Mizuno Wave Sayonara Review

When I was given the chance to try the new Mizuno Wave Sayonara I was really excited.  As you know I absolutely LOVE Mizuno, but I have only ever worn their Wave Creations.  I was excited to get to try something new from them to expand my brilliant run love.

Wave Sayonara pin3

As every Mizuno expert, Runners’ World Shoe Guide, etc. will happily tell you the Wave Creations and I are meant to be.  As a heavier (I am 5’10), constantly injured, runner these babies are my bread and butter for marathon training and nothing is going to change that.

Wave Sayonara 009

So then how in the world would the Wave Sayonara fit in?

As my kids would say:
What had happened was…. I fell in LOVE!

Wave Sayonara pin4

I expected to like the Wave Sayonara, but I didn’t expect it to change my views on running shoes.
I know that fast people, BQ type people, often have two different styles of shoes – speed and distance.  However; I never thought a normal, awkward, mid pack runner like myself could really benefit from have 2 different styles of shoes until now.  WOW!

I had always happily run in my Wave Creations and had never considered adding a second shoe for speed work – tempo runs, intervals, etc.  I mean let’s be real – I am not that fast.  Right?
Well, wearing these shoes I felt fast! I was shocked by how much lighter and quicker these felt than my Wave Creations.  My tempo runs lately have been outstanding, in part thanks to the Wave Sayonara,  and I am so excited by that.  While I assumed I would like these, the truth is that I love them so much that I will continue to buy them for my speed work when it is time for a new pair.

Wave Sayonara pin1

Turns out that every runner, not just super speedy elites, can really benefit from adding a second “speed” shoe to their running routine.  Honestly, I did not think the shoe made that much of a difference in speed, but I am amazed by how much lighter and quicker I feel in these shoes.  It’s like I am my own personal elite version of myself – faster, and therefore; more confident.
These babies are perfect for your speed work and let’s be real – Don’t you always need more running shoes? (Of course the answer is “YES!”)  You don’t need to ditch your old shoes, but it is time to buy a second running pair – The Wave Sayonara.Wave Sayonara pin5

Wave Sayonara Giveaway: OVER- DO NOT APPLY!
Fast is coming July 5th – The Wave Sayonara will be here soon!
Here is your chance to win it for FREE.
Nice and simple – all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what #brilliantrun you will take your Wave Sayonara on after you win.  (Mandatory to enter.)
Entrees must be received by July 5th, Friday, at noon.  Win it, for free, the same day you can buy it!

Additional chances, each one counts as another entry. Complete both, one, or none… it is up to you.
– Tweet the following: Win the brand new @MizunoRunning #WaveSayonara from @BackatSquare0 & let your #brilliantrun take flight!  Enter now!  http://www.backatsquarezero.com/2013/07/03/mizuno-wave-sayonara-review/
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Wave Sayonara – Fast, light, and coming to a store near you on July 5th!

MizunoAmbassadorI received the Wave Sayonara for free as a Mizuno Ambassador, but all views are entirely my own. 


  1. says

    I’d love to win these because I run in the Wave Precision which is what these shoes are replacing. Kinda sad my shoes are being replaced, so I hope these work out for me.

    I definitely have multiple shoes… I have a pair for long distance (Wave Rider), performance (Wave Precision) and 5K races (Wave Ronin). It’s always good to mix up shoes anyway and alternate, so I figured this would be a better idea than just buying multiple pairs of the same shoes.

    If I won these shoes, my brilliant run would be the Darlington Marathon and the James Island Connector Run 10K!

    • says

      Yes, these are replacing the Precision and Elixir, but I have really enjoyed them and hope you do too. I hope to do the IOP Connector if it isn’t to close to MCM.

  2. Lindsay says

    I’d love to win these because you’ve been talking about Mizuno’s since you started this blog and I’d love to try a pair, but haven’t considered myself enough of a runner to go buy any yet… I’m sure my dog would love for me to get even faster because he usually walks next to me while I run/walk/jog :)

    • says

      I really do like Mizuno Lindsay so they would be a fabulous shoe to consider. You are enough of a runner to buy decent shoes, trust me, they really help to make you feel better. Less pain when you run.

