The Rock ‘n’ Roll VIP Experience

Recently Rock ‘n’ Roll races have opened up the chance for regular people (like myself) to purchase VIP passes and experience the race the way the elite runners and sponsors do.  What does this mean for you?

The morning of the race you enter the VIP hospitality lounge which is located indoors and usually right next to the race start.  This was a lifesaver in Virginia Beach were it was very hot and Savannah where it was a bit chilly, being inside was a wonderful break from the elements.  Once inside you are spoiled with beverages, food, a place to stretch out or sit down, and indoor VIP bathrooms which means no pre-race porta-potty lines.  IMG_7543IMG_7547IMG_7548IMG_7549IMG_7550IMG_7552IMG_7553IMG_7544

Post-race the VIP lounge is back up and running again.  This time with chairs and tables to sit down at, free adult beverages and water/Gatorade, tons of food, and the only post-race porta-poties without lines.  Plus they even had a special VIP shuttle to drive you back to the start line in case you stayed or parked near there.  IMG_7557IMG_7565IMG_7559IMG_7563IMG_7566IMG_7567IMG_7568IMG_7577

Is it worth the extra money?
I met many people in the VIP area who said they will never go back to doing things “the other way”.  
The VIP pass definitely relieves a lot of the race day stress.  Knowing that you have special VIP sections, bathrooms without the crazy lines, food waiting for you, etc. just seems to make things go so much more smoothly . 
If you can swing it in the budget I would say go for it and buy a VIP pass for sure. 
I was able secure a VIP pass at both RnR VA Beach and RnR Savannah because of my work as a Rock’n’Blogger. 

Have you ever been VIP to a race or event?
If so what did you think of the experience?

How to Lose 10 Pounds in One Day!

How to lose 10 pounds in one day – through the magic of photography. 
Lately, it seems like articles have been popping up all over the internet on how to fake before and after pictures. 

I have already mentioned I am not a huge fan of these terms and think it is time we look at Changing our After!  Because, as we all know, there is never really an after – you are always a work in progress, always a during.  Sorry, end random rant.    

However, now with all of these articles and blogs popping up on how to fake your own after pictures, or revealing how they think others faked their after pictures, people are taking their before pictures and their fake after pictures with in minutes of each other.  Just by using some lighting and camera tricks along with the angles they are posing in and the type of clothes they are wearing people are trying to make it look like they’ve lost tons of weight, in just minutes, from one picture to the next. 

I think it is very important that we be smart consumers and think about what we see, some of it is real, some of it is not.  Just as an example here are some of my most recent photos from my half marathon in Savannah.  Same day, same time, same outfit, but what a difference.  I was surprised when I got the pictures back at how different my body looks in some of them.  (Side note: I think my real body shape is somewhere between the two sets of pictures.)

How to lose 10 pounds in one day – through the magic of photography.
The pictures on the right look about, if not more than, 10 pounds lighter than those on the left, but were taken just moments apart. 

Sav 2

Check out the difference in my legs in the two pictures above. 
My legs instantly appear slimmer in the second picture because I am mid-stride with one leg extending forward at a flattering angle that not only makes it appear much slimmer, but also hides my back leg a bit .

Sav 3Now what about that troubling mid-section so many of us struggle with?
Check out the difference posture makes.  In the picture on the left I am hunched over a bit squishing my mid-section together. (Hey, this was mile 13, ouch.)  Whereas, in the picture on the right I am running tall with my body fully extended.  This change alone instantly chops pounds from my waist. 

SAV 1Put it all together and BOOM!  I look like I’ve lost 10 pounds in one day. 
I could be my own faked before and after.  (Don’t worry, you all know I won’t.)
Check out the finish line photos – On the left, I am hunched over and my legs are not hitting at a flattering angle.  On the right, I am running tall, which slims my mid-section, and my legs happened to be caught mid-stride in a very flattering angle.  Isn’t it crazy the difference in the pictures?

Obviously, I don’t believe in faked before and after pictures (or those crappy companies and people who steal real photos from others), but I found it so amusing how pictures taken just a few seconds apart could look so different.  Guess you really can lose 10 pounds in a day, all through the magic of photography. 
Have you ever been surprised to see how pictures of you taken in the same day can look so different?
Do you ever wonder about suspicious companies or individuals using faked before and after photos? 


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