Loving Lately – January

Hey guys.  Time for another monthly slice into my life and all the little things I am loving this month.  Be sure to check out past posts to catch up on other awesome finds I wrote about. 
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Picking Up the Pace –
I am slowly seeing improvements in my half marathon time and was able to run my most recent half almost 10 seconds per mile faster than I did the month before.  Baby steps. 
I finished with a 2:10:11 official time, cannot wait to chop a dozen seconds off that to go below 2:10. 

My best buddy bought me the Paderno Three Blade Spiralizer as a gift and I LOVE it.  I am a huge fruit fiend, but struggle to fit veggies into my diet – zoodles have been a savor. 
A Warm Cup of Tea at Night –
This Tangerine Orange Zinger is delicious with the perfect pop of flavor, but no caffeine – that way I can drink it while I am relaxing before bed and it won’t keep me up. 
Built in Bling –
For years I hid behind big t-shirts in plain colors.
The older I get, and the more I grow confident and comfortable with my body (probably thanks in a large part to running) the more fun I have with fashion.
In the last two years or so I have begun to have more fun with style, and started to purchased more fitted pieces, and fun stuff with colors and patterns.
Recently, I’ve even tossed in some sparkle – today I’m wearing my first shirt with built in BLING and I’m loving this updated, jeweled twist on a Fair Isle Sweater.
Never would’ve worn this a few years ago and I’m glad I’m becoming more confident and am having more fun with fashion.sparkle

Long Statement Necklaces –
I cannot get enough necklaces recently and am loving the super long ones I can just slip over my head.  This is my latest find and I am obsessed with the black and white color combo because it goes with so much.  (All my jewelry comes from Metal Marvels.) long statement

Netflixing –
Have I mentioned recently how Netflix streaming is the best invention ever?
It all started when I got hooked on Orange is the New Black and then I discovered The Walking Dead.  Since then I haven’t been able to stop.  I just finished House of Cards, amazing, and someone suggested Sherlock which is really cool.  I love that they show his thought process and how he deduces everything.  I need more hours in the day… you know so I can lay on the couch or in bed with Netflix… the important things in life.  sherlock

What are you Loving Lately?
Are you a Netflix streaming addict too?  If so what shows?

Upcoming Races – 2015

Now that my little string of half marathons is done I don’t have much on my schedule for a while, but here is what I do have planned out for 2015 so far:

May 7, 2015 = Race The Landing 5K Series
May 14, 2015 = Race The Landing 5K Series
June 4, 2015 = Race The Landing 5K Series
June 11, 2015 = Race The Landing 5K Series
July 9, 2015 = Race The Landing 5K Series
August 29, 2015 = Dirt Dash Half Marathon 
October 10, 2015 = Lowcountry Trail Half Marathon
November 7, 2015 = Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Half Marathon
November 26, 2015 = Gobble Wobble 5K
December 5, 2015 = Reindeer Run 5K
December 12, 2015 = Kiawah Island Half Marathon
January 16, 2016 = Charleston Half Marathon

More could be added of course, so we will have to see how it shakes out. 
I threw my name in the lottery for NYC, but if that doesn’t work I will probably head to another Rock ‘n’ Roll race for my big travel event of the year.  I am not sure if I would head to San Diego, Seattle, or Chicago depending on my work schedule and time off.   
November 1, 2015 = NYC Marathon
May 31, 2015 = Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Half
June 13, 2015 = Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half
July 19, 2015 = Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half

Here is to another great year of running as an ambassador for Mizuno Running.
Lowcountry 7

What races or fitness goals/events have you planned out for this year?

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The NYC Marathon Lottery


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