  3. Linh Radovich says

    I’m like you said “not a brilliant runner” but finally starting to really starting to enjoy
    It! I’ve never ran in mizuno, but have read awesome things! I’m currently training for a 1/2 marathon
    In August, so these would do me miracles.

    If I win these I would keep in training to do the whe marathon in the crescent city in New Orleans, which my ultimate goal!

  4. says

    I would live to try these for my speed work as I train for first MCM and then due RnR NOLA! I’m
    Working so hard on my food and my cross training to solidify the other pieces of the puzzle and speed work is my next step to the best version of me and completing these races in the condition I want to!! If these shoes will help, I will try them!!!

    • says

      You are killing it Sarah. With all your cross training I have no idea how I am going to keep up with you.

  5. Rachel Browning says

    I would love to win these! I’m getting ready to start FULL marathon training next month and am sooooo excited!!! I could always use another pair of shoes, and I’m thinking of changing brands. What better way to try a #brilliantrun!! :)

  6. Rachel Browning says

    I found and liked your picture this beautiful Wednesday morning:) happy running Abby!!!

  7. Junell says

    I am planning to run the Virginia Beach Half Marathon with my son for his 13th birthday. I would definitely sport these gems while doing so :-)

  8. Jill says

    I love my Mizunos, currently wearing several including the soon to be discontinued Elixir! I would wear these to train for my 50K (Great Cranberry Island), two fall marathons (Smuttynose and Cape Cod) and many others this fall.

    I followed and liked picture on Instagram (jillybeanruns)

  9. says

    I’d love to win these and take them with me on my family vacation to North Carolina and run them around a new state!

  10. Jessica says

    I’d love to win these and take them with me on our family vacation to NC-and then run around in them while we’re there!

  11. says

    As I said on FB I would LOVE to win these :) I would taken them on a 5K I am signed up for in August- it’s called Hotter than Hell and benefits cancer research!

  12. cari says

    I would like to rock those pink shoes on my walks with my pup Leroy;) Would also use them when my injury is feeling better! Icing regularly!

    • says

      Good keep up the ice and rest. We will slowly walk Leroy tonight. He will like that because it is HOT!

  13. Tucker says

    IOP connector run! Any extra speed to get the bridge run 10k qualifying time I need would be amazing!!!

  14. says

    I plan to have a brilliant run every single time I lace up til my half marathon in Nov. Then I will have my MOST brilliant run EVER…

  15. sherbertski says

    I would love to bring these on my Philly RnR half marathon #brilliantrun! I like them IG too! these shoes are HOT!! :)

    • says

      BQ your first marathon, YIKES! This speedy is why you and Mike are in charge of holding the cupcakes for the slower runners (me).

  16. says

    I’m totally going to take these to the track! I’ve been doing some new track workouts to train for the MCM and these would be perfect to try out !

  17. Meredith N. says

    Oh my gosh, these shoes are perfect! I’d love to take them with me for my first full marathon!!! (after they’re broken in, of course :) )

  18. Amanda L says

    I would love to win these! I would take them to California with me to run along the Pacific…and to help me train for upcoming races ( the mini).

  19. says

    I heard that Mizuno was going to discontinue the shoe I run in (the Wave Elixir) and replace it with this shoe…so I may be taking this out on every run if that happens!

  20. M Cerny says

    I love Mizuno shoes and would plan to take my #brilliantrun to the last Great Cranberry Island Ultra 50k on July 27th in Maine. Best shoes ever!

  21. Ashley says

    I would take these great shoes out on my long runs on Saturday and in training for my first half marathon in November…Love the color!

  22. says

    These new Mizunos would take me on more than one #brilliantrun as I do tempo runs on Mondays and track workouts on Thursdays to train for the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon!

    And just for a little more luck, here’s a tweet https://twitter.com/ladyluck34/status/352439484383637505 and I also liked on Instagram as mandyluck34 :)

    By the way, I get your point because I picked up my first pair of Wave Creation a couple months ago and I love them. Hard sometimes to look at other shoes after finding a pair that works so well for me – though of course, I always love having more running shoes.

  23. Bonnie Santaguida says

    I would take these awesome shoes to the Turning Stone half marathon. My next race.

