Perfect Pumpkin Dessert Recipes for Fall

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Today was one of those amazing mornings were it finally felt a bit chilly in Charleston.  It probably was not quite chilly enough for long sleeves yet, but I just could not wait any longer because I am so ready for fall.  As I drove to meet my Sunday morning run buddy I checked the temperature (at a stop light, don’t worry) and it was only 58 degrees on its way up to a high of 70 which is amazing compared to the 90 degree days we had last weekend.

We ran/walked our 3 miles, Sunday is my recovery day after my long runs Saturday, and talked a ton and before we knew it we were back at our cars which happen to be parked right behind a Starbucks.  Hey, not my fault the trail and Starbucks are right next to each other.  We decided to celebrate the nice, cooler, weather and pop into Starbucks for a treat.  A tall Pumpkin Spice Latte non-fat milk, no whip for me… wow, I forgot how good these things are!
1925002_785228524849065_5821144122267230020_nThis Pumpkin Spice Latte got me thinking about all the awesome pumpkin treats I want to make when it really starts feeling like fall around here.  I’ll make my Skinny Pumpkin Spice Muffins for sure because they are ridiculously easy and always a huge hit.  (My mom discovered that if you cover them with cream cheesed frosting and toss one of the Brach’s Pumpkins on top they reach a whole new level of awesomeness, though the skinny part flies out the window.)  I’ll also make some Simple Pumpkin Brownies because with two ingredients how can you go wrong? 

However, I want to try some new pumpkin inspired recipes out this fall so I dug through Pinterest and found some that really caught me eye.  I put them all in this Foodie collection so that you all could check them out too.

Scroll through the collection and let me know  –
Which pumpkin recipe catches you eye?

Do you have a favorite fall dessert?

Weight Watchers – Week 13 of Meetings

I mentioned how last week, week 12, was the perfect storm of weight gain. 
Binge eating, junk food, girl time of the month, bloat, etc. 

This week I did much better. 
Unlike last week, I never went into the negative with my points. 
Also, I didn’t have any binges which was a big victory after last week. 

I knew I should lose a decent amount, because the +5.6 I had gained the week before was way too high.  (Maybe water weight?)
1891189_783952841643300_4298656491302422236_n (1)

Down 3.2 pounds. 
I am very happy the scale is moving in the right direction. 
However, after my huge gain last week I am still 2.4 pounds higher than I was two weeks ago. 
My goal this week is to really refocus:
– meal plan
– food prep
– no buying junk food
I hope that by working really hard to do even better this week I can drop that extra weight and get back to where I was, and then focus on getting to my Weight Watchers goal from there. 

This journey is so full of ups and downs, but it feels good to know I am doing something to try and get my eating habits, and the weight they cause me to put on, under control.   

Do you meal plan and prep?
If so what are some of your go to meals? 
I’d love ideas.

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