Diet Bet Final Results

This morning’s weigh in:diet bet final scale

I met not only my Diet Bet goal of 160.5, but also my personal 8 pound goal.  In truth I probably did not lose 4 pounds this week.  That crazy drop probably has a lot to do with food poisoning, which I’m am pretty sure is the top way not to lose weight.  However, according to all my calorie calculations (I am such a numbers dork) I will probably be right about 159 when my body rehydrates and refuels itself which would still be enough to win the Diet Bet so I am pretty proud.  diet bet results

Now I cannot wait for all the results to be verified and tallied (it should take about two days) so that I can find out in addition to getting my $25 back how much extra I money will win.  yes, I am easily excited by little things like that.
diet bet final winner
Amazing deal right – I lose weight and I get money!  Love it!

What keeps you on track when you are trying to lose weight?


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    Hey there, skinny girl! Congrats on reaching your goal. I hope you get some great news in a few days when everything is tallied.

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    Yay! That’s exciting! I keep thinking it’d be fun to join one of those games and you have definitely perked my interest a bit more!

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      It really kept me accountable. Plus I weighed in once a week on my blog while I was doing it and I didn’t want to have to take pictures of the scale going up, that really kept me on track.

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    OMG Congrats Abby!!!!! Yes I do find when I have a stomach virus of sorts, I feel like I lose about three pounds or more of water and ‘stuff in my intestines’ that is normally there. So for me not really weight in body mass, just weight in food/water in my body.

    So what DO you plan on spending your $$ on?

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      I made $20 and I am using the first bit of it to celebrate/bribe myself with fro-yo post 15 mile long run this weekend. The longest I have run in a very long time and I am a bit nervous.

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    I don’t diet or bet, but I can see where this would be a really good idea to keep someone accountable- since there’s money involved. It’s awesome that you’ll get your money back along with a bit more, but hopefully this number won’t go down any more due to SICKNESS! The worst way ever to lose weight, at least with diet and exercise you know it’s gone but you worked for it, when you’re sick its just miserable.

    Glad you were feeling well enough to get a run in today too.

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      Thanks Amy. It was a great way for me to get back on track post holidays and to remember what it feels like to make smart, healthy, food decisions.
      However, I too hope that for the rest of this year all my weight loss comes from diet and exercise and not illness.

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      I think doing one in April would be a great idea. It will be starting to get warm and everyone will be thinking about those summer skirts, shorts, and swimsuits.

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      Thanks Mindy I am feeling better, I have had real food 2 days in a row, the little things in life that make me happy now:)

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      Sarah, Mindy, and I were selfishly hoping to split the $15,000 pot for some helicopter money, but turns out other people won too.

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    Congratulations on making your goal! I did this one as well and also met my goal! It was great to have such a supportive forum to meet this goal with! I decided to host a game of my own, can’t wait to start :)

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    Way to rock it girly!! You should be so proud! I did not make my Dietbet but I’m not sad about it. I signed up for the bet so excitedly but then it came at an awkward time where I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t stomach food and had no appetite. I was losing weight but not for the right reasons. I wanted to put weight back on because I was so nervous for what the reason was it was coming off. After all the tests and stress I was diagnosed with IBS. So now I can finally work on losing weight for the right reasons with no stress!

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      Oh my goodness. You did the right thing by focusing on your health. I am so glad you were able to find out what it was.

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      Thanks Jenelle I am very happy. Hoping to use these 4 weeks as proof I can stay on the right track to improve my overall eating habits.

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      Dances through said confetti.
      A bit of the shopping cart and maybe some lawnmower. They’re about the only dance moves I posses.

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    Congrats on winning your diet bet and also hitting your own personal goal. I’ve been so focused on running and trying to eat “cleaner” that I haven’t really been limiting myself to eating less. I still eat the same amount, though most of it is more clean. I need to get back on a diet. I keep saying I want to lose weight, but I’m not really doing much about it because I feel good where I am. Congrats on your goal!! Did you follow a specific eating plan, or did you just eat less?

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      I just did what you are already doing. I tried to eat cleaner healthier foods and less junk. I found that filled me up with less calories.
      I did count calories too though to make sure I stayed on track.
      If you feel good where you are don’t stress about it though.

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      I was really happy with how it helped me get back on track. It proved I could eat well and still enjoy occasional splurges, much better than over the holidays where I ate junk and splurged my butt off.