    I also tweeted under @BSantaguida and liked on Instagram just now under bon2313.


  24. Jess says

    I would love to win the Wave Sayonara, because I’m going to start training for the Seattle Half Marathon in December soon. It’d be great to have these awesome shoes to help me fly through the cold (and likely rainy) half on the other side of the country!

  25. Teresa M. says

    I’d take these shoes on marathon training runs for my October marathon. Maybe even run the marathon in them.

  26. Michele Jefferson says

    I would be taking these Mizunos with me as I train for and run the Indianapolis Womens Half Marathon!!!

    Liked on your instagram “shellsslimdownjourney”

    • says

      I grew up in Indy, lived there 22 years, but was not a runner then. I’d love to go back and run a race there.

      • Michele Jefferson says

        That’s awesome! What school did you attend? I graduated from North Central.

  27. Wendy Bassett says

    I would love to win these shoes and take them for a lap around Lambeau Field for the Packers 5K !

    • says

      I have to be nice to the Packers because they had Jeff Saturday and his pretty blue eyes for a year. Colts fans miss him terribly.

  28. says

    I have been wanting to try Mizunos for awhile now so I’d love to win a pair! I have been wearing the same Nike model for years bc I’m so scared to change. But my sister just bought a pair of Mizunos and loves them so I’d like to see what they’re all about! I’d take them out for my favorite 5k loop around my house for a test run!

  29. says

    I’d love to win these so I can take the Wave Sayonaras (I mean, they can take ME) for the #brilliantrun that is the Summerfest 12k (Rochester, NY), & maybe even the Boilermaker 15k (bib pending).

    tweeted & Instagram liked from @lauriebreaker <3

  30. says

    I follow you on Instagram and also just liked your picture of the shoes on there!
    My username is Jillyruns.

  31. Harold says

    I would take the Sayanora with me to #RWHalf and attempt to break my 1/2 Marathon PR that I set in my Elixir 7’s last year :-)

  32. says

    I would take these beauties to Michigan with me at the end of the month, for my first out of state run. I will have a #brilliantrun at a race while I am there just not sure which one yet. Liked on Instagram & tweeted :)

  33. Ashley Hamilton says

    My goal for the month of July is to get faster my brilliant run would be speed work.

  34. Kimberly S says

    I will use them to start training for a 5K with my baby girl…and of course to chase my kids around in, lol!!

  35. Caroline says

    I absolutely LOVE mizuno…these shoes would spin the beach, climb some hills, even see some dirt road/trail…all my regular routes :)

  36. Kimberly S says

    I would use them to train for a 5K with my baby girl, and to chase my kids around in, lol!

  37. Brooke says

    Absolutely LOVE following your blog – your journey, your struggles, your successes!! You are SUCH an inspiration – inspiring to someone like me who just ran my very first half last month, and inspiring me to try and conquer my first FULL!! (Signed up for full rock-n-roll in savannah this November!). The mizunos would be awesome to have in training!! Love that you said they make you feel FAST – exactly what I’m looking for as well! Here’s to a #brilliantrun and #brilliantfirstmarathon!!

    • says

      Oh my gosh I am so excited for you that I am shaking. From your first half to already signed up for your first full, I love how you are tackling everything head on. I really want to run Sav since it is only 90 min away. However, it is right after my MCM full so I will wait and see if my body is feeling up to it.

  38. Daniela says

    Would love these shoes! I’m looking forward to taking them for a run in Sonoma County, around one of the state parks (Jack London? Annandel?) Going to visit a friend who is recovering from a cycling crash. I’ll be running the New York Marathon in his honor this year!

  39. JNelle Bryant says

    Recovering from bad case of plantar fasciitis & that & other problems have contributed to me regaining part if my 116# weightloss! Love running & love my mizunos! Would love to be motivated with new pair!

