A Breakup? Or Just on a Break?

Almost 3 years ago I got sick and tired of my toenails popping off like popcorn, discovered Mizuno Running, bought my first pair of Wave Creations, fell in LOVE, and never looked back.  Initially I ran exclusively in the Wave Creation.  I was marathon training while injured (genius, I know) so I wanted as much cushioning and protection and possible from a shoe.  The Wave Creation was just what I needed it kept me, and my toenails, in one piece while logging my marathon training miles. 
Then, a little over a year ago, I decided to take a break from marathon running.  Instead, I have been focusing on letting my body heal, gaining strength, improving my speed, and really just loving the half marathon distance.  It was about this same time a year ago that Mizuno started sending me other shoe models to try out as part of my ambassadorship with them.  I discovered that my beloved Wave Creations were no longer my be all end all shoe, and that different shoes could actually serve different purposes. 

The Wave Hitogami is now my cross training/Orange Theory Fitness shoe.  By far the lightest, flattest, fastest shoe I own this bad boy transitions well from the treadmill to the weight room.  The Wave Sayonara is my mid-distance shoe.  I take it one out for my 3-6 mile runs and race all my 5K and 10K races in it.  Then there is the Wave Rider which I wear for anything over about 6 miles.  This is my new long run shoe, considering my long runs are now 10-12 miles and not 16-20.  It doesn’t have as much cushioning and padding as the Wave Creation, but it is working out amazingly for me.  Seeing as how it is Mizuno’s flagship shoe, I was apparently late to the party just finally discovering how awesome it is.  The Wave Rider is so much lighter than the Wave Creation, which is very welcome by mile number 10.  Plus, with my legs finally feeling healthy and injury free I don’t need as much extra padding, a standard neutral shoe will suffice.  The Wave Rider has become my hot new long run date.  (My newest pair just arrived yesterday!) 
I always just assumed I would add the Wave Creation back in when I picked up long marathon distances again.  Like the Wave Rider were my amazing half shoe, but that I would go back to the shoe that started it all for my next full.  I figured when I started hitting 14, 16, 18, and 20 mile runs I would need the extra cushioning the Wave Creation provided and the extra weight would be worth it.  Well, then I had an accidental long run this weekend and my Wave Rider 18s held up great, even though it was their last run ever and they were immediately retired to dog walking shoes afterward.  If my old Wave Rider 18s could hold up that well what could a fresher pair do? 

That lead me to wonder – Are the Wave Creation and I going through a break up?  I know they were my first Mizuno love, and I still think they are amazing shoes, but are they the shoes for me?  Maybe I am meant to be with the Wave Rider instead?  Who knows – Maybe we are just on a break (free Friends reference at no charge) and when full training come around I’ll go crawling back.

Seems so strange the the Wave Creation, the shoe I ranted and raved about every run for two years (thank heavens for those crazy ravings as they got me my Mizuno Ambassadorship), is no longer a part of my rotation.  Heck, I don’t even have a pair currently.  I almost feel like I am cheating on them.  Are the Wave Creation and I broken up or on a break?  I don’t know.  However, for now I am sticking to the Wave Rider 18 because they are what feels right. 

Ever broken up with a running shoe?
We were on a break!  Are you a Friends lover too?

Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegas 5K Kickoff: Free Virtual Run/Walk

To celebrate the upcoming opening of Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegas registration, on April 1st, the wonderful people behind the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series are bringing you the 5K Kickoff: Free Virtual Run/Walk, complete with free t-shirt swag!
virtualHow do you participate?
1. Run/walk a 5K anytime between now and April 1st. 
2. Snap a picture for proof.  (This could be a Garmin shot, a screen shot of your MapMyRun app, etc.)
3. Submit your proof and all your information on this website.  —–> Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegas 5K Kickoff: Free Virtual Run/Walk
4. Share on social media using #LVKICKOFFNIGHT.
5. Receive your free finisher’s t-shirt in the mail within 3 weeks. 


Remember registration for Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegas will open Wednesday, April 1 with the full and half marathon distances at $125 each (shorter distances to come later).  These races sell out every year so if you are interested jump on it quick (and then stuff me in your suitcase). 
Be sure to sign up for a registration reminder so you don’t forget.  

Will you be doing the FREE Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegas 5K Kickoff: Free Virtual Run/Walk to earn your finisher’s shirt?  I am going to do it as the first 3.1 miles of my long run this Saturday. 

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A Change in Plans


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Loving Lately – March


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Orange Theory Improvements


It has officially been a month since I joined Orange Theory Fitness which, since I attend class twice a week, means I have gone to 8 classes there so far.  So, what Orange Theory improvements am I seeing so far? – I am becoming more comfortable with pushing myself harder. – The last few classes […]

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