5 Ways to Move from Fan to Ambassador

I have been getting lots of questions and comments about my brand ambassadorships lately and wanted to take the time to address those questions and comments for those of you who might be curious.  In order to answer everything completely and effectively I am doing a 4 part series on Brand Ambassadorship
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The topics will be:
Post 1 – 5 Tips to Get Noticed by Your Favorite Brand (last week)
Post 2 – 5 Ways to Move from Fan to Ambassador (this week)
Post 3 – 5 Questions to Ask When Considering an Ambassadorship
Post 4 – You are a Brand Ambassador: Now What? – 5 Essential Tips

I hope you enjoy the series and will be able to use these posts to refer back to when you have questions about brand ambassadorship.  Just roll over the graphic below and click “Pin It” to save this post/series to your Pinterest board, that way you can find it when you need it.
week 6
5 Ways to Move from Fan to Ambassador:
1. Get noticed!
2. Grow your following.
3. Keep up the authentic sharing/interaction.
4. Reach out. 
5. Apply or email. 

So what do those top 5 tips actually mean to you?

5 Ways to Move from Fan to Ambassador:
1. Get noticed! – Last week I talked about my 5 Tips to Get Noticed by Your Favorite Brand.
Be sure that you are constantly working on these 5 tips so the brand/company knows who you are and has a feeling of what you are capable of doing for them. 

2. Grow your following. – I am not saying you have to be the biggest blogger in the world with a HUGE social media following, but when a brand chooses you as an ambassador they want to make sure you are worth their while. 
Will you be a good return on their investment? 
For example: inevitably when I post something about being a Mizuno Ambassador I get lots of replies including things like, “How do I apply?”,  “Pick me, pick me!”, “Why am I not an ambassador”, etc. 
Many times I click on these people’s profiles to see more about them – like are they supporting the brand in their posts, how many followers do they have, and so forth.  Lots of times I notice they only have (for example) 104 Twitter followers.Think about that from a company’s perspective – you might be a great fan, but as an ambassador you are not going to help spread the word much.
Make actively growing your social media following a priority.  Set aside just 15 extra minutes each day to follow and interact with new people.  When I first started working on this I even wrote this social media growth time in my planner to remind me. Monday I might work on Instagram growth, then on Tuesday spend some time focused on Twitter, then on Wednesday working with Pinterest, and so on and so forth.  It is worth it!

3. Keep up the authentic sharing/interaction. – Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get noticed right away.  Keep up your natural interaction.  This should be something that comes easily, not something that takes so much time you suddenly feel like brand stalking is a second job.  When you happen to be using their product take a picture, Instagram it, and tag the company.  If you are training for their race Tweet out about a great run you had and mention them.  Keep it light and natural, but be sure to let your love of the company show through. 

4. Reach out. – Be brave and go for it.  I am not saying start off by saying, “Hi my name is so and so and you should make me an ambassador.”  Start smaller, but get your foot in the door. 
Contact the company about reviewing one of their products/races, or see if they would be interested in letting you do a giveaway.  Don’t make this some random pitch.  Remember this is a company you love, one you want to work with further so make it count. 
Be sure to include:
– who you are
– what you love about their product/event
– why you would like to work with them
– what you would like to do (review, giveaway, etc.)
– how it would benefit them

5. Apply or email. – Once you have completed step number four, and gotten brave enough to reach out to the brand/company you love, you should have made a contact at that company.  Continue to nurture this contact and grow your relationship.  Check in with them after you do the initial review/giveaway.  Let them know how much you loved working with them and that you would enjoy working with them and the brand/company more in the future – ask them to please keep you in mind if any opportunities arise.  This is also the perfect time to let your contact know if you filled out on online ambassador application for the company, or, if you could not find an online application, to ask about ambassador positions.  It never hurts to ask.  So apply, email, and go for it!   

Are you currently/or have you been an ambassador for any brands?
What tips would you give people looking to grow their social media followings?
My tip is to find hastags that fit your site and personality and then use those to find people to follow. 
Some I used were #FitFluential #SweatPink #runchat #runner #marathon #Mizuno

* Abby is currently a brand ambassador for Mizuno Running and the Rock’n’Roll Marathon series.

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That Time I Realized The Boston Marathon Winner and I Were Practically Twins

I got so swept up in all the awesomeness that is the Boston Marathon yesterday.  The amazing times people hit to qualify for the race, all the fascinating and inspiring back stories, it just sucked me right into Marathon Monday and left me wishing I could stay home glued to my TV all day (darn work).  Like most in the USA I was cheering for the hometown girl, Shalane Flanagan, and the man himself, Meb Keflezighi. 

Things didn’t go quite as I had planned, but the races still turned out to be amazing – especially the women’s race which resulted in a sprint to the finish and a victory by Caroline Rotich of Kenya.  The funny thing is it turns out I have something in common with Caroline Rotich, the winner of the Boston Marathon. 
Boston Winner

Nope wrong on that guess. 
While I am working on getting faster, unless you strap a rocket pack to me there is no way I am qualifying for Boston.  Okay, that is not completely true, if I can keep up the speed I have then I will qualify when I turn 70.  Now to just make sure I don’t get any slower as I age.  Hahahaha.

A mid-section that can be shown off in a sports bra? 
Way off.  Like my dream date is Ben and his buddy Jerry off. 
I’ll do the world a favor and keep a top on over my sports bra.  I don’t quite have a Boston Marathon winning figure.  Toned and sleek I am not.
So, what do we have in common?
Abby Boston

Both Caroline Rotich the female winner of the Boston marathon and I are sponsored by Mizuno. 
How freaking cool is that?
(Yep, scroll back on up to her picture and check out the awesome Mizuno gear she is rocking.)

I must admit that one of the big reasons I fell in love with Mizuno in the first place is because I felt like they valued ALL runners, not just elites.  Yes, Mizuno sponsors elites who are trying to win major marathons, people who have one job – to run.  However, they also sponsor people like me – normal, average runners who have full time jobs and have to try their best to squeeze runs in before or after work.  People who are never going to win a major marathon, heck, people who may never even win a single race.  Yet, these people are runners just the same and Mizuno recognizes this. 

I must admit that in spite of the amazing shoes and fabulous gear I think this is my absolute favorite thing about Mizuno – they go where many companies won’t – all the way down to the little people.  Mizuno doesn’t just see the elite runners, they see the normal everyday runners and they value us all.  They believe that #MilesChangeYou and make you a better, stronger person no matter who you are: beginning runner, elite, weekend warrior, old pro, etc.  Think of what the world would be like #IfEverybodyRan?  Mizuno imagines what an amazing place that would be and that is why they are behind each and every runner.  From sponsoring the winner of the Boston Marathon to a normal average person like me, Mizuno shows that a great running company has room for more than just elites.   

Did you watch the marathon?
What company do you absolutely love?  Why?
Sorry about the Mizuno love fest, but seeing that the freaking winner of the Boston Marathon and I have the same sponsor… I mean shut the front door!  How cool is that?

*Disclosure: While I am an Ambassador who is Sponsored by Mizuno they do not ask me to write posts like this.  All opinions are completely my own and my Mizuno Love is 100% real.  #MizunoIsMyBoyfriend

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