  40. Laura L says

    My heels have started hurting badly during my daily walk/runs. I know I need to purchase new shoes, but like most families, money is tight right now. We foster GSDs and without their daily walks/runs, they would be a crazy handful. It’s been harder and harder to go more than 3 miles with my current shoes, so with these new shoes I would be able to take them to Salem Lake again and go 6-7 miles with the younger ones, of which we have 2 now – the older one (9 years) wouldn’t mind keeping the mileage on the lower side. :)

  41. says

    I would love to win these!! Mizuno is my favorite running shoe, and I’ve been dying to try these new ones out! I would take them on a #brilliantrun speed workout!! I think they would help me run faster! Haha.

  42. says

    I’ve been obsessing over these shoes! So much so that I went ahead and ordered a pair of wave enigmas for my distance shoe and these will be my speed shoe! I also would wear them for short 5k and 5 mile races I have coming up!

  43. Sydney says

    My #brilliantrun will be the Boilermaker Half Marathon (my second half!) in October, and I’d love to take these shoes along for the ride!

    Also, I tweeted. :)

  44. Adrienne says

    I would use these for my brilliant training runs. Always try to have another race on the horizon!

  45. Jordan Shrack says

    I’d love to try a pair because I haven’t tried Mizunos yet and have heard great things! Currently have Brooks for distance and Pearl Izumis for my shorter runs and love both. But know there are a ton of other shoes that I might like more…

  46. Erika says

    I will take them on the Cache Creek Trail run in Jackson, Wyoming! 10.5 miles of the most beautiful country anywhere!

  47. Erik says

    The #brilliantrun I’d take them on would be the next comeback from surgery run I have after receiving them!!

  48. says

    I’d love to win them — I’m like you — a middle of the pack runner. I didn’t think I’d ever need more than my regular old running shoe.. plus I really want to try Mizuno’s (shhh – don’t tell my asics!!)!.

  49. Lisa Jones says

    I would rock these out at MCM in October! I love Mizunos and have great luck with them so would love to try a shoe a little lighter than what I have now. Fingers crossed!

  50. says

    I would love to win these to train for my 4 Miler! A 2,500 women’s run for the local beast cancer center.

  51. says

    I would wear these at the Mersea Island 10 mile race in August! I’ve been wanting to transition from Asics to Mizuno for ages and to try a lighter weight shoe!

  52. Mary Dunz says

    I want to win because I’m training for my second half marathon. I’m running the Hottest Half in Dallas on Aug 25th. This is is the day after my son’s first birthday. I got into running after he was born, and I jumped in with 2 feet. Shoes are expensive when you have two littles at home, and this would be a great opportunity for me to try a shoe I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck to all contestants.

  53. says

    I would wear these at the Mersea Island 10 mile race in August! I would love to win because I’ve been wanting to transition from Asics to Mizuno for ages and to try a lighter weight shoe :-)

    • says

      I wore that other brand your transitioning from before I switched to Mizuno and have been much happier.

  54. says

    Found and liked through my running mentor, Hannah Stedge @StedgeRacing.

    I’d wear these sweet shoes on my weekly training runs — I’m training for my first full marathon! I ran the Flying Pig Half marathon in May and caught the running bug! I think I will be signing up for the Freedom Run in WV on Oct. 12.

  55. says

    I would love to win these shoes–they look awesome! I’ve never tried the mizuno brand, but these shoes have caught my attention. My mizunos, should I win them, will take me on the #brillantrun Dumbo Double Dare in Disneyland!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. Georgie Morley says

    Would love to win these shoes and run a half marathon in late October with them!

  57. Mark V says

    I have the Mizuno Elixr’s which are sadly going away but everyone is glowing about the Wave Sayonara’s so I can’t wait to take them on my next #brilliantrun around Nebraska. Like you, I have the creation but once I tried the Elixr I was sold on it as it is very light & stable. Hoping for the same feeling about the Sayonara

    I also tweeted https://twitter.com/markvarner09/status/352479096506286080

  58. Kelly says

    Would love these lightening bright shoes to train for a Fall Half Marathon.


  59. Catherine says

    I would like to try the Sayonara out on one of my last runs through campus before I finish grad school this month. I fell in love with running in grad school and I’d like to relive all the memories of running/training on a run with these shoes.

