The Dri Tri That Wasn’t

My first Orange Theory Fitness Dri Tri was amazing. 
I pushed myself harder that I think I ever have and was absolutely amazed by the way I was able to perform. 

I went into this Dri Tri a bit worried.  I was just coming off a sprained ankle and was not sure what I would be capable of doing.  I had taken two weeks totally off exercise, only walked the third week, and just returned to working out the week of the Dri Tri.  I was really worried about how my ankle would hold up because while I had returned to working out, and was able to run again, plyometric moves still really bothered me.  Plus, on top of that 4 weeks out of normal routine had left me feeling sluggish and a bit out of shape.  

The Orange Theory Fitness Dri Tri Consists Of:
– 2000m row
– 300 body weight exercises (pushups, squats, burpees, step-ups, etc.)
– 5K (3.1 mile) run

After the row I could already tell I was in worse shape physically than I was a month again when I did my first Orange Theory Fitness Dri Tri it took me longer, I was more out of breath, and boy were my legs feeling it.  My heart rate was up there.  11923625_689003471200532_3117424714969378982_n

Then it was time for the 300 body weight exercises. – This is where the wheels fell off. 
Between the 40 burpees and 60 bench hop overs my ankle was done for.  (My coach has since okayed my return to running, but I am not allowed any plyometric/jumping moves for 2 more weeks.)

I tried to hop on the treadmill for my 5K after I did all 300 moves, but my ankle was screaming.  As competitive as I am, and as much as I hate giving up (especially because my performance last time was killer), I knew I had to think about the long term and I couldn’t destroy my ankle any more.  I shut the treadmill off and called a trainer over to tell them I was taking a DNF (did not finish) and suddenly it was the Dri Tri that wasn’t.

However, the trainer convinced me to at least hop on the spin bike for a bit and pedal, since it was no impact on my ankle, while the treadmill leaders were finishing.  This gave me about 20 more minutes of a cardio workout, which was actually kind of nice. 

In the end I didn’t finish the Dri Tri this time, but I am hoping to be injury free and back in my normal workout routine soon so that I will be ready next time it comes around.  11892154_689003251200554_674212371941283094_n

Let me know –
Have you ever had to DNF (did not finish) a race or a competition?
What do you think of the Dri Tri workout?
– 2000m row
– 300 body weight exercises (pushups, squats, burpees, step-ups, etc.)
– 5K (3.1 mile) run

I’ll be back on Thursday with some awesome social media/blogging tips and resources for you all.

The Adult Coloring Crazy

*This post was sponsored by, but all opinions are my own. 
The Adult Coloring Craze

I am the proud owner of two adult coloring books and have been on the bandwagon since before the bandwagon was quite so big.  Probably about 6 months ago I discovered an adult coloring book on Amazon while playing around and I instantly feel in love with it.  Amazing designs, positive affirmations, what a fun way to spend a relaxing night.  I usually watch movies on Friday to relax and unwind after a long week, kind of a mental health break, but why not add this in there.  And so, my first book, Creative Coloring Inspirations was on its way.  (Amazon link included.)


Since then I have bought a second book and spent many a Friday night relaxing in front of HGTV while coloring away.  It is an amazing way to decompression after chasing after ten year olds all week and having a beautiful finished product at the end is so fun.  I highly suggest jumping on the adult coloring craze bandwagon, there is plenty of room for everyone. 
Remember mental health is an essential component of your overall health, so color away! 

Tell me –
Which of the books below would you like to start out with?
Click on full story to see some awesome options.

Check out Adult Coloring:The newest form of stress relief & relaxation

by BackatSquare0 at Mode


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