Monterey Bay Aquarium

Every time I visit my Oma (grandma) in Monterey we go to the aquarium since she is a member and has a yearly pass. I never get sick of visiting it and love the exhibits. My favorite is the huge jellyfish exhibit as I think they are all beautiful and graceful, I could stare at them for hours. image image image image image

This time they also had a really cool new exhibit called Tentacles: Octupus, Squid, Nautilus, and Cuttlefish. According to my Oma they bring a new exhibit through about every 6 months to a year and I am really glad I got to see this one.



What types of places do you like to visit on vacation?
Favorite aquarium animal?

California Visit – Running Monterey

I am currently visiting my Oma in Monterey, CA. It is by far my favorite place to ever run: amazing weather (60 here currently compared to over 90 in Charleston), the beautiful Pacific Ocean, rocky coastlines, great cool breezes off the water, and lots of awesome wildlife to keep my company (harbor seals, sealions, and I even saw an otter).










Wave Sayonara 2 – Review


First off, here are the key features of the Wave Sayonara 2 from the Mizuno Running website: – New refined fit includes a more harmonious midfoot wrap with softer, more breathable mesh materials throughout the upper, while still providing support in all the right places. – Ultra-responsive, lightweight U4ic midsole and Parallel Wave in the […]

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The Dreaded Race Face


We all know it – the dreaded race face.  You get an email a few days after the race saying that your pictures are up and you pray and hope for that one great race picture that captures you looking strong, or fast, or happy, but instead you now have 26 terrifying pictures which you […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Family Edition


I know Wordless Wednesday is a thing… I have just never jumped on the bandwagon and participated before because I have been known to talk people to death which means wordless is NOT my style.  I am the opposite of wordless – I am annoyingly, loudly, full of words.  ALL THE WORDS!!! However, I am […]

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ZICO Premium Coconut Water Review


I was really excited recently to get the opportunity to try out ZICO Premium Coconut Water.  I have been meaning to try coconut water, but I had not yet done so. This was my perfect opportunity to try it!   The first thing I noticed was their tag line “ZICO. Crack Life Open”.  I instantly LOVED […]

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Race The Landing – Recap 5


Confession: I DNS this race.  Actually, I just plain old skipped out. Now, it was not a decision I took lightly.   I had already paid for the race – so that was pretty motivating.  Plus, I really wanted a alligator trophy.  Aren’t they cool looking? I thought it would fit well next to the bear, […]

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Family Time – My Rocks


As I sit here typing this I can barely contain my enthusiasm – today is the official start of my staycation.  4 days of fabulous family time right here in Charleston.  I am very excited to spend time with the ones I love while playing tourist in my own town. It is no secret that […]

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