New Orleans Tips and Tricks – Advice Needed

You all were so wonderful about giving me ideas for traveling by plane to a marathon when I asked yesterday that I just had to ask one more question.

This will be my first trip to New Orleans and I LOVE playing tourist; however, I will not have much free time at all.
Saturday is packet pickup, a bit of tourist time, and early to bed.
Sunday is the full marathon, a nap and shower, then dinner, and watching the SuperBowl.
NoLaTherefore, my question is:
What is the one thing I MUST do in New Orleans?
With just a bit of time what can I not miss out on?  Food?  History?  Sightseeing?
Any help would be awesome.
Where would you like to travel for a run?

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    • says

      Our farmers’ market here opened a beignet stand about 2 years ago and I refused to try them because I wanted to do it in New Orleans. Now I worry that being gluten free will make me miss out on beignets forever. So sad.

  1. says

    I’m no help with what to do in New Orleans as I’ve never been, would like to though.
    I would like to be able to run in New York one day.

  2. Tina @ Average For Bend says

    Sigh… I’ve never been to NOLA, so I can give nothing except I know you’ll have a blast! Excited to read the recap.

    I’d LOVE to travel to Amsterdam (or anywhere in the Netherlands) for a running event. My extended family is from the NL and some of my cousins run. Plus, being 6′ I fit right in over there! Seriously, no one bats an eye because I’m about average. Love it! I would say I’d travel somewhere warm but let’s be honest – I would melt in anything over 60 degrees, lol.

  3. says

    Saturday after packet pickup, walk around the French Quarter. Beignets at Cafe Du Monde are a MUST but be prepared for long lines…it goes fairly quickly, though. Hope we run into each other!! :0)

    • says

      I am excited to see the French Quater. I am worried I may never get to try beignets because of being gluten free. I would totally risk it, if it wasn’t the day before a marathon.

  4. says

    we love NOLA! You gotta go get beignets. Okay it’s so bad and not GF, but if you can handle the gluten, i’d just go for it and pay later. LOL!

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      I worry that the only day I may have time is the day before the race and having not eaten gluten for 3 months, I am scared that may ruin my marathon. I wonder if I can find some that night afterward…. hmmmm… it’ll be tough because we have dinner plan already, but maybe.

    • says

      I think a 50 state goal is awesome.
      I also think your SC race should be here. We have both the Charleston and Kiawah full and also a tri on Kiawah too.