  60. says

    My #brilliantrun would totally be my birthday run! I think it is ONLY fitting because the Wave Sayonara get released on July 5th which is my birthday! TOTALLY fate right?!?! I’ve got 5 halfs and 2 fulls I’m currently registered for, not to mention the ragnar relays and other halfs/fulls I’m looking at for next year’s race calendar :) #pickmeplease #fingerscrossed

  61. says

    I would take those babies out on my favorite Sunday morn run! I like that run cause it is outside AND I do it for me – I don’t do it for speed work or anything else. :)

  62. says

    Hey, another tall runner! I am 6’1″! I was like you, I only had one style shoe for everything and then I was introduced to zero drop shoes and it changed my life! If I won this, I would take them on a most #brilliantrun: The Run for the Fallen at Fort Leavenworth, KS.

  63. Mandy hazen says

    I would love these new shoes to help me on my track to training for my personal best and running a full half marathon all the way through! Pink is also my favorite color I think it would be amazing to win these shoes!!!!!

  64. Trisha says

    I am running with Team World Vision and training for the Detroit Marathon- raising money for clean water in the Congo. Would love to wear them training for my #brilliantrun and working on being faster, since I’m a slow as a turtle.

    • says

      I think we all have turtle moments. Try not to get too caught up in the hare envy, all runners are awesome for getting out there.

  65. says

    My #brilliant run would be probably the Beach to Beacon 10K that I have coming up in August! It would be great to have a new pair of running shoes that will make me feel fast! (even if I’m not fast… )

  66. says

    I would love to win these, I have been following the release of these on social media and am jealous when I see all the pictures! I hope we will be able to get these in Canada soon, but we are usually way behind everyone else!

    • says

      They released in Canada too and darwinianfail.com is giving away exclusive Canadian only pairs all month. Check it out.

  67. says

    My #brilliantrun in these babies would be my weekly 5:45am Thursday speed work sessions. Inspired after your post!

    BTW, I tweeted and liked on Instagram as well :)

  68. says

    I am also a tall runner (almost 5’10”), and I currently have one style of shoe. If I won these, my #brilliantrun would be the Wounded Warrior 8K in Jacksonville.

  69. Vicki Parshley says

    I think every run will be a #brilliantrun in these shoes! Love my Wave Elixirs and these are replacing them

  70. Sherrie says

    Since I’m going to start adding speedwork into my fall training cycle I would love to have these beauties for tons of training runs and maybe a half marathon or two! I have always wanted pink shoes!!

  71. says

    My Mizuno’s I wear now are getting old, and its sad because I really can’t afford another pair! So a new pair of Waves would get me through my half marathon and then hopefully lead me to my fastest 5k over and over and over again — until I beat my sub 30 minute goal!

  72. says

    I would love to win these and take them out on my next half marathon!!!! I love my Precisions and hope these are even better!!!

  73. says

    I would love to test out these amazing shoes! My #brilliantrun would be along the beautiful Gensee River in Rochester NY and along the Erie Canal! I followe you already in IG and have liked the pic!

  74. says

    I am up for another run along the beach in Monterrey… would definitely be wearing these great shoes!

  75. Stacie M. says

    I would take these on my #brilliantrun through the streets of NYC for this year’s NYC Marathon!

  76. Elizabeth A says

    I need these to get me back on the pavement after working on a nasty ITband injury.

  77. Gave Fishman says

    My #brilliantrun will be with my 85 year old grandfather. I run with him everyday although he does not run very far of very fast he inspires me every day

  78. says

    The #brilliantrun I would love to wear these shoes for is the Electric Run I’m doing in August! I currently only have one pair of running shoes as I’m still a newer runner and had no idea that using two different kinds of shoes would be so beneficial. I am also 5’10” and a mid pack runner so I’m thinking if you like them so much I would like them too!

  79. Rachel Crosby says

    Since my weight loss of near 80lbs, I found a new passion to stay quite active. I would take these on a weight journey run…as many new 5 K and possibly 10 K races I can tell people my long journey that I have not completed.
    Thank you!

  80. Ari Levine says

    My #brilliantrun will be the 2013 Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half in Colorado…site of my first half marathon last year!

  81. Carson says

    I would take my new Wave Sayonara’s on my third half marathon #brilliantrun in September. Getting them now would give me time to train with them!

