Loving Lately – May

Hey guys.  Time for another monthly slice into my life and all the little things I am loving this month.  Be sure to check out past posts to catch up on other awesome finds I wrote about. 
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Usually I write about a handful of things that I am digging on, but this month I just wanted to share with you newest obsession – COLORING.  Yes, coloring like we all did in elementary school.  Coloring has come back with a vengeance and because of that there are tons of fabulous coloring book options for adults.  Seriously, just go on Amazon and search “adult coloring book” and you’ll find something that fits your personality.  No more stealing your kids, nieces/nephews, students Disney coloring books anymore.  Personally, after shopping around I choose the Creative Coloring Inspirations: Art Activity Pages to Relax and Enjoy!’>Creative Coloring: Inspirations book because I loved the positive mantras it had on every page.  (Disclaimer: These are affiliate links through Amazon.)

I have been a bit stressed out lately with the end of the school year approaching. 
We have had four straight weeks of state/district required testing and boy has it messed up our schedules.  My students and I are all feeling it.  I was finding that I was exhausted at the end of the day, but when I laid down I couldn’t sleep well because my brain would just not shut off.  I tried reading, but then I would get too wrapped up in the book.  Coloring has become my nightly ritual and I absolutely love it.
adult coloring book 2
I can work on a piece a little bit at night to calm myself down and then when it is time to sleep I can easily set it to the side and crawl into bed.  Usually, I just add a bit more color each night to relax myself as it is a great stress reliever.  The picture below is one I have been working on for a few days.  The first night I added some greens, then the next night some purple tones, and last night I added some pink colors in.   
adult coloring book 1
Plus, in the end you have an awesome finished product.  The pictures in this book are amazing and the motivational mantras are fabulous.  I honestly think you could frame some of these as art if you really want to. 
adult coloring book 3
So, if you are looking for a nice, fun, calming activity I highly suggest coloring. 
I am absolutely loving it.  Okay, addicted might be a better term. 

Are you a fan of coloring?
Would you buy an adult coloring book?


After beautiful weather helped me to crush my PR at the first Race the Landing 5K I was not sure what to expect at the second one this past Thursday.  The weather was hotter and muggier as summer is definitely sweeping Charleston; however, I must confess a part of me still wondered if I was capable of more and so I planned to give it all I had and just see what happened. 
My goal was to try to stick as close to last week’s pacing plan as possible. 
Mile 1 = 9:00 min/mile
Mile 2 = pick it up to 8:45 min/mile
Mile 3 = kick it all in at 8:30 min/mile
Last 0.1 = give it all I have left

However, it quickly became clear that it was not in the cards for me.
I was pushing with all I had, exhausted – yet I just wasn’t hitting the splits I was able to hit last week.  It is funny how I felt like I was working even harder, but in actuality I was running slower.  I guess you just never know how things will turn out with all the variables on race day.  In the end I crossed the finish line in 27:02 (last week’s PR was a 26:36).  Landing 9
I was a bit upset about pushing so hard and being so much slower, but then I thought about how I am performing this year compared to last year.  Last year my fastest race of the series was a 28:10 and I was still able to run over a minute quicker than my fastest time last year.  That makes me really happy – you have to love seeing improvement. 
I credit this improvement to 4 things:
1. Working with a running coach.
2. Finally learning to listen to my body/recover from injuries.
3. Strength training at Orange Theory Fitness.
4. Speed work at Orange Theory Fitness.

After the race I headed in to enjoy the free dinner with some of my running buddies and to watch the awards ceremony.  Since I barely managed an age group award last week, sliding in 5th, I did not think I would get one this week with a slower time.  However, I guess you just never know who will show up in your age group each week and low and behold my name was called for 4th place in my age group.  (The give AG awards five deep so lots of people have a chance to win, which is really nice.)Landing 10
I am now the proud owner of a raccoon to go with my black bear.  All the awards given out relate to Charlestowne Landing, an early settlement and site of the race.  There will be otters, alligators, and pirate swords at the final three races. Landing 8
I have two weeks off now before the next race in the series.  By then it will be June and really miserably hot and humid here in the South so I think my PR attempts will be on hold until the fall, but you never know.

What is your next race or activity?
It is crazy hot and humid where you are yet?

*All pictures from Brian Fancher Photography

Thanks to my friends at Mizuno Running for providing my awesome race outfit. 
I wore the last year’s Sunset tee, the  Kamiko 3/4 Tight, and the Wave Sayonara 2

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