Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Giveaway

*Disclosure – These opportunities have been provided to me through my roll as a Rock ‘n’ Blogger.*

I have an AWESOME opportunity for you all –
A Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Giveaway! 

Enter to win free registration your choice of their races being held over the weekend of November 8th and 9th in Savannah, GA.
You can select from:
– 1 mile run
– 5K
– Half Marathon
– Full Marathon
… or even join me and go for the Remix Challenge by picking both a Saturday and Sunday race! 
(I’m doing the half Saturday followed by the 5K Sunday.)10649653_811685415538969_7660735209116328464_n

Why run Savannah?
– flat, fast course
– amazing run weather that time of year
– Southern hospitality
– a beautiful historic city
– an overall awesome place to runcation

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Changing our After

I recently wrote about Changing Perceptions – trying to see ourselves differently after thinking of ourselves the same way for years and years.  For me that means finally coming to the realization that I am no longer the overweight girl I used to be and finding a way to finally stop thinking of myself as fat.  Which is easier said than done when it was a belief you held for years. 

Along with changing perceptions I think it is time we change something else – it is time we Change Our After.  I am constantly seeing pictures all over social media labeled with the words “before” and “after”.  At first I didn’t think much of it at all, but as I get closer to my Weight Watchers goal weight (about 6 pounds, but probably still a few months, away) I realize something – for most of us there is no after.   
before picmonkeyWhat I realized is that the word “after” seems to signify the end of something, that it is all done.  However, that is not the case on this healthy journey.  You don’t just hit a weight or fitness goal, take an “after” picture, and then stop.  No you continue working towards your goals, maintaining your weight loss and fitness, and trying to stay healthy. 

For me, and for many of you, there is no after and snapping one picture doesn’t change that.  I know that we must continue to work hard and always focus on our progress, because if we stop this healthy lifestyle just because we got that “after” picture… well I am sure we all know what would happen. 
duringIt is time to change our after. 
Instead of the typical before and after I am now  thinking about it as – before my healthy lifestyle and during my healthy lifestyle because I plan on always working on living healthy, on always being a during. 

How many of you will join me and change the way we think about our after?
Do you like the use of the word “during” instead?


Loving Lately – September


Since I devoured Orange is the New Black last month it was time for a new guilty pleasure.  I held off on watching The Walking Dead before because I hate horror movies.  However, people kept telling me to try this show.  I am glad I finally caved and gave in because unlike the slasher films […]

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Urban Remedy Metabolism Kit


Disclosure – Urban Remedy provided me with the Metabolism Kit for review, but the opinions on the product are completely my own.  When Urban Remedy contacted me about trying one of their products I was instantly intrigued.  I had been hearing a ton about juice cleanses, and was really curious, but I could not picture […]

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