Weight Watchers – Week 15 of Meetings

I made really great choices this week.  No binge eating and less leaning towards junk. 
Instead, I really listened to my body. I ate when I was hungry and choose what I needed to keeping myself satisfied.  Instead of depriving myself of treats and then going on wild splurges I fit little treats in here and there in a sensible way and felt really good about my week overall.  I really hope I can continue this trend. 

On top of that, this was a milestone week for me – full of both scale and non-scale victories.


Scale Victories –
– Down 2 pound this week
– Down 12.4 pounds since starting WW & about 27 total
– The lowest I have weighed since I moved to SC over 10 years ago

Non-scale Victories –
– I am slowly learning to make healthier choices, which is very important to me as my desire to fix my eating habits brought me to Weight Watchers even more than my desire to lose weight. 
– I earned my charm for attending 16 meetings (15 plus the initial weigh-in). I have come every single week without skipping once.  This is a huge accomplishment for me. since there were many weeks I wanted to ditch.  I am making this a commitment.
– My dress pants have been feeling pretty lose lately so when I saw the store next to Target had them on sale for 50% off I figured I would just go see.  Turns out the size 8 pants fit perfectly!  I was shocked I have never been a single digit size.  Even all the way back in sixth grade I remember wearing a 10/12.  It was such a crazy and exciting feeling to buy these.  size
What exciting has happened in your week so far?
Is it super dorky if I put my Weight Watchers charm on my car key ring? 
I think it might be a good visual. 

Buying Fitness Gear Online with Unique Fitness Concepts

*This is a sponsored post.  The gear was provided to me so that I could complete the post.  However, I was curious to see what it was like ordering fitness equipment online and all opinions provided are my own.*

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out the online fitness supply website Unique Fitness Concepts.  I jumped at this opportunity because I am always looking for gear I can keep at home so that I can work out a bit more around the house.  Personally, I have no problem getting in cardio work, insert tons of running here, but I really struggle with strength training.  This was the perfect way for me to get a new piece of strength training equipment while checking to see how online fitness supply sites like Unique Fitness Concepts work. 

After shopping around for a while, they had a HUGE selection of stuff so it was very hard to choose (thank heavens they had useful tabs on the side so I could search by category), I finally settled on the Valeo Soft Mini Fitness Ball in the ten pound weight.  It was originally $24.99, but had been marked down to $21.99.  That is one thing I noticed about uniquefit1.com right away, lots of their stuff seemed to be marked down. 

I placed my order on Friday night and knew that shipping would add to the cost, especially since the ball weighs 10lbs; however, I was sad to see that shipping was $16.65.  That is almost as much as the ball.  On the plus side though, I placed the order on a Friday night, and in spite of the weekend, the ball was delivered on Wednesday.  I was really surprised by how fast it came!  If you don’t count the weekend time in there, since they don’t deliver on weekends, it really only took 3 days. 

Here is am showing it off and checking it out after it arrived.  I love that the small size won’t take up a ton of room in my house, but yet it will still be able to add some weight and resistance to my strength training moves.  I’m really glad I choose it.    2014-10-25 17.48.26
My favorite move with my new
Valeo Soft Mini Fitness Ball is a squat to overhead press.  I love combo moves like this one that work multiple body groups at once.  2014-10-25 17.47.262014-10-25 17.47.40

Since I am working a lot on my glutes as those are a weak area of mine, and an area I cannot afford to be weak in as a runner, I have also been using it to do a combo lunge and chop.  I can do the moves while I watch TV at night (no excuses) and then when I am done I can just stash the ball in a closet or under my bed.  It is a great little addition to my fitness routine. 

Overall, my experience ordering from Unique Fitness Concepts was super smooth and I am very happy with my purchase. 

Pros of ordering from an online fitness supply website like uniquefit1.com:
- extensive selection, much bigger than most retailers
– many items are on sale or marked down a bit
– you can pick out fitness gear from the comfort of your own home
– it saves a trip to the store
– excellent option if there is no sports/fitness stores near you
– shipping was quick (my Unique Fitness Concepts order took 3 days)

Cons of ordering from an online fitness supply website like uniquefit1.com:
- shipping costs can be expense
– takes a few days to arrive (not instant like buying in person)

Have you ever ordered fitness gear online?
Would you?  Why or why not?

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