  82. Colleen says

    I would wear my new Wave Sayonara’s to run my first 5k in August! I am new to running, but have quickly fallen in love with it and become a dedicated Mizuno fan.

  83. Darcy says

    Would love a chance to test out some new amazing running shoes! I am still only a year into running & can’t quite justify lots of running shoes in my closet. If I won these shoes they could either go on my 5k in Oct. or my 10k in January. Chances are they might make an appearance at both!!

  84. says

    I would take my new wave sayanora on my #brilliantrun training plan to Marine Marathon! this is a race in my favorite city and it will be my third marathon this year. and you can’t beat Marines handing out medals! I’d kill this race in these brilliant new shoes (got a chance to “test drive” a pair today at Peachtree Expo and they were amazing!).

  85. says

    I would love a pair to run my 6mo old Lab “puppy” as I train for runDisney’s Dopey Challenge. I’m running as a St Jude Hero! :)

  86. Brit says

    I would take the Wave Sayonara on my speed works outs with the hills! On super-hot days we would tackle Mud Hill in the forest on the campus of the school where we live and on cooler days we would run across the farm hills. Training for my first half-marathon (Philly Rock n’ Roll) has been tough and I’m trying to bust through a plateau – these shoes sound like just what I need! (Not to mention I’m sure I could keep these on after a run while I chase around my 1 year and 3 year – who turns 4 on the 5th – ack!).

  87. says

    I’m pretty new to running. I’ve signed myself up for a few 5Ks and I’m working my way up to the Diva’s half marathon in October. As I read your blog, Crossing the finish line of my first half would be pretty sweet in Mizunos!!

  88. Holly says

    I would love to try the Sayonaras to add in for my speed work! I’m really focusing on upping my running and fitness, these shoes would be a great motivator!

  89. Holly says

    I tweeted! I’m on my phone and can’t figure out how to get the tweet link! I promise I did though!

  90. says

    The brilliant run that I would use these for would probably be the 21 mile run that I’m training for this fall. It’s being hosted by a great local group called the G.O.A.T.z
    These would nice to add to my Wave Creations.

  91. says

    I would take these babies on a #brilliantrun on my vacation to Northern California! This Texas girl is looking forward to the much cooler temps in Half
    Moon Bay!

  92. says

    If I win the shoes, my #brilliantrun would be a full 5k run on the local forest trails to break the shoes in :) :)

  93. Laurel C says

    Every run is brilliant when I go to the forest of Nisene Marks in Santa Cruz, California. I would LOVE to take my Sayonaras there!

  94. Brandon Magorka says

    Multiple knee surgeries, 3 dislocated hips, 2 major hip surgeries a week a part and they had to cut my achilles… so now I realize every run is a #brilliantrun. These are the runs I would be thankful to take.

  95. Rachel says

    I would definitely wear them for the Corporate Cup 10K (Omaha NE), the Omaha half, the Bass Pro Cohick half (Springfield MO), but not the Dizzy Goat 10.5 mile trail run (Omaha) because they’re way too precious to get dirty!!! They look like AWESOME shoes for a #brilliantrun!!!

  96. Koffivi says

    It’d use my Mixuno wave sayonara for my summer cross country training which has already started!

  97. Jaime says

    I would wear these awesome Mizuno Wave Sayonara to the Phoenix RNR half marathon. I think they would have me reach my sub 2 hour goal!

  98. Jeffrey says

    I just signed up for my first ultra, a 50 miler! I’m hoping it will end up being a Mega – #brilliantrun and I will wear these new Wave Sayonaras when/if I win! Thanks for the chance!

  99. says

    I would take those on the first long run post-surgery, which would be the first long run of my shortened marathon training for this fall. Good thing I have no shame walking, sine I only have 79 days of brilliant running before marathon #3!

  100. Paula V says

    I don’t have a specific run I’d wear these in but would definitely love to try them. Yet to find a shoe that provides comfort when running/walking/exercising.

  101. Rachel Skeie says

    I would love to win these so I can work on my speed & get my half marathon under 3 hours. I did my first half 12/2012 & am repeating the exact kick-my-butt-with-crazy-hills half this December. I neeeed Mizuno’s help! :-)

    And I tweeted & liked your fabulous pic on IG.

