rain somehow held off until I was finished, and drove the 30 minutes out to the islands, my favorite long run route.  imageIt was crazy foggy and windy out, but very warm, already 65 that morning and on its way up to 70 quickly.  I could have waited a day and run on Sunday which was supposed to be sunny and cooler, but I really wanted to get my last long run in.  I didn’t want any reason to make excuses or miss it so I made it my top weekend priority and wanted it done right away.

The first few miles were rough – I was super sore and tight and my ankles were really bothering me.  However, the same happened last week and it improved.  I stopped, stretched quickly, and kept pushing through and by mile 4 I started to feel much better.  A friend joined me for the first 10 miles and it was nice to have someone to talk to as I did 18 last week and 16 the week before all on my own.  Those 10 miles flew by and it was nice to be half way done.  image_2When I dropped my buddy off at her car at the 10 mile mark I turned to run a straight 6 mile chunk across the island (my route was a rectangle back to my car).  Oh, my goodness it was tough.  The wind was blowing right in my face, and with all the storms that were supposed to be coming in it was the windiest 10K I have run in a LONG time.  I didn’t want to burn out, so instead of worrying about pace I allowed myself to focus on exertion, I kept pushing as hard as I had been, though I know that my speed was much slower pushing against that wind.

When I final was able to make the turn around mile 16 I was so relieved to be away from that wind, but my legs were spent.  My 18 last week was great.  I felt so strong I was actually able to pick up speed at the end and my last two miles were my fastest all day.  That was not to be the case with the run.  I was done and it was only mile 16.  The last four miles ticked by so slowly.  I just could not keep my pace up no matter how hard I tried.  My feet and ankles were hurting way more than they had the week before.  At mile 18 I really thought about calling it and just walking the last two.  However, I forced myself to continue on even though it was very slow and painful.  image_1I was so happy when that beep finally went off and I was able to stop and walk.  My first 10 miles were probably an 11:00 minute per mile average and the last 10 about a 12:30. Not a smooth run, but I am so happy I finished.  I so badly wanted to give up and walk, but I didn’t and that helps me to see that if I can finish 20 on my own I can do 26.2 as part of the marathon(Just hope it feels a bit more like last week, and a bit less like this one.)

I had parked my car about a mile from the end of the route to force myself to cool down and walk back, dumbest idea ever!  I hobbled slowly back to the car.  It was rough.
Some guy who was running by stopped to make sure I was okay.
I looked THAT BAD!
I said, “just finished 20.”
He nodded knowingly and ran on.

image_3I knew that if I was in that much pain I needed an ice bath.  I hate the cold.  I hate ice baths.  They are freezing and miserable and I wish my sports med chiro didn’t tell me to take them.  However, they also really help and I knew that if I sucked it up and did it my body would feel much better the next day.

Wow!  That ice bath felt colder than most.   My legs turned bright red.  However, it was all worth it.  20 miles done and my freezing legs and I curled up on the couch, covered in blankets and watched playoff football all day.image_4Ice baths – Yes or no?
Did you watch football this weekend?  If so who did you cheer for?
(I cheered my bottom off for the Colts, but since that didn’t work out I am now cheering for Peyton Manning to win it all.)

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  1. says

    Awesome, Abby! I would take a nice 60+ weather right now. :) I guess that means the schools are open for you…LOL! I hope to be able to run that many miles at that pace. It’s a good one!

    I haven’t tried ice baths. I’ve done cold but not with actual ice in them. I guess I would need to understand more about how they can hep before I go that route.

  2. says

    I did ice baths all summer long but haven’t been able to force myself to do them this winter. One thing I do that makes it less awful is wear my shorts and a hoodie. I also drink a big cup of hot tea and my pup snuggles on the bathroom floor for moral support :) They are rough. Congrats on your 20! You’re gonna rock New Orleans!

  3. says

    Way to get it done and not cut it short!!
    No – I haven’t done an ice bath in years – I can barely handle cold water these days!!!
    No football but we did get in some college basketball (my favorite) yesterday!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    • says

      See I totally forgot it is basketball season too.
      I usually only get into basketball when I am watching a big game like the final 4.

  4. Lora @ Crazy Running Girl says

    I’ve never done an ice bath but it sounds like a great idea after 20 miles!

  5. says

    I iced for a while, but gave it up. I don’t think it ever helped me that much. I am a super fan of Peyton, there is just something about him that makes me smile.

    • says

      It is because he is just a classy guy.
      Even when Indy cut him and he had every right to be a jerk his farewell speech was so amazing and kind that he made a whole state cry.

  6. says

    Ouch, what a tough run! You definitely built some mental toughness to help you out on race day though. Great job on the ice bath too. I don’t tend to do them a lot when the temps are so cold outside because I feel like a nice cube already. They do help though!

  7. Brit says

    Well done, my Friend! Way to tough it out!

    (As a complete aside, every time I try to sign up for bloglovin’ it freezes and says there is an error. . .)

  8. says

    Nice work on getting it done!!! That determination will take you far come race day! 😀 I would take 65 degrees and rainy over the grossness we have going on in Toronto!!! At least you can run outside. 😀 I am a big believer in ice baths, I think they definitely help with recovery! I was cheering for the Saints but alas, that was not to be. :(

    • says

      I worry that if I still lived further north and have weather like you do, I would not run at all in the winter. I don’t miss it and admire that you still get your runs in.

  9. says

    Awesome job, Abby! Now I feel really bad for only running 15, when I was supposed to run 21! My body just didn’t want to keep going, so I stopped. Proud of you for pushing through it!
    I’ll never take an ice bath as long as I live. I was cheering on the colts too.

    • says

      It was hard to keep going. I can tell my body isn’t doing great. I am excited for 4 unscheduled recovery months after this.

  10. says

    I haven’t done ice baths before but I haven’t ran any more than a half so I’m not sure if I need to. They sound horrible though and I get cold really easy so I don’t know how well they’d go for me. Congrats on pushing through that last long run!