What I’m Training For…The Next Race Up

Actually it is more like next races up, as I am signed up for the Race the Landing 5K series again this year.  Some things I loved about this series last year:
– early registrants get all 5 races for the price of 3
– the course is the same for each race so you can focus on improving your time
– it is a very pretty setting and a flat course
– they give out awards 5 deep in each age group so I actually have a chance to win one
– the awards are very unique (otters, pirate swords, etc.)
– free dinner after, and it is good
– awesome race photographer
RTL3 award
This years date are:
May 7, 2015 = 1st Race The Landing 5K Series
May 14, 2015 = 2nd Race The Landing 5K Series
June 4, 2015 = 3rd Race The Landing 5K Series
June 11, 2015 = 4th Race The Landing 5K Series
July 9, 2015 = 5th Race The Landing 5K Series
Always on Thursday nights at 7:00pm.  race the landing 2
My goal for this year’s series will be to set a new 5K PR and beat my current time of 27:30.6.  However, I know that will be a challenge since I set my current PR this past November on a wonderfully beautiful race day with perfect temperatures.  Needless to say racing in Charleston in the summer is disgusting – a billion degrees with nine million percent humidity (and that is not an exaggeration).Race the Landing 4 1  
So, then what makes me think a new PR is even a possibility under conditions like that? 
By the time the first race comes around I will have been going to Orange Theory Fitness for 12 weeks.  That means I will have pushed myself through 24 tough speed and strength workouts and I am hoping that my 5K speed will improve because of it.  Orange Theory forces me to focus on strength and speed, two areas I skimp on if left to my own devices, and I am hoping to reap the benefits.RtL3
What are you training for currently?
What is your next race?

Race the Landing 4 2

Friday Five: How a 30-Something Runner Does the Weekend

10947248_855058234532760_7941605505790031400_nI am not going to lie – I am so happy it is Friday. 
It’s the freaking weekend! 
But, does that mean I am about to go out and go wild – HECK NO! 
See, my idea of an ideal weekend is very different in my 30s than it was in my early 20s. 
This is because of a ton of factors:
– getting older
– maybe even maturing a bit
…. and
– discovering half/full marathon training

Friday Five: How a 30-Something Runner Does the Weekend
1. Booze – Wait you want me to get drinks with you?  Like plural drinkS.  Be prepared for me to suggest happy hour not only because it is cheaper, but because it is over at 7 which is the perfect excuse for me to slyly skip out.  Also, notice that I nurse my drinks so well I should be getting paid hospital salary.  My water on the other hand I chug.  This is because I know I have a long run tomorrow and everyone has accidently made the mistake of trying to complete a long run after having too much fun the night before –  it is miserable.  Oh, and where is the rule written that says when you hit 30 hangovers are suddenly a two day long affair?  It is just not worth it. 
2. Dinner – Is best eaten at home where nobody can judge the amount, and quality, of food you eat the night before your long run.  I mean Friday night pizza totally counts as carb loading right?  Plus this way you can eat it in your pajamas and lets be real – there is nothing better than pre-long run dinner all snuggly in your pajamas and compression socks.  Apparently restaurants frown upon this attire. 

3. Couch time – Yes, I want to go see the movie with you, or out to dinner, or to the party you’re having at your house, but I can’t – “I’m staying in because I have to get up really early for my long run tomorrow.”  At first I hated this.  I missed seeing my friends on Friday night and felt like I was missing out on all the fun.  Now I LOVE it.  I can see my friends the next night, but Friday is all mine.  I lay on the couch with Netflix for hours and just veg out.  It is the only time all week I truly get to do nothing and it is AMAZING!  Plus, it is necessary, right?  You know, since I am resting up for my long run.
4. Long run – Early wake-up calls that many times beat the sun.  The dreaded snooze alarm.  Pre-run breakfast and during run fueling that are thought out more strategically and carefully that most decisions made by Congress.  The long run is somewhere between a ritual and an adventure, both painful and beautiful.

5. Recovery – Once the long run is done it is time to begin recovery.  Hydration, an ice bath/shower, stretching and rolling, more hydration, food, and of course the best part of post long run recovery – the celebratory nap.  You wake up with the full intention of going out and doing all the fun stuff you missed the night before, but in truth find you’d be just as happy to stay at home and relax again.  Is it that you’re getting older?  Maturing?  Or just beat from training?  Maybe a bit of all 3.

What does your typical weekend look like?
Do you relate to any of this?

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Discount


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