Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Goals

I keep getting asked about my goals for this weekend’s race so here is the truth – I have no finish time goals for this weekend.  It will be the first time I have run more than 10 miles since February, it will be HOT, and while I am working my way there I’m not really in racing shape yet. 
So, no time goals. 

However, I do have plans:
- completing back-to-back races for the first time (1 mile Sat. & half Sun.)
- finishing the half marathon with a smile on my face
- being proud of whatever times I accomplish
- getting not 1, not 2, but 3 new medals to add to my collectionVB- meeting some online blogger friends in person
- checking out a new city
- enjoying the free Train concert on the beach train

What fun plans do you have for this weekend?

Loving Lately – August

It has been a while since I have done one of these loving lately posts and this month seemed to be full of new discoveries that I absolutely loved and wanted to share with you all. 
Most of them are food and fitness related, but some aren’t. 
I am a big believer that health is about more than just the physical stuff, it is also social, mental, and emotional – and sometimes having fabulous new stuff really helps my mental health. 

Running after work – it is finally getting a bit cooler, out of the 90s and into the 80s at night, so my sunset runs are becoming more and more awesome1551740_758996844138900_902262935778678373_n

Mizuno’s kindness – runners logged miles with the Mizuno Baton App and Mizuno matched them and donated $87,458 to Back on My Feet10474189_759694647402453_8223768371303403634_n

FitSnap – my favorite new Instagram app for recording my run infofitsnap-ios-icon

Urban Remedy Green Berry – tastes exactly like a berry smoothie, so yummy (I’ll be reviewing Urban Remedy’s Metabolism Kit next week.)10394496_758777740827477_784719853186976557_n

Metal Marvels – a Instagram friend turned me on to Metal Marvels and the fact that they are extremely budget friendly – all headbands are $12 and all necklaces are under $25 – plus if you follow them on Instagram they offer special deals like free shipping 
(The blue necklace is my first big statement necklace and I am obsessed with it!)10527737_756146871090564_9064802179940502567_n

The Book of Life – the 3rd, and final, book in the All Souls trilogy – I could not put this down and stayed up way too late reading it, great conclusion10390911_752201874818397_8846342624482595227_n

Orange is the New Black – just discovered this and I am addicted, binge watchingOrange-Is-The-New-Black-Cast-Season-2-Intro

What are you loving lately?



Last week was probably my best week on Weight Watchers yet.  I worked out hard, ate well, and was so sure I would lose weight… only to gain a pound.  I told myself that this was because everyone’s body fluctuates and not to get upset because I really had done everything right that week.  I […]

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Snake Wrangler


So, I had planned on updating you on my half marathon training, but then something happened that changed last night’s running plans… Something caught my eye and I looked up from my work at the computer to see a snake slithering across my living room floor.  Now, I grew up in a household full of […]

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