Weight Watchers – Week 21 of Meetings

I am making this post short and sweet.  I am feeling nauseous and hoping I am not catching something from all my students so it is off the computer and early to bed over here. 
However, I did want to check in to say that after last week, when I was up almost 5 pounds because of my week long binge, I got myself back on track this week. 10805836_816140405091210_801064506496426035_n

3 pounds down. 
Not where I was before my crazy binge week, and not where I want to be; however, I am so happy to be headed in the right direction. 
I also earned this cute little snowflake charm tonight for attended at least 6 out of 8 meetings in Nov./Dec. as part of the holiday challenge.  I am really proud of little things like this because they show that good or bad I am sticking it out and going to the meetings regularly.  10647180_816151955090055_6208876605127529254_n

PS – Tomorrow is my last day of work before we get a two week Christmas break.  I am in countdown mode!  What’s one thing you are looking forward to?

Kiawah Island Half Marathon 2014 – Recap

After I felt like I had a pretty strong race at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Half Marathon a month ago, finishing in 2:12:54, I talked to my coach about two goals:
– working on finishing speed since I struggled a bit the last 2 or 3 miles
– aiming for a 2:10 at The Charleston Half on January 17th

Going into Kiawah I didn’t set any A, B, or C goals like I usually do because wasn’t going into this as a goal race.  For me it was a check-up, practice half way between Savannah and The Charleston Half.  I wanted to focus on my finishing kick and practice my pacing a bit.  My plan was to try to run a race in the 2:15 time range to prove that my performance in Savannah the month before was accurate, and not just a one time good run, and to make sure I had enough gas at the finish so I could pick it up a bit instead of crashing. 

Last year I left my house for Kiawah at 6:00 and had driven to the island, parked, been shuttled there, used the port-a-potty, and was sitting around waiting in the dark at the race start by 7:00 when the race didn’t start until 8:00.  The weather this year was supposed to be a bit colder, 30s at the start 50s by the time I finished, so I didn’t want to be sitting around freezing in the dark for a hour.  (I am a cold weather wuss.)  I decided to leave my house just 15 minutes later, but wow was that the wrong decision!  With just the 15 minute difference in leave time, I did not make it off the shuttle until 7:55 and the race started at 8:00!  (Insert me freaking out and checking my watch every 10 seconds here.)  I quickly ran to the port-a-potty and as I emerged heard the announcer calling, “3 minutes until race time.”  I stripped off my throw away clothes, dropped them to the side, and slid my way through the crowed until I made my way up to the 2:15 pacer. 

I will know for next year that this is a BAD place to start.  The first mile of the race was so crowed I felt like I had either lined up to far back, or lots of these people had lined up way too far forward.  I was trying to make my way around people, but there was no room to pass anywhere.  At some points I began jumping up on the grass, next to the road, to run around people.  I was frustrated that I couldn’t get moving and my first mile came in at 10:27, much slower than the ten minute miles I was aiming for.  The second and third mile were a bit better, but still involved some weaving in and out of people so my times came in at 10:06 and then finally by mile 3 I had that 10:00. 

Things started to open up a lot at that point and after mile 3 I had plenty of room to run at the pace I wanted.  I began to remember all the reasons I LOVE the Kiawah course.  It is flat as can be, has beautiful scenery, and is a really fast course.  Tons of people come down just to BQ (Boston Marathon qualify) here.  When you see huge 3:15 and 3:30 pace groups at a race with less than 3,000 people you know the course is FAST!  I decided to push it a bit, and instead of aiming for even tens I decided to try to get all my miles in sub 10.  I was feeling good and strong, it was tough, but felt great. 
Mile 4 = 9:52
Mile 5 = 9:45
Mile 6 = 9:50
Mile 7 = 9:46
Mile 8 = 9:45
The next three miles started to get tough and I wondered if maybe I had pushed it a bit too much in the middle of the race.  I focused on enjoying the run, the beautiful scenery around me, and celebrating how far I have come in the last year.  I forced myself to hold on and it was tricky, but maybe that is what it feels like when you run a half marathon hard.  I guess it can’t all be sunshine and roses.  If I want to get faster I can’t always run at my slow and steady happy pace. 
Mile 9 = 9:57
Mile 10 = 9:56
Mile 11 = 9:56

At mile 11.5 the full marathoners split off and I realized how close I was to being done.  My goal had been to have a bit of a kick left at the end so I worked on picking it up little by little and focused on passing one person at a time to keep myself on track and moving forward.  Then when I saw that mile 12 sign I went for it and gave it everything I had left.  I didn’t have any special finishing kick left when I hit the final straightaway, and I was okay with that because I had kicked it in that whole last mile.  It was my fastest of the entire race. 
Mile 12 = 9:51
Mile 13 = 9:22Kiawah 3
Since my focus for this race was on practicing pacing and a finishing kick before Charleston I really didn’t think about what my final time was going to be.  I felt like I ran stronger than in Savannah towards the finish, but I also knew the crowds at the beginning had slowed me down.  As I was grabbing water and a banana and checking my phone to text my buddies that I had survived this beeped through.  Kiawah 2

WOOHOO!  A 2:10 had been my goal for The Charleston Half next month and here it was, 2:10:40.  My fastest marathon was almost exactly 4 years ago, 1:58:something; however, since then I have been plagued with injuries and really struggling.  I am so very happy to say that this is the fastest half I have run post injury and the closest I have ever come to that PR.  Plus, I was thrilled to see that I ran an entire half at below a ten minute pace (even if it was only by a second). 

I had an amazing race:
– My speed is starting to improve
– I am learning how to pace myself better
– I got to practice my finishing kick
– I am realizing that I must push myself, these runs will be tough

Two wonderful half marathons to end the year.
Next year I am continuing to focus on half marathon training and rebuilding my speed with Coach Laura.  I want to see how close I can get to a sub 2 half, and maybe see if I can one day get close to that 1:58 PR. 

Okay – Bling talk –
I ran what I consider to be an awesome race and then I get the CAT medal shown above… seriously, cat medal… What do you think of it?

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