  102. Rachel Lilyquist says

    I would take my new Mizuno Wave Sayonaras on a #brilliantrun for my next 10k and half marathon! Hoping for PRs!

  103. says

    I’d love to have a #brilliantrun at the Too Hot to Handle 5k. It’s my first 5k since February and I’m super nervous. Hoping for a PR. Practicing with some track work on Saturday. I’ve never had a “speed” work shoe either. Can’t wait to try these new mizunos!!!

  104. Tiffany S. says

    I’d wear the Wave Sayonara during my beach vacation in Maine…where my baby brother is getting married this year! Can’t get much more brilliant than that!

  105. Sarah C says

    My brilliant run will be Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare!

    I love Muizuno as well and have not run in another brand since high school. It was definitely love at first wear.

  106. Alecia says

    I would have an amazing run as I train for my first 5k (and hopefully more in the future!) My first running shoes were Mizunos and I loved them!

  107. says

    If I won them, I’d use them on a #brilliantrun of a long run, I love mizunos and they are my go to long run shoe :)

  108. Chelsea K. says

    I haven’t done speed work at all this summer, so a new lightweight shoe might be just the thing to get me motivated to get back to it!

  109. Sheryl B says

    I LOVE Mizuno shoes! I currently run in the Precision 13’s and Wave Rider 16’s. In fact, I ran my first half marathon in the Wave Riders. I’m kinda bummed that they are discontinuing the Precisions, but excited about the Wave Sayonaras that are replacing them.

    I picked up running a few years ago and ran in an old crappy pair of tennis shoes for a long time before taking a chance and trying out Mizuno. Once I switched over to Mizuno I was hooked and truly understood what a #brilliant run was. I have an upcoming 5k and would love to wear the Sayonara’s in my upcoming race. I also plan on running the same half marathon I did this May, next year, and would love to improve my time and I believe that these shoes would make a huge difference. And last, but not least, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PINK!!! My favorite color and favorite shoes and favorite company……doesn’t get much better than that!

      • Sheryl says

        Yup, a total Mizuno lover :) I’m hooked! Thanks for the good luck. I ran my first half on May 18th of this year and next year I want to smash that time….I have a feeling these shoes would help!

  110. Lori Vickerman says

    I love mizuno’s! I wear the riders. My #brilliantrun would be the Seawheeze half in Vancouver Canada next month.

  111. Erin from Long Island says

    I’d LOVE to bliss out on a long trail run in a pair of these!

  112. Ben says

    My #brilliantrun would be my first half marathon in September, although I’d definitely use these on a lot of other runs before then too.

  113. says

    I liked the IG picture and tweeted and all that jazz, but my #brilliantrun would be the first 5k I run since my high school cross country days before I tore my MCL. It’ll break my old PR even though I’m 30 lbs heavier and not even close to the same athletic shape I was in- I will not let that stop me though! Thanks!

    • says

      It’s amazing to get faster and stronger as you get older. Helps you feel more confident about the aging process. I feel better in my 30s than I ever did in my 20s

  114. says

    Hmmmm…..what #brilliantrun? Not sure!! I’d really like to do the Bridge Run in Savannah, GA, on 12/7/13 – so either that or a training run to prepare!

  115. says

    I’m two weeks into training for Chicago and already getting up in the #brilliantrun miles. I’m going for 10-12 tomorrow. These would help with my fartleks!

  116. says

    My #brilliantrun I will take them on? My first post-pregnancy run. I have a feeling its going to hurt and be awful. But I CANNOT WAIT!

  117. Nicole Ossman says

    Currently I have one pair of running shoes that are nearing retirement and training for a half marathon in September. I’ve heard only great things about these and I would love to have a pair to call my own!

  118. Sarah Lancaster says

    I’m training for the Bull City Race Fest Half Marathon in Durham, NC on 10/20/2013 (my first half!). I’d love to take these for a #brilliantrun during training on the American Tobacco Trail!

  119. MARY KISTLER says

    I love, love, love Mizuno’s! If I won I would take my #brilliantrun with the Sayonara’s to the Women’s Half Marathon in Nashville this Sept.! I think we would have a fabulous time together. :)