Skinny Southwestern Chili

This recipe was perfect for me today.  I only had about 5-10 minutes before I had to leave for barre class, so I tossed every thing in the Crockpot and when I came home (post football game) about 8 hours later it was ready.  Score!  You have to love meal prep that takes less than 10 minutes.

This Skinny Southwester Chili is one recipe you will never be too busy to make – It is quick, super simple, tasty, makes a bunch, and freezes well.  I call that a victory!skinny southwestern chilli 4

– 15 oz. can black beans
– 15 oz. can kidney beans
– 15 oz. can of corn
– Two 10oz. cans of Rotel (Chili Fixin’s flavor)
– 1 jar of medium salsa
– 1 small onion
– 1 pound of boneless skinless chicken breasts
skinny southwestern chilli 2
– Dice onion.
– Pour diced onion, all canned ingredients, and salsa into the Crockpot and mix together.
– Finally, press the chicken breasts into the mixture so they are covered.
– Turn the Crockpot on low and let it cook all day (approximately 8 hours).
– After the Crockpot has finished cooking:
– Shred the chicken, which should be very tender, with a fork (you can do this right in the Crockpot).
– Then, let it cook for about 30 more minutes once the chicken is shredded.
– Ta-da!  How quick and easy was that!skinny southwestern chilli3 This recipe creates a little over 10 cups of Skinny Southwestern Chili enough for dinner that night, plus leftovers for the rest of the week.  At only 181 calories a cup this is a chili you don’t need to feel guilty eating.

I am just discovering how fabulous the Crockpot is – What is your favorite Crockpot meal?

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  1. says

    Looks delish!! Any such thing as ‘skinny corn bread’? Hard for me to have chili without some delicious corn bread! (I like using Jiffy and then adding canned corn, so I get corn kernels in it!). Oh man I’m craving corn bread right now…

  2. says

    I’ve got to try chili with shredded chicken like this! If the weather stays as cold as it has been, then I’m pulling my leftover chili from the freezer to thaw for dinner one night. There’s nothing like a nice bowl of chili on a cold night!!!

  3. says

    This looks brilliant. This tummy probably couldn’t handle it (hmm, maybe I should just avoid the south altogether?!) but yum. Seriously yum.

  4. says

    I can not function without a crockpot. At least three meals a week are cooked in it. More if you count the fact that I double up recipes for leftovers. My family likes it when I throw a whole chicken in there and sprinle with lemon pepper. There is a ton of stuff you can do with the chicken and it’s so tender.

    I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to the crockpot. Guess where this is going?!?

    • says

      I always make huge crockpot recipes and freeze them. It is so easy to make extra and have great leftovers. I am just discovering it and in love with my crockpot.

  5. Ali says

    YUM! I’ve been hooked on a buffalo chicken crockpot recipe for a few weeks now. I love how easy crock pots are!