Wave Sayonara 2 – Review

First off, here are the key features of the Wave Sayonara 2 from the Mizuno Running website:
- New refined fit includes a more harmonious midfoot wrap with softer, more breathable mesh materials throughout the upper, while still providing support in all the right places.
- Ultra-responsive, lightweight U4ic midsole and Parallel Wave in the heel deliver a smooth, cushioned ride.
- A wide forefoot, full-ground midsole and 10mm ramp give the Wave Sayonara 2 a stable, fast ride that’s incredibly light, yet durable, at 6.6 oz.
- New sockliner provides increased resiliency and responsiveness.

2014-07-21 20.11.05

So, what does that mean for you?
The biggest complaint I heard about the original Wave Sayonara was that the upper fabric felt much stiffer than it did on other Mizuno Running shoes.  This personally never really bothered me as I loved, and still wear, my original Wave Sayonaras.  However, it seems like the shoe guys (and gals) and Mizuno Running took this into account when designing the updated model because mesh upper is much softer and not as stiff.  Great improvement.   

2014-07-21 20.09.07

The Wave Sayonara 2 is a great shoe.  Light weight enough to be fast, it helped me set a new 5k PR this summer, but with enough support that you can run in it comfortably.  I personally love to switch my shoes up a lot, because heavens knows you always need more shoes, so I use this as my speed work and tempo run shoe in addition to the rest of my Mizuno line up.  I love how light and fast it makes my feet feel. 

2014-07-21 20.10.00

Plus, on top of all the wonderful features let me just point out the style of the Wave Sayonara 2 is fabulous just like it was on the first.  The color combinations Mizuno choose look great together and the detailing on them is awesome.  I love the pattern they used. 

2014-07-21 20.11.21

Be sure to check out the new and improved Mizuno Running Wave Sayonara 2 and add it to your collection.  Like I said earlier, you can never have too many shoes. 

Multiple running shoes – yes or no?
Do you have shoes for different purposes?
What color are your current running shoes?

The Dreaded Race Face

We all know it – the dreaded race face. 
You get an email a few days after the race saying that your pictures are up and you pray and hope for that one great race picture that captures you looking strong, or fast, or happy, but instead you now have 26 terrifying pictures which you will never buy.  2Can you tell I am running hard, happy to meet my goal for this half marathon?
Nope, didn’t think so. 
Instead I look like I am about to cry, or puke, maybe that is a vomit look. 
Either way not the pictures I was hoping to see when I felt so good about that race.  4

Because of my experiences with the dreaded race face, when I did the Race the Landing series this summer I was not expecting much from the photos.  There was only one photographer on the course, so he really only had time to take a single photographer of each person.  If I had gotten twenty-something shots back from most races and they had all been horrid I knew there was no chance these would be good, and then…rtl3

race the landing 2


Race the Landing 4 1Only one picture from each of the four races I did, and yet I love them all. 
The race face is still there peeking through, but you don’t even notice it because the angles he used, and the scenery he picked to take the photographs by, manage to make even race pictures look amazing.  Turns out the race picked a photographer, Brian Fancher, who is also also an athlete himself and I think you can really tell with the care he took in the pictures.  I wish more races would do this – Instead of hiring tons of crummy photographers hire just a few really good professional photographers who have experience with sports photography and would take the time to think about where they could set up for the best shots.  So many courses I have run have beautiful sights, yet it always seems like a my race pictures are not only full of race face, but are just me running along a boring road, where is that pretty scenery in the pictures?

Race pictures –
Are you a victim of race face too?
Ever break down and buy the race pictures?
(Crazy expensive right?!?)

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Race The Landing – Recap 5


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Running The Cooper River